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but rather that he should live: remember that Thine Onlybegotten Son came into this world not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance, and for His sske hear me, O Lord, who cry to Thee, who kneel at the door of Thy mercy, and confess my sins aad miseries to Thee, the only Physician of the soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Add this Psalm:

How well hast Thou fought for me! Lord, I pray Thee to grant me remission of my sins, true contrition and repentance, and grace not to offend Thee for the future, neither by those sins of which I have been heretofore guilty, nor by any others. I pray especially for Thy grace to bridle my Aesh, to rule my tongue, to mortify my inordinate appetites, to collect my scattered and wandering thoughts and imaginations ; That, being thus renewed, I may hecome a new creature, a living temple, a dwelling-place acceptable to Thee.

Give me also those virtues which should adorn the place of Thy rest ; a holy fear of Thy Name; firm hope, profound humility, perfect patience, prudent disCernment, poverty of spi:it, entire obedience, long suffering fortitude, and diligent readiness in all things which pertain to Thy honour and worship, and, above all things, ardent love of Thee and of my neighbour. And since I am unworthy of all these things, I pray Thee, O Lord, to call to remembrance Thy tender mercies and Thy loving kindnesses which have been ever of old; remember that Thou desirest not the death of a sinner,

Bow down

Psalm 1xxxvi. Inclina, Dr

Thine ear,

o Lord, and hear me: for I am poor, and in misery. Preserve Thou my soul,

for I am holy: my God, save 'Thy servant that putteth his trust in Thee.

Be merciful unto me, O Lord: for I will call daily Comfort the soul of Thy

Thy servant : for unto Thee, Lord, do I lift up my soul.

For Thou, Lord, art good and gracious : and of great mercy unto all them that call

upon Thee.

upon Thee.

Give ear, Lord, unto my prayer : and ponder the voice of my humble desires.

In the time of my trouble I


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will call upon 'Thee : for 'Thou vant, and help the son of hearest me.

Thine handmaid. Among the gods there is Show some token upon me none like unto Thee, O Lord : for good, that they who hate there is not one that can do as me may see it, and be ashamed: Thou doest.

because Thou, Lord, hast All nations whom Thou holpen me, and comforted hast made shall come and worship Thee, O Lord : and shall glorify Thy Name. ALMIGHTY and Everlast

For Thou art great, and ing God, Father, all merdoest wondrous things : Thou ciful and ever ready to forgive, art God alone.

to Thee I confess my perverTeach me Thy way, O sity, and the wickedness of my Lord, and I will walk in Thy deeds. My sins are many, and truth: O knit my heart unto

the burden of them is great Thee, that I may fear Thy and heavy. I have sinned in Name.

thought, word, and deed, not I will thank Thee, O Lord only against my neighbour, my God, with all my heart : whom Thou has bidden me to and will praise Thy Name for love even as myself, but also evermore,

against Thee, O my God, my For great is Thy mercy to- most bountiful Father, I have ward me: and Thou hast de- provoked Thy wrath, and livered my soul from the ne- merited Thine auger. The thermost hell.

Evil One suggested, and my O God, the proud are risen own concupiscence consented, against me: and the congre

and ruined me,

I have none gations of naughty men have to blame but myself, O God; sought after my soul, and therefore I both accuse myself have not set Thee before their and condemn myself, because eyes.

I have myself done that which But Thou, O Lord God, is evil. Yet, О most merciful art full of compassion and Father, am I not Thine ? mercy: long-suffering, plen- Hast not Thou, O God, given teous in goodness and truth. Thy Son to be the propitiation

O turn Thee then unto me, for my sins ? Spare me, and and have mercy upon me: give mercifully forgive the offences Thy strength unto Thy ser- of one who acknowledges bis




O LIFE of Angels, help of

faults. Deal with me not ac- 'Take away from me all uncording to my sins, but accord- cleanness and impurity of mind ing to Thy mercy.

For as

and body. Break Thou the much as I can make no atone- power of my evil and malicious ment, do Thou do away with enemy. Pardon my past faults, my sins. Punish me now, 0 grant me to refrain from preGod, rather than suffer me to sent sin, and give me for the die in sin, and to be punished future prudence, and a life eternally. Thou art true, and pleasing unto Thee; Who despisest none who fly to Thee. livest and reignest, world with. Have mercy upon me, and ont end. Amen. wash away my sins in the Blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour; through the same fess, from the depth of Jesus Christ

Lord. my heart, and with all my Amen.

