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heart. Come and satisfy my hast Thou bestowed Thy Love desires, and sanctify my soul.

upon me.

And can I ever Amen.

cease to love Thee with all

my heart? Can I ever be unPrayers in the Presence of true to Thee, Who alone canst the Sacrament.

make me eternally happy,

Who alone canst give my heart Invocation of the Holy joy, rest, and peace? Alas, Ghost.

O God, for my weakness after Act of Adoration.

all Thy goodness, I come to Act of Humility.

Thee in sorrow and shame. Act of Contrition.

Uphold me, O God, or I shall Acts of Faith, Hope, and fall : defend me, or I shall Charity.

fail in the battle with sin. Oblation of Self.

Let me never be parted from Spiritual Communion.

Thy love. Perfect Thy work Prayer for Special Necessi.

and sanctify me more and ties.

more. Make

me more worthy Intercession.

to receive Thee. Give me Thanksgiving.

watchfulness in all things, that

I may not lose Thy grace, Anniversary of First Com- and may be found fit also to munion.

receive an increase of grace in each of

my Communions.

Nourish and strengthen me this day didst Thou give often during my life with me grace first to be fed from Thy Flesh and Blood, that I Thy Holy Table with Thy may be able to press forward most precious Body and Blood. on the way of salvation; I thank Thee, therefore, and nourish and strengthen me at evermore will thank Thee, for the end of my life, with that the sacred moment when Thou sacred food of my soul, that I didst enter my heart, to bless may die in Thy grace, and me and enrich me with the attain

to everlasting life; treasure of Thy grace and through Thee, Who livest and love. How good Thou art, reignest God, world without O Lord, and how graciously end. Amen.

O My God and Saviour !

Penitential Devotions.

SELF. EXAMINATION. Prayer before Self-Examina

II. Show me my sins, o tion.

God, teach me how often I

have offended against Thee. O MOST merciful Father


Here make your Self-Exa: numerable benefits which Thou mination. hast already conferred upon me, grant me this also, to

III. Behold, O Lord, what I know the sins I have com

have given unto Thee, nothing mitted against Thee. "Lighten but sin, neglect, and ingratithe darkness of my mind by l tude, in return for all that the brightness of Thy light, Thou hast done unto me. I strengthen my will, and assist

do indeed grieve that I have my understanding, that I may offended Thee, O God, my know what evil I have done

highest good, Whom I should against Thee, and against my love above aught else. Against neighbour, by thought, word,

Thee only have I sinned, and and deed : Grant this, O Fa- done this evil in Thy sight. ther, for Jesus Christ's sake, our I have gone astray like a sheep Lord and Saviour. Amen. that is lost; look upon me and

have mercy upon me. Pardon, Prayers for Self Examina- O God, pardon me, for the tion.

sake of the tears, the Passion,

and the Death of Thine OnlyI.

begotten Son, our Lord Jesus OME, Holy Ghost, pour

Christ. Amen. out upon me the bright- IV. Behold, O Jesu, in Thee ness of 'Thy heavenly Light, is all my hope. I humbly and illumine the darkness pray Thee to wash away all of my mind, that I may my sins and offences with see, acknowledge, and detest | Thy most sacred Blood, and the sins I have this day] to atone for my misdeeds committed.

by Thine infinite merits, for



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I am

Thou art the propitiation for your resolution in your own our sins.

strength. V. Shall I sin again, o Ask help, generally, and in Jesus ? and again spurn Thy each particular : Through wounds, and Thy precious Christ our Lord. Blood shed for me? ashamed to raise my eyes to LORD, I believe, help Thou Thee, for I am unworthy to mine unbelief. Strengthen live. And yet shall I sin again, my weak faith: for what is and again offend Thee.

my hope? truly my hope is Shall I again commit the even in Thee. Open mine sin of ...

eyes that I may see. Incline Shall I again prefer

my heart that I may love, and to Thee.

direct my feet that I may walk Shall I again seek oppor

in the path of Thy commandtunities of ....

ments: through Jesus Christ

our Lord. Amen. O Lord, stretch forth Thy hand and help me, help me to

Thanksgiving after Selfconquer my sins. Strengthen, Examination for preserO God, that Thou hast

vation from worse sins. wrought in me, for Thy Name's sake. Amen. O , I

thank Thee for that in Having finished youc Exa- spite of my great negligence I mination, you may add the

have not fallen into yet greater following Devotion.

