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or love, Thou

sickness by Thy sufferings; give me understanding, and and I am that sick man whom stir up my will that I may Thou didst come to heal, and know and do Thy pleasure. therefore heal my soul, for I Thou art the Lamb of God; have sinned against Thee. the Lamb without spot, Who Thou art my Shepherd, Who takest away the sins of the didst lay down Thy life for the world; take from me what insheep. But I am that sheep | jures me and displeases Thee, which was perishing, and and give me

what Thou Thou hast fed me with Thy knowest will please Thee and Body and Blood; take me now be profitable for me. in Thy arms and bear me, for nothing shall be wanting in art my rejoicing. Thou art the pasture in which Thou the part of mine inheritance hast placed me, until Thou and of my lot. Thou shalt bringest me into the pastures restore my heritage to me. of everlasting life.

O my God and my all : O True Light, which lightest may Thy mighty love wholly every man that cometh into fill my soul, that for love of the world, lighten mine eyes Thy lore I may die to the that I sleep not in death. world, Who for love to me

O Fire, ever burning and didst die upon the Cross, my never failing: behold, I am God and my all. Amen.

worse still, luke. Warm; make niy breast and

O Thee; for Thou hast come to send fire on the earth, and will tell you what things He wouldest that it should be hath done for my soul. When kindled.

I was cast down, He raised 0 King of Heaven and me from the dust, and gave earth, rich in mercy, I am me to eat bread and drink poor and needy; Thou knowest wine at His table. What what I chiefly lack; Thou thanks can I give unto Thee, canst help me, and enrich me. O most merciful Jesu, O Sa. O God, help my soul out of viour of the world! What the riches of Thy bounty.

shall I return unto T'hee for all O my Lord and my God; Thou hast done unto me. behold, I am Thy servant; / 'Truly indeed is it written of

cold, or,

my soul to burn with love of HEAR, O Angels and



spise not this which I offer GRANT me, O Lord, whilst

Thee, “If a man shall give all me, open to me the gates of his substance for love, it would Paradise, mightily deliver me be contemned." For Thou from all evil, and whatsoever hast given me all that Thou I have done of my own will hast, Thy Body, Thy Blood, mercifully forgive. Grant me Thyself, God and Man; and here so to persevere in Thy if I offer Thee all the sub. commandments, that I may stance of my house, my body, hereafter be numbered amongst my soul, and my liberty, with Thine elect, O my God; for all I have or can have, this is Thine is the kingdom; the nothing in comparison with power, and the glory, for ever Thy immense and inestimable

and ever. Amen. gift. I owe Thee all, Thou Who art infinite ; wherefore mý debt exceeds all my

For the Evening after Com

munion. power. Yet I pray Thee de

Thee in the simplicity of my heart, circumspectly in Thy sight; My Beloved is mine, and I and so often as I sleep to sleep am His. As Thou hast wholly without sin: If I have sinned given Thyself to be my food, this day, do 'Thou; O God, so I wholly consecrate myself forgive me by Thy grace. to Thy service; and whatso- Grant me a quiet sleep, deever I ain or have, or can do, | liver me from all evil dreams I entirely give to Thee, that and foul imaginations. Give all may be Thine, and nothing me å tranquil sleep this whole of mine my own.

night, that no evil may have power over me, nor any evil

thoughts afflict me. Grant ALMIGHTY and Everlast me an angel of light to help

ing God, Preserver of me, and by that sacred Body souls, Redeemer of the world, which I have received keep look mercifully upon me, Thy me from all accursed passions, servant, kneeling before Thy that I may lay me down and Majesty, and grant that this sleep in peace. May Thy Blood my communion may be for be the protection of my body Thy glory and my salvation. and soul, made iri Thy image. Turn away Thine anger from Grant Thy creature freedom

from sin, and protect with Thy O God the Father, of right hand the body Thou hast Heaven, made. Surround me with the

O God, the Son, Rewall of Thy mercy as with a deemer of the world, defence, that whilst my body