soul, that I am the greatest of sinners : and yet that never

theless I do put my whole the helpless, hear the trust in Thy mercy. Though prayers of Thy servant. Be my sins are many, Thy mermerciful, O Lord; how down cies are without number. O the ears of Thy mercy, and of most merciful Father, if Thou Thine ineffable goodness blot wilt Thou canst make me out what my wickedness has clean. Heal me, O Lord, and committed. Grant me Thy I shall be healed, for I confess consolation, O most merciful that I have sinned against Lord, that I may rest in Thee. Thee. Remember Thy proRaise me up from my sins. mise, “ Return unto me and I Fill my heart with Thy love, will receive Thee," relying that I may desire to love Thee upon which, 0 most merciful with all my mind and with all Father, I turn unto Thee with my strength. Thou only, O all my heart, and pray Thee Lord, knowest the wounds of not to remember my sins and my conscience, and my secret offences, but to pardon them impurity: my inmost thoughts all, for the merits and suffer. are not hid from Thee. Have ings of Thine Only-begotten mercy upon me, O Lord, have Son our Lord, Who endured mercy upon me, for 'Thou art all for us : and who liveth and the Physician of my soul. reigneth with Thee and the

WE is me, that I have

Holy Ghost, one God, world for Thou art God, the God of without end. Amen.

penitents, and showest all Thy goodness towards me: for Thou

shalt save me, unworthy as I sinned against Thee,

am, according to the multitude

of Thy mercies: and therefore O Lord; I have sinned against Thee, and erred from the right through Jesus Christ our Lord."

will I praise Thee evermore : way. Behoid, I am ashamed,

Amen. and desire to turn away from my iniquities : 0 God, I re

After a Great Sin. pent, and with my whole heart turn to Thee and seek Thy O GOD, what have I done?

I have sinned against face, and implore Thee to have

Thee; I have offended Thee, mercy, for I have sinned, and done unjustly, and wrought worthy to look up to heaven :

my highest good: I am unamiss. Hear, O God, from

I am not worthy, O Jesu, to heaven Thy dwelling-place,

utter Thy Name. Yet I come and have respect unto the

unto Thee, O my crucified prayer of Thy servant, and to

Saviour: pray Thee, by Thy his supplication, and be merci

sacred wounds, by Thy pierced ful unto me, and save my soul. I dare not lift up my eyes to

heart, to be my refuge, and to

wash my poor soul from its heaven, but, standing afar off,

shameful sins in Thine allI strike upon my breast, saying

cleansing Blood, Be merciful, with the publican, God be

O Jesu. I grieve with all my merciful to me a sinner: be

heart that I have sinned against merciful to me who have sin.

Thee, my Master, my Saviour, ned more than the publican : through Jesus Christ our Lord.

my God, my highest and greatest Good.

0 God, I Amen.

renounce, and hope to put

away this sin, and my other I , sins. I will confess it-and

have sinned, and I acknow. amend-and by Thy grace ledge my sins, and humbly never commit it again. I pray pray Thee to pardon me: and Thee, O Jesu, by Thy endless not to destroy me with mine

mercy, to pity mne, to forgive iniquities. Doom me not in me this fault, to cleanse me; Thine anger to everlasting woe, and to give me grace to live


more perfectly. Have mercy suppliant, who have so often upon me, who deserve no

gone astray from Thee by sin. mercy, O all-merciful Saviour; Whither can I turn save unto Who livest and reignest God, Thee? If Thou reject me, world without end. Amen. who will receive me? If

Thou condemn me, from whom After a Relapse. can I hope for pardon? Often ERCY, mercy,

I most

indeed, ere now, have I deterearnestly beg, O Father mined to keep Thy statutes and of mercies, for the sake of Him to avoid sin (especially ...). that died for me, not merely But, alas, I have been again for the pardon of my 'sins, but found wanting, and, seduced for a Divine power to enable by my desires, I have left Thee me to subdue them. I desire and have sinned. O God, not Thine infinite goodness to

what shall I do? whither can bear me out in rebellion against I Ay, save unto Thee? in Thy righteousness, purity, and Whom is all my salvation, my truth, but that by Thy good- life, my resurrection. Look ness I may be partaker of upon me, Lord Jesu, as Thou them; that my repentance

didst look upon S. Peter, and may be accepted; and that it have mercy upon me. Would may be hearty and stedfast, that I could prove the sorrow never to be repented of. I of my heart with tears as desire not peace, quiet, and

sincere as His. In Thy mercy, ease, but strength constantly O Lord. which is greater than and resolutely to oppose all my wickedness, I put all my the temptations of the world, trust. Thou canst forgive the flesh, and the devil; and more than I can do amiss. through Thy gracious assist- Cast me not away from Thy ance to be victorious; through presence; say unto my soul, i Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. am Thy salvation; Who livest

and reignest, world without The following Prayers


end Amen. be used with the Seven Peni. tential Psalms.

FATHER, I have sinned

against Heaven, and be,

fore Thce, and am no more Christ, I return as a worthy to be called Thy Son



UNTO Thee, O Lord Jesu

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