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of whom I am chief, I believe formed me by Thy Divine that this is Thy all-holy Body, love. Purge now my sins and this Thy precious Blood. with Thy spiritual fire, and Therefore, I pray Thee, have make me meet to be filled mercy upon me, and pardon with Thy delights. How my offences, whether com- shall I dare to enter unworthily mitted wilfully or careleasly, into the brightness of Thy in thought, word, and deed, Saints, unto Thy bridal feast, in knowledge or in ignorance; lest the want of a weddingand grant me to be a partaker garment betray me, and I be of these spotless Mysteries, cast out by the Angels. Wash for the remission of my sinsand away, O God, the stains of my unto everlasting life, Amen, soul, and save me in Thy

lovingkindness. COME unto me, Jesu, Lord

of my heart, my greatest LORD, I am not worthy good, my all. For Thee alone

Thou Ilong. Thee, and Thee alone, under my roof; but show do I d-sire. Thou art my hope,

mercy unto me, a sinner, rny help, my life, my blessed- through the reception of Thy ness. See, Jesu, I give Thee my Body and Blood, 'Thou, ó heart. I offer Thee all I am, Lord, Who hast said, “ He or have, or can do. Wash that eateth My Flesh and away and annihilate, by Thy drinketh My Blood, abideth in love, every spot or stain of sin

Me and I in Him;" and grant in me. I come to Thee in the that I may not receive this deepest humility, but with holy Sacrament to my conperfect trust and hope. Come demnation, but through Thy to me, Jesu, God of my soul. mercy to my salvation, and Jesu, I believe in Thee: Jesu, the remission of all my sins. I hope in Thee : Jesu, I love Amen. 'Thee; Thou art my Saviour, my God, and my all. O LORD JESU CHRIST:

Son of the Living God, An Act of Contrition.

Who, according to the will of

the Father, by the co-operation THOU hast calmed me, o of the Holy Ghost, hast by

Christ, with longings Thy death given life to the after Thee; Thou hast trans- world : de iver me by this Thy

most holy Body and Blood | LORD, I am not

worthy my , and

that from all evils, and make me come under my roof; but say ever to adhere to Thy com- the word only, and my soul mandments, and never per- shall be healed. mit me to be separated from Thee ; Who livest and reignest After Receiving the Body of with God the Father, in

Christ. the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without

end. WHAT shall I give unto Amen.


He hath done unto me? I will O GOD the Father, Fount receive the cup of salvation,

and origin of all good- and call upon the Name of the ness; Who, led by mercy, Lord. I will praise the Lord, didsť will that Thy Only. and call upon His Name; so begotten Son should, for our shall I be safe from my sakes, descend into this world

enemies. and take our Aesh upon Him, I adore Thee, I glorify Thee, I After Communion. praise Thee, and with all the power of my mind and heart I MAY

Thy Holy Body, o pray Thee not to leave us, Thy servants, but to pardon our Blood, which I have received, sins, that we may

ever abide with me : and Thee, the living and true God, grant that no stain of sin with pure hearts and chaste may remain in me, who have bodies : through the same received these pure and holy Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. mysteries: Who livest and

reignest God,- world without O LORD JESU CHRIST, end. Amen.

grant that the Sacrament of Thy Body

and Blood, O GOD, ineffable blessed which I, though unworthy, am

, about to receive, may not be Thy blessed Saints: grant, I for my judgment and condem- pray Thee, that we, who by nation, but, through Thy Thy gift, have received the mercy, for the salvation of my holy and blessed Sacrament, body and soul. Amen. may ourselves be holy and


blessed: Who art blessed for ever and ever. Amen.


Holy Father Almighty, Everlasting God, Who hast refreshed me with the most sacred Body and Blood of Thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ : and I pray Thee that this holy Sacrament of our salvation, which I, an unworthy sinner, have received, may not bring down judgment and condemnation upon me for my sins ; but may lead my body and soul unto everlasting life: through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

every virtue; a defence against the snares of all mine enemies, both visible and invisible; the perfect quieting of all my actions, bodily and ghostly: a firm bond betwixt me and Thee, the one true God: and the happy consummation of my life. And I pray Thee bring me, a sinner, to that ineffable banquet, where Thou, with Thy Son and the Holy Ghost, art the true light, the full satisfaction, the eternal joy, the everlasting rejoicing, and the perfect happiness of Thy Saints. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