O God, the Holy Ghost, rests and sleeps it may be preserved by Thy power. May

Holy Trinity, one God, my sleep be in Thy sight as

Living Bread which the breath of the incense, that

camest down from Heathe evil one come not near my

ven, bed. Make me to hear and do Hidden God and SaThy will, o God, Who fillest viour, the night with quietness in Corn of the elect, Thy righteousness. Thou art Wine that blossoms the true light, and Thy glory with virgins, is in the light, and the sons of Bread all rich, and the light adore Thee in the light. delight of kings, Jesu, Son of the living God,

Eternal Sacrifice, preserve the dead by Thy Pure Oblation, Cross; have mercy upon them.

Lamb without spot, To Thee be praise, with the Most pure Feast, Father and the Holy Ghost

Food of Angels, for ever. Amen.

Hidden Manna,

Memorial of the Miracles of God,

Spiritual Bread,

Word made Flesh, Litany of our Lord present

Thou Who dwellest in in the Most Holy Sacra.

us, ment.

Holy Victim,
Cup of Blessing,

Mystery of the Faith,
Christ, have mercy upon

Most High and Vene-
rable Sacrament,

Most Holy of all Sacri.
Lord, have mercy upon us. fices,
O Christ, hear us.

Propitiation for the
O Christ, mercifully hear living and the dead,

Heavenly Antidote by,

Have mercy upon us.

LORD, have mercy upon



Be merciful: hear us, O Lord.

which we are preserved from sin,

Most Wonderful of all Miracles,

Most Holy Memorial of our Lord's Passion,

Gift overflowing with graces,

Chiefest Memorial of Divine Love,

Fulness of the Divine bounty,

Most Holy and most August Mystery,

Medicine of Immortality,

Awful and Life-giving Sacrament,

Bread made Flesh by the Almighty power of the Word,

Blood ess Sacrifice,

Food and Master of the Feast,

Most Sweet Feast, at which Angels minister,

Sacrament of Mercy,
Bond of Charity,
Priest and Vic im,

Spiritual Sweetness feeding us with Thyself,

Refreshment of holy souls,

Viaticum of those that die in the Lord, Pledge of Glory,

merciful : spare us, good Lord,

Have mercy upon us.

FROM unworthy_re

ception of Thy Body and Blood,

From the lust of the Aesh,

From the lust of the eyes,

Frome the pride of life,

From all occasions of sin,

By that desire with which Thou didst desire to eat this Passover with Thy disciples,

By the great humility with which Thou didst wash Thy disciples' feet,

By the burning Love with which Thou didst 'institute this Sacrament,

By Thy precious Blood which Thou givest us on our Altars,

By the five wounds of this Thy Most Holy Body which Thou hast endured

Good Lord, deliver us..

for us,



sinners : beseech

Thee to hear us, good Lord.

away the sins of the worlıl: Hear us, O Lord.

O Lamb of God, tbat takest away the sins of the world: Have mercy upon us.

O Christ, hear us.
O Christ, mercifully hear is.

LORD, have mercy upon

That Thou wouldest spare us,

That Thou wouldest pardon us,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to preserve and increase our faith, reverence and devotion towards this most wonderful Sa. crament,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to grant us a frequent use of this Holy Sacrament, with sincere confession of our sins,

'That Thou wouldest be pleased to deliver us from all heresy, faithlessness, and blindness of heart,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to grant us the precious and heavenly benefits of this most holy Sacrament,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to comfort and strengthen us at the hour of death with this Hea. venly viaticum,

That Thou wouldest

We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord.

Christ, have mercy upon 115,
Lord, have mercy upon us,
Our Father.

Ý. Thou gavest them bread from heaven.

Ry. Containing in itself all sweetness.

y. O Lord, hear my prayer.

Ry. And let my cry come unto Thee.

[blocks in formation]

hear us.

[blocks in formation]

Act of Spiritual Communion. COME, Jesy Lord and

Master, into my poor

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