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whether they have sinned Sacrament, but have rather enägainst one another by quar- couraged them ; whether they relling, leading in sin, etc. have controlled their actions, Servants should examine them- allowing no sinful or improper selves concerning disobedience behaviour, and have sent imand murmuring against masters modest workmen or servants and mistresses, dishonesty, lazi. out of the house, Superiors ness, slander, tattling, or lead- and magistrates, whether they ing the children of the house have fulfilled their several to any wickedness. Con

duties truly, with zeal for the tempt, scorn, evil speaking welfare of their inferiors and against superiors, especially dependents, with justice and the servants of the Church. good example. Raising party spirit and Com. VI.-Examine yourstrife. Disobedience against self whether you have injured the regular laws of the the life or health of others, or Church and its ordinances. misused them in any way; if Slanders and mischievous fault- you have wished the death of finding, hate and contempt, any one, or that evil should refusal to perform your obli- happen to them; if you have gations, refractoriness, rebel. lived in enmity with any one, lion, treason, and conspiracy. how long, and are you still in Parents should examine them. the same mind? Is it with selves whether they have any one nearly related ? Have brought up their children

you injured the souls of in the Christian faith, kept others by leading them into them to Church, school, and sin, by unbelief, by inciting all good things; shielded them to evil, by bad example? Have from 'temptation, dangerous


ever, through disconcompany, reading bad books, tent, wished yourself dead, punished their faults, or ever had any intention of giving them offence through taking away your life? Have evil example or conversation.

you ever, through passion Masters, whether they have or sin, injured your own treated their servants and work- health? men with kindness and con- Com. VII.-Those who besideration, not hindered them fore God are conscious of from attending Church on having up to the present time Sundays, or receiving the Holy abominated all impurity, and,



When you

through the grace of God, have with, or by any immodest kept themselves pure and actions. chaste, should not spend time CoM. VUI.-Theft, buyin examining themselves on ing or receiving stolen goods, this commandment. Should or favouring theft, not rethey, however, acknowledge turning things that are lent, that they have sinned even in keeping things that the slightest degree by thought found, making small debts and or otherwise against virtue or not paying them, fraud, false purity, they must with true weight or measure, bad or repentance confess it, for that damaged goods, imposture, is the only means to keep unlawful judgment in business, a holy purity.

unjust lawsuit, usury, ophave so sinned, be both pressing the poor, or workcourageous and humble, ac- people, destruction of proknowledge your sin with true perty or anything belonging to contrition, and you will find other people, extravagance, rest for your soul, freedom gambling, or neglecting the from your passions, and, how- duties owing to your family. ever stained and defiled your Com. IX.-Lying (in joke, soul may be, through the or to excuse yourself, through mercy of God, by confession, vanity, or to the harm ofothers), it will become pure and white hypocrisy, calumny in discoveragain, and well-pleasing in ing the faults and failings of His sight. Examine yourself others, accusing a person of whether you have sinned in faults he has not, or increasthought, by wilfully encourag- ing his real failings, disclosing impure thoughts, wishes, ing the hidden sins of others;

in words, by im- gossip, telling your neighhour pure words, conversations, something another has said of songs; by impure desires, him, listening with pleasure to listening to immodest con- any calumny, backbiting, and versation, reading immodest talking about other's faults, inbooks, by indecency in dress sulting and deriding others, and conduct, by immodest false suspicion, and frivolous looks, by dangerous company, judgment. going to places dangerous to Com. X.-Wrongfully covetgood morals, being with people ing and desiring anything you are forbidden to associate belonging to another.

desires ;


Christianity itself, because it DEADLY SJNS.

requires humility.

On Avarice. - This sin On Pride.- This is the root

consists in prizing too greatly of all sins, as humility is the foundation of all virtues. Pride

earthly things, and in inordi.

nate desire after earthly posis to be recognized in the fol

sessions; it is distinctly against lowing faults:—When proud, and vain of beauty, clothes, gard of worldly things.

Christian liberality and disrepossessions, appearance, family,

This sin is to be recognized knowledge, talent, virtues ;

when you regard money and when you willingly talk of

riches 'as the highest good, yourself, praise yourself, or seek the praise of men, or

when you strive after them too

much, when you are through play the hypocrite before people; when you despise

your longing after them full of others, speak contemptuously

wickedness, envy, and evil de

sire; when you are niggardly of others, or get angry when

towards your own family, hard others are praised; when you are inordinately vexed liberality; when you set too

to the poor, and without when blamed, humiliated, or placed in the background; | ing principally about it; when

great a store on money, thinkwhen you are obstinate, dis

you wish for the good or posputative, imperious, or ambi.

sessions of others, or possess tious; when from pride you yourself unjustly of them. will not pardon offences, or acknowledge yourself to be in

