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surrection on the third day Thee, gracious Lord, forgive didst restore our fallen race, me all the sins I have com. raise me, sunken in sin, and mitted, in thought, word, and give me means of repentance. deed; in pride, angef, envy, Thou Who by Thy glorious covetousness, gluttony, sloth, Ascension hast raised our flesh luxury, impurity of body or to the throne of God, and soul, in the ill use of those placed it on the right hand of senses which Thou gavest me the Father, grant me by the for Thy service, and in breaking reception of the sacred Mys- Thy commandments, in wastteries to be placed on Thy ing the time of my life unproright hand among the saved. fitably, in not following after Thou Who by the indwelling holiness, and in por duing those of the Holy Ghost, the Para. good deeds which I might have clete, hast made Thy holy done. O merciful Jesus, with disciples to be honourable that precious Blood which vessels of Thy grace, grant

Thou didst shed upon the me also the indwelling of Thy Cross for my salvation, wash Holy Spirit. Thou Who wilt away all the sins of which I come again to judge the world have been guilty since iny in righteousness, mercifully birth. Heal, strengthen, and grant me, with all Thy Saints, revive me by this Holy Sacrato meet Thee, my Creator, in ment, which Thou hast ora the clouds of heaven, that I dained and left here on earth, may eternally bless and praise to be our medicine and life, Thee, with the Father, and through which we are to live the all-holy, good, life-giving in Thee, and Thou art to live Spirit, now and for ever, and in us, as Thou Thyself hast to all ages of ages. Amen. assured us when Thou saidst,

The bread that I will give is O

My Aesh, which I will give Who vouchsafedet to suffer for tbe life of the world. O so many grievous pains, yea, holy Priest and Bishop of our death itself, for the love of souls, Who by Thy Divine mankind, and sparedst not power didst institute this Thy own most precious Blood Blessed Sacrament of Thy that Thou mightest wash away precious Body, in the form our sins: how great and won- of bread, give me grdee to derful is Thy love. I beseech receive it this day with purity of heart and soul, with of Thy precious Body, that I love, reverence, and a firm may live everlastingly with belief. O bountiful God, I Thee, and see Thee face to acknowledge and confess to face in Thy celestial Kingdom. Thy infinite goodness, that I Amen. am not worthy to come to Thy table, to be fed with the I , o Royal food of Thy Blessed ciful Jesu, that Thou Body. But, gracious Lord, if wouldest teach me and assist Thou wilt Thou canst make me to approach the most won. me clean. Thou hast created derful Sacrament of Thy Body all things out of nothing, and and Blood, with such purity Thou canst change what is of heart, and innocence of sinful into that which is righte- mind, with such devotion, and ous and holy. Therefore, O reverence, as is right and good Almighty God, according to for my soul. May my heart the multitude of Thy mercies, feel, O Lord Jesu Christ, the make me worthy to receive sweetness of Thy most blessed Thy precious Body. Let me Presence. May it purge me approach this sacred Mystery from all spiritual sloth, wash with reverence, meekness, holi. away my sins, ånd be a proness, with perfect contrition tection to me against the and tears of devotion, with countless dangers of the world. spiritual comfort, and joy in May my soul taste at this Thy Presence. Replenish me,

time how sweet Thou art, O O Lord, with grace, and Lord, that having tasted Thee, strengthen me that I may it may lose all taste for earthly henceforth for ever live in things.

O Bread of Delight, Thee and Thou in me. Jesu, O Food most to be desired, save me, through Thy great refreshing all things, and never bounty, from all perils; teach failing, the angels and spirits and comfort my soul in all of the just receive Thee to the doubts and fears ; cleanse me full: Grant that my sinful soul, from all vices; suffer nothing too, may now receive Thee to abide in my heart but only during her pilgrimage, that Thyself, Who art my soul's receiving strength from Thee, life and my lord. O'Blessed by Thee she may accomplish Jesu, make me worthy to her courge to Thee, without receive this great Sacrament any hindrance of Satan. Mor

tify in my members and in my heart all temptations of the flesh, that Thou, the King of Virgins and lover of chastity, mayest have in me a quiet resting place. Thou knowest, O Lord, in how many and hyw great storms my soul is tossed; but Thou, Who art the Great Physician, come and heal it; to Whom all power and dominion is given in heaven and in earth, for ever and ever, Amen.

pardon to the guilty, forgive. ness to the sinner, pity to the wretched, life to the criminal, and justification to him that is dead in sin, that I may receive Thee, the Bread of Angels, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, with such purity of body, such holiness of soul, such contrition, such tears, such spiritual joy and heavenly rejoicing, such fear and trembling, such reverence and honour, such faith and humility, such a purpose, such love, such devotion, and such thankfulness as I ought, and as may assist me to obtain pardon of my sins, and everlasting life. Amen. O GOD, Infinite Goodness,