sins than these : and that

through Thy mercy I have An Act of Contrition, with

not died in this miserable conimmediate reference to your dition. And as I have been sin.

hitherto ungrateful, so I do A suitable prayer for Pardon. now determine to amend, and A resolution of amendment in during the rest of my life to certain particulars: when show forth, by my actions, my

.....: where gratitude to Thee, my Lord

: by what means ? and my God: through Jesus Confess your own infirmity, Christ Thy Son, our Lordo and the impossibility of

Amen. your being able to carry out

: how

Method for a Steady Im.

provement in Life. 1. Make every morning a firm resolution to commit no mortal sin, and no wilful venial sin, particularly that venial sin to which you are most inclined.

2. Shun all opportunities of sin,

3. Stir up within yourself frequently a full repentance and contrition, but especially during times of temptation.

4. Think frequently of the last day:

5. Walk in the presence of God; remember that He is always with you, and sees all things.

6. Bear always a great love to Jesus glorified.

7. Receive regularly and frequently the most holy Sacrament: this is the most powerful method of all.

as to how often you have sinned in thought, word, or deed, or by omission. Ask yourself whether you have been accessory to any sins of others, whether you have failed in your duties, and which is your besetting sin.

COMMANDMENT I.-Remember that you are a debtor to your God, your Creator, Redeemer, and your Saviour, in faith, hope, love, and adoration ; and examine yourself, when, how, and how often you have sinned against Him.

Against Faith. Through wilfully doubting any article of faith, through accepting false teaching, or by leading others into unbelief or wrong belief. Through listening to or reading anything against the faith, by continuing such reading, spreading irreligious writings, or visiting people whose companionship is dangerous to the faith.

By indifference in belief, not troubling yourself about religion, holding all religions to be equal, so that you have neglected all necessary religious instruction.

By denying the faith, through being ashamed of it, by not confessing it when necessary, or by formally denying it.

Questions for Self-Examina

tion. First think of the last time you went to confession, whether you performed your penance exactly, or whether you have in that or any other confession omitted any weighty sin. Then go quietly and in order through the Ten Commandments, and examine yourself


Against Hope. 1. By doubt- leave out some good one; not ing God's mercy.

2. By mis- keeping an oath. Sinful negtrust and murmuring against lect in fulfilling lawlul and the Almighty Providence. 3. proper vows. Cursing and By sinning arrogantly against swearing: God's mercy, or wilfully put- Com. IV.-Doing servile ting off repentance and amend- work on holy days. Negment.

lecting to attend Holy ComAgainst Love. 1. By in- munion on Sunday and Saints' difference, and aversion to God, days. Wilful inattention at and holy things. 2. By dis

the same. Sinful neglect of like and hatred to His Fatherly sermons or other Christian dispensations.

teaching. Misuse of Sunday Com. II. - Putting other and holy days in drinking, things before God. Want of playing, or any other dangerreverence to God. Neglect of ous amusements. Neglecting prayer, or wilful distraction at to keep the appointed fast and prayer; irreverent conduct in abstinence days. Not receiving Church. Superstition, fortune- the Holy Communion telling, attempting to prognos. Eastertide. ticate future things, or use of Com. V.-Disobedience to any other superstitious prac- parents, god-parents, guardians, tices. Sacrilege, keeping back or others who stand in the sins in the confessional, unwor- place of guardians ; by undutithy reception of the Holy Com- fulness (despising them, speakmunion, or any other Sacra- ing evil of them to others, ment, want of reverence to treating them rudely or unholy things, and persons. kindly), want of love to

Com. III.-Misuse of God's them (troubling and annoy. Name, or of the names of ing them, making them angry, holy things, through levity not helping them when in or in anger. Blasphemy, that want, not bearing with their is contempt and ridicule of weaknesses or infirmities, not holy things, the Sacraments, praying for them). Disobe. the Saints, the Blessed Virgin, dience (obeying them badly etc. Forbidden swearing ; or not at all, despising their namely, taking an oath falsely, advice, setting yourself against or when in doubt; swearing to them). Brothers and sisters do some wicked action, or should examine themselves,

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