On Lust. You will have the wrong; when you are

examined yourself sufficiently disobedient and insolent to on this sin by the Seventh superiors, contemptuous and

Commandment. repulsive to inferiors, and indis- On Envy. — This arises creet to your equals; when you principally from

pride or are proud even against God, avarice. Examine yourself if so that through pride you will you are troubled, vexed, or not believe, nor pray, nor angry over your neighbour's humiliate yourself to Him; wellbeing, if you are blameless when you will not confess your concerning his misfortunes ; sins, and perhaps nourish a if your calumnies, backbit: contempt and disinclination for | ings, murmurings against God,

me, lest I be like unto them wonian of Canaan and to Mary. that go down into the pit. Magdalene, Who forgavest the

o let me hear Thy loving- publican and the penitent kindness betimes in the morn- thief. To Thee, most holy ing, for in Thee is my trust : God; I confess my sins, which, slow Thou me the way that I if I would, I cannot hide from should walk In, for I lift up Thy sight : Have mercy upon my soul unto Thee.

me, o Christ, for I have exDeliver me, O Lord, from ceedingly offended Thee in mine enemies: for I fee unto thought, word, and deed; Thee to hide me.

Through my fault, through my Teach me to do the thing fault, through my mostgrievous that pleaseth Thee, for Thou fault. Therefore I most humbly art my God: let Thy loving beseech Thee, O Christ, Who Spirit lead me forth into the for my sake descendest from land of tighteousness.

Heaven, have mercy on me. Quicken me, O Lord, for Thou art my Creator and Thy Name's sake : and for Helper, my Maker and Re. Thy righteousness' sake bring deemer, my Ruler and most my soul out of trouble. indulgent Father. Thou art

And of Thy goodness slay my Strength and Refuge, my mine enemies : and destroy all Hope and Resurrection, my them that vex my soul; for I life and eternal felicity. If I am Thy servant.

have committed that for which Thou mayest condemn me,

yet Thou hast not lost that O MAKER

of Heaven and whereby Thou canst forgive Earth, King of kings, Let not my wickedness, and Lord of lords, Who out of O Lord, overcome Thy goodnothing createdst me to Thine ness. Spare me, O my dearest own image, and redeemedst me Saviour, and take compassion with Thy most precious Blood, on my sinful soul. To whom Whom I, a sinner, am not should I Ay but to Thee? If worthy to name nor so much Thou cast me off, who will as to think on, I humbly receive me? If 'Thou despise desire that Thou wouldest me and turn away Thy Face look upon me in Thy pity, from me, who shall look on and have compassion upon me,

me? Receive me, therefore, Who showedst mercy to the O my gracious Lord, return


ing to Thee, though sinful passion, to wash my guilty, and unworthy; for if I am wretched, wounded soul with impure, Thou canst make me Thy most precious Blood until clean; if I am sick, Thou I am wholly and perfectly canst heal me; if I am dead cleansed. Turn not, O Lord, and buried, Thou canst revive Thy Face from me, but of me. Thy mercy is far greater Thine infinite mercy look upon than my iviquity, and Thou me as Thou didst upon the canst forgive more than I can sinful woman at Thy feet, offend. Consider not, there- upon $. Peter in the high fore, O Lord, the number of priest's house, and upon the .my sins; but, according to the thief upon the Cross. Give greatness of Thy mercy, par- me a true knowledge of my don all my transgressions. Say sins, and a fitting sorrow for to my soul, I am Thy salvation, them. Pardon me. Take Who saidst to all the world, away from me every evil that I will not the death of a sin- dwells in my heart, O Thou ner, but rather that he should Who hast said, If I be lifted be converted and live. Con- up from the earth, I will draw vert me to 'Thee, O Lord, and all men unto Me. Wherefore make me to live hereafter in I pray Thee, O Redeemer of greater fear of offending 'Thee. my soul, draw me unto Thee, Make me to direct all my ac- and cleanse me of my secret tions to Thy honour, and dili- sins. O True Light, illumine gently to redeem the time I have the dark ness of my heart. O misspent; that, by a holy life, I Eternal Fire of Love, destroy may be brought to a happy in me my sins and vices. Come death, and rejoice with Thee and visit my sickly soul, purify to all eternity. Amen. my conscience, and make me

a dwelling-place pleasing unto O MOST loving Lord Jesu Thee. O most loving Lord,

Christ, I am a wretched stretched upon the Tree of the and unhappy sinner, who have Cross, draw me out of the wounded Thee, and have again pollution of my sins, and, and again crucified Thee by having cleansed me from every my sins. I kneel before Thee, stain, receive me for Thine my Judge, and yet my Saviour,

O Thou Who was guilty of many offences, inn- nailed and pierced for me, ploring Thee, by Thy com- how wast Thou wounded for


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