Who dare to speak to Thee? I am but the least of Thy servants, a worm of earth, much poorer and more contemptible than I can know or dare to confess; yet remember, O Lord, that I am nothing, have nothing, and can do nothing. Thou only art good, just, and holy. Thou canst do all things, Thou rulest all things, and fillest all things, leaving only the sinner void. Remember Thy mercies, O God, and fill my heart with Thy grace, Thou Who wouldest not that Thy creatures should

I not

that Thou shouldest come under my roof, but, trusting in Thy mercy, I come to Thine Altar. Weak, to the medicine of life; blind, to the light of eternal lightness; poor, to the Lord of heave and earth; naked, to the King of Glory; a sheep to the Shepherd;

creature to the Creator; desolate to the merciful Consoler ; miserable to the merci. ful; guilty to the Giver of life; wicked to Him Who justifieth us; hardened to Him Who giveth grace; praying Thee of the greatness of Thy mercy so to heal my depravity, wash away my wickedness, lighten my blindness, enrich my poverty, clothe my nakedness, so to bring home the wanderer, to console the desolate, to give



perish. Turn not Thy face without profiting by them, away from me, delay not and making Thee to serve Thine assistance, take not with my sins. Yet, O Lord, away Thy consolations, lest if, on account of Thy great my soul become as a land love, Thou desirest to enter wherein is no water. Give my heart, do Thou, Lord, me the dew of devotion to Who hast adorned the Heawater my soul, to bring forth vens, make my heart sinless, good and acceptable fruit. that I be not ashamed. Look Enlighten my mind, oppressed upon me, and have mercy with the weight of sin, and upon me. O Jesu, have mercy lift up my heart to heaven; upon me. Most sweet Jesu, that, having tasted of the do not condemn me, but save sweetness of the happiness me; Who livest and reignest, above, I may care no more for world without end. Amen. earthly things; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

O MOST merciful Saviour,

Who hast given us Thy

Body for food, and Thy Blood O KING of Heaven and for drink, and Thy Life for

earth; Holy, holy, holy; our redemption, have mercy, King, at Whose Name every have mercy upon me.

Fit knee doth bow, dost Thou me to receive the most holy come to me, who am dust and Sacrament, If I come unpreashes ? dost Thou invite me, pared, I draw down Thy judgThy poor and humble servant? ment on myself. If Thou preThou, the light of eternal pare me not, I strive to prepare lightness, comest to me, who myself in vain. Stretch forth adding iniquity to iniquity, Thy hand, O merciful Jesu, have a thousand times crucified unto Thy servant, who putteth Thee to myself. The con. no trust in himself; give me fusion of my face has covered by Thy Almighty power that me. O Lord, I am not worthy which my weakness is unable that Thou shouldest enter to obtain. Make me a taberunder my roof; I am nacle for Thyself, prepared worthy to be called Thy Son, and garnished, where Thou for I have sinned against hea- mayest repose, and where the ven and before Thee, receiving memorial of Thy marvels, Thy grace and Thy Sacrament | Thy mercies, and 'Thy bitter


Passion, may evermore abide. Grant this, O merciful Saviour, Who livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.


Lord Jesu Christ our God, be unto me for everlast, ing life, and Thy Blood for the remission of my sins. And may this Eucharist be to me for grace, health, and rejoicing; and at Thy second dreadful Advent grant me, a sinner, to stand at the right hand of Thy glory. Amen.

Y God, my Helper, my

Protector, prepare my heart. In Thee is all my hope, my faith, my confidence; myself I only distrust. In Thee I seek Thy promise, the communion of Thy Body and Blood, that my sins may be forgiven and my faith increased, that I may live in Thee, and abide in Thee now and ever more, Amen.

I AM not worthy, O Lord

my God, that Thou shouldest enter under my roof; but since Thou, who art all merciful, desirest to dwell in me, I come to Thee in confi.



I am not worthy that Thou shouldest enter under my roof, but 'Thou knowest my need; on cc \unt of which I expressly d şir: Thy Presence, that thou

mayest strengthen me with Thyself, Say the word only, and my soul shall be healed.

opened which Thou alone hase LORD JESU


made, and enter into my heart with Thy wonted mercy, Enter and lighten my darkened understanding. I believe, in deed, that Thou wilt do this,

may Thy most holy Body, in which Thou didst suffer death for me, and Thy most precious Blood, which Thou didst shed for the for. giveness of my sins, preserve both my body and soul unto everlasting life. Amen, I ,

confess that Thou art indeed the Christ, the Son of the living God, Who camest into the world to save sinners,

Before going up to the Altar,
My God, my Help, my
Y ,

Protector, I commend to Thee the preparation of my heart.

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