thanks, o holy I THANK Thee, O Lord Lord, Almighty Father, my God, Who hast not everlasting God, Who hast fed rejected me, a sinner, but hast me a sinner, Thine unworthy granted me to become a par. servant, for no merit of mine, taker of these holy mysteries, but only out of Thy tender of Thy all-holy, spotless, and mercy, with the most precious heavenly gifts. o Master, Body and Blood of Thy Son Lover of men, Who for us our Lord Jesus Christ. And I didst die and rise again, and pray Thee that this holy hast given us these august and Communion may not condemn | life-giving mysteries, for the me, but assist me untó ever- strengthening and sanctifilasting life. May it be to me cation of our souls and bodies, an earnest of faith and a shield do Thou grant that this Sacraof good will; the casting out ment may bring me healing of of my sins; the destruction of my soul and body, deliverance lusts and concupiscence; the from adversity, illumination in increase of charity and pa- my eyes and heart, peace of tience, humility, obedience, and my spirit, faith that shall not be ashamed, love without dis. the Holy Ghost. · 0 most simulation, perfect_wisdom, sweet Jesu, may this holy Saentire obedience to Thy com. crament of Thy Body and mands, Thy Divine grace, and Blood be to me a means of a portion in Thy Kingdom. pardon, the medicine of eternal That, continuing in holiness, life, the confirmation of grace, I may ever remember Thy the memorial of Thy most goodness, and live not unto sacred Passion, the Viaticum myself, bụt unto Thee, our of my last journey, the solace Lord and Benefactor. Grant of

soul :

: may it be to me that, departing this life in the safety and health in temphope of life eternal, I may tation, peace and joy in every attain unto the everlasting rest, tribulation, light and strength where the unceasing song of in every word and work, and them that feast resounds, and niy consolation and last defence where is found the unknown in death. May it so transjoy of them who behold the form my heart that I may find inettable beauty of Thy coun- no sweetness in any other but tenance; for Thou art the in Thee, desire no love, seek Guide and the inexpressible no consolation, find no plea. joy of those who love Thee, O sure, care for no honour but Christ our God, Whom all with Thee, and fear no pain creation praises for ever and but separation from Thee : ever. Amen.

Who livest and reignest, world

without end. Amen. I THANK Thee

, O Lord Jesu Christ, King of ALL honour, glory, thanks kings and Lord of lords, that Thou hast vouchsafed sweetly praise be to Thee, O heavenly to refresh my dry and barren Father, Almighty God, Who soul with Thy Sacred Body hast refreshed me, a poor outand 'Thy most Precious Blood. cast, dwelling in this vale of I pray Thee, that whatsoever tears, with the grace of Thy is found in me sinful or con. Holy Spirit, and the heavenly trary to Thy most holy will may food of the Body and Blood of be entirely taken away by the Thine Only-begotten Son. By communion of this most holy Thy mercy I implore Thee to Sacrament; that my heart may grant me to love Thee above be made a meet tabernacle for all, and before all, and with THANKSGIVING AFTER COMMUNION.

admiration to behold the things which Thou hast done; put away from me all inordinate desires, hallow my life, and lead me on from grace to grace, to the glory of Thy Name, and to my salvation ; that after this life I may, in the eternal felicity of the Heavenly Jerusalem, see Thee face to face: through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen,

upon me, and for the com. munion of Thy spotless and life-giving mysteries. I pray Thee, O Lord, and Lover of men, keep me under Thy pro.. tection and under the shadow of Thy wings, and grant me with a good conscience, until my latest breath, worthily to partake of Thy holy mysteries: for the forgiveness of my sins and unto everlasting life. For Thou art the Bread of Life, the Fountain of holiness, the Giver of all good gifts, and with Thee wę praise the Father and the Holy Ghost, now and ever, and unto all ages of ages. Amen.

O CHRIST, our Master,

King of the Ages, Lord and Creator of all things, I thank Thee for all the good things Thou hast bestowed


for ever.

Benedicite, Omnia Opera. O ALL ye Works of the

Lord, bless ye the Lord : praise Him, and magnify Him

Oye Angels of the Lord, bless ye the Lord : 0 ye

Heavens, bless ye the Lord.

O ye Waters that be above the Firmament, bless ye the Lord: O all ye Powers of the Lord, bless ye the Lord.

Oye Sun and Moon, bless

ye the Lord : Oye Stars of Heaven, bless ye the Lord.

Oye Showers and Dew, bless

ye the Lord : Oye Winds of God, bless ye the Lord. 0 ye

Fire and Heat, bless ye the Lord : O ye Winter and Summer, bless ye the Lord.

Oye Dews and Frosts, bless ye the Lord : O ye Frost and Cold, bless ye the Lord.

O ye Ice and Snow, bless ye the Lord: O ye Nights and Days, bless ye the Lord.

O ye Light and Darkness, bless ye the Lord: Oye

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