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I. the Name.

contented with Thee, the IN

supreme good, I have sought LORD, have mercy.

inferior and unreal things. I grieve for my sins, for by

them I have offended Thee OUR FATHER.

Whom I should love above all

else ; desiring to do better I lighten upon us, and

purpose a full and perfect

amendment. I thank Thee the brightnes; of Thy Spirit

for all the benefits 'Thou conillumine our inward parts,

tinuest to pour upon that He may enflame the

Whatsoeves I am pr possess lukewarm, and lighten the

offer to Thee to be governed ignorant, Who ever abideth

according to Thy will. I with Thee all splendid and all

entirely pardon all who have glorious.

offended me ; and I pray Thee,

by the Passion of Thy Son, O Thee to have mercy upon my

for 'Thou art the Truth, soul at Thy coming, and to I adore Thy supreme and un- receive it fortified by the created Being; I hope in Thy | Holy Sacraments into everimmense mercy; I love Thy lasting life. Through the infinite goodness. I am con- same Jesus Christ our Lord. fused and ashamed, that not Amen.



fence: All Holy Trinity, Which art the True Sun glory be to Thee. Amen. of the world, evermore arising and never going down, which

II. by Thy most wholesome ap

N the Name. pearing and sight, does bring forth and preserve, nourish

OUR FATHER. and refresh all things, as well that are in Heaven, as also

Ý. I will always give that are on earth : We be

thanks unto the Lord. seech Thee mercifully and favourably to shine in our Ry. His praise shall ever be hearts, that the night and

in my mouth. darkness of sins, and the Ý. The Lord is my Shepmists of errors on every side herd, therefore shall í lack being driven away, Thou nothing. brightly shining within our hearts, we may all our life

Ry. He shall feed me in á space go on without stum- green pasture, and lead me

forth beside the waters of bling or offence, and may de

comfort. cently and seemly walk (as in the daycime) being pure and Glory be to the Father and clean from the works of dark- to the Son and to the Holy ness, and abounding in all Ghost. As it was in the good works which God hath beginning, is now, and ever prepared for us to walk in : shall be: world without end. Which with the Father and Amen. with the Holy Ghost livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

not worthy of the least

of all the mercies which Thou Other prayers may be bere

hast showed Thy servant, inserted. neither can I render

due thanks and praise for them; but Thou, O Lord, accept of

this my sacrifice of praise and my refuge;

thanksgiving, on behalf of the Holy Ghost is my de- myself and all that belong to me.

O ,

THE Father is my hope;

For all the known and for knowledge Thee, do Thou all the unobserved favours, direct my paths and teach me deliverances, merciful appoint- to guide my affairs with disments, visitations, opportuni- cretion. Thou art my hope ties of doing good, chastise- and my confidence ; my satisments, and graces of Thy faction and my peace; my Holy Spirit, vouchsafed to glory and my joy; therefore myself (my wife, my

children, never leave me nor forsake my diocese, my friends, and me; but conduct me fely by family), I bless Thy good | Thy counsel through all the providence; beseeching Thee businesses and enjoyments, to pardon our ingratitude, and through all the temptations that we have passed so many and troubles of this life, to occasions without observing that blessed place where our and without acknowledging

Lord Jesus liveth and reigneth Thy wonderful Providence with Thee, in the unity of and great goodness to Thy the Holy Spirit, world without most unworthy servants.

end. Amen. For when I seriously consider our dependence upon O , Thee, for life, welfare, health

Who at the sixth hour of body, peace of mind, didst hang upon the Cross for grace, comfort, and salvation, the redemption of the world, I cannot but be very thank- and didst pour out Thy most ful.

precious Blood for the remis

sion of our sins; we humbly Glory be to God, our

beseech Thee that after our Creator; glory be to Jesus,

death Thou wouldest grant us our Redeemer; glory be to the Holy Ghost, our Sancti

to enter the gates of Paradise fier, our Guide and Comforter :

with joy : Who livest and

reignest God, world without all glory all love be to God

end. Amen. most high. Amen.

THE grace of our

Lord Jesus

Christ, and the love of in innocence, and in love God, and the fellowship of the to Thee and to all men.

And Holy Ghost, be with us all since in all my ways I ac.



Midday Examination. Those who say midday prayers will find it very beneficial to add a midday self-examination : either with regard to the sins committed since awaking, or with a special view to examine the manner in which their work is done; inquiring into the motives, the causes, the imperfections, the insufficiency of their actions, the spirit in which they have been done, the complacency, regret, with which they regard them, etc.

adore Thee, and by 'Thy most bitter death and passion pray 'Thee, the All-merciful, to look upon me when I come to the hour of my death. Come Thou then to me, O God, and receive my soul leaving this body. Grant me to be led to the place of the blessed by the hands of thy ministering spirits. Whether I live or die I am T'hine. Deny not life to Thy creature for whom 'Thou hast borne the pains of death : Who livest and reignest

world without end. Amen.


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O CHRIST, Who hast


suffi red for us, have mercy upon us. Lord Jesu, I



IN the Name.


our hearts from every stain,

and our souls, Good Lord, have mercy.


Have mercy upon us, O

God, have mercy upon us, and OUR FATHER.

mercifully wash away the mul

titude of our sins; and whatI BELIEVE.

ever through the temptation

of the enemy we have this. O HEAVENLY, King, day done amiss by, thought, Paraclete, Spirit of

do Truth, Omnipresent, filling all art kind and pitiful mercifully things, the Treasure of the pardon. faithful, Fount of Life, come Have mercy, O God; have and dwell amongst us ; cleanse mercy upon us; against Thee





be known, o God, in Thy O GOD, now that I am

only have we sinned; pardon ments. Sanctify our souls, us, we pray Thee.

purify our bodies, direct our We have fallen deeply into thoughts, cleanse great sins; we


for sciences, and deliver us from pardon. Christ forgive our all tribulation of pain and sins.

evil. Encompass with We weep for the evil we Thy Holy Angels, that being have done; reward us not protected and guided under according to our works. O their care, we may attain to merciful Father, do away our the unity of the faith and the sins; forgive our faults. knowledge of Thine unap:

Though ws have sinned proachable glory, Who art against Thee, we are Thine, blessed for ever and O God; O God, we hope for Amen. Thy mercy.

In this shall thy mercy mercifully pardoning our

weary grant me rest, sins.

and renew my failing strength; lighten mine eyes that I sleep

not in death; deliver me from Additional prayer for pardon and for various seasons,

the terror of night, from the or needs, or intercessions

pestilence that walketh in

darkness. Grant me a healthy may be inserted bere.

sleep, and to pass this night without fear. 0 Thou, Who

keepest Israel, Who neither this and every hour slumberest nor sleepest, keep adored and glorified in heaven me from all evil through this and on earth, longsuffering, night. Keep my soul, O very merciful, very compas- Lord, visit me with the visitasionate, Who lovest the righte- tion of Thy holy ones, enous and hast mercy upon

lighten mine


in the night sinners; Who callest all to visions; or if not this (which, salvation by the promise of O God, I in truth do not the good things to come; do deserve), let my sleep be a reThou, O Lord, receive our pose not only from labour but

from sin. prayers at this hour, and direct

Grant me a quiet our life in Thy command. sleep, O Thou Who knowest


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