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most. We thank Thee, O Mas

unto us by the same. And we Give us courage for good most humbly beseech Thee, O works. merciful Father, to hear us, Give us might to resist and of Thy Almighty good- temptation. ness to vouchsafe to bless and Let nothing separate us sanctify with Thy Word and from Thy love. Holy Spirit these Thy gifts In life and in death be with and creatures of bread and us, wine, that we, receiving them And make us eternally according to Thy Son our Thine. Amen. Saviour Jesus Christ's holy institution, in remembrance of His Death and Passion, may

After the Blessing be partakers of His most

O . blessed Body and Blood :

ter, Lord and God, for through the same Jesus Christ the communion of these holy, our Lord, to Whom, with Thee spotless, immortaland heavenly and the Holy Ghost, be all mysteries, which Thou hast houour and glory, world with- given us for the benefit, and out end. Amen.

sanctification, and salvation of

our souls and bodies; and we ESU, sanctify us with Thy good Lord, Lover of men,

pray and implore Thee, O grace.

grant us to receive with this Feed us with the Bread of Communion of the Holy Body Life.

and the Precious Blood of Give us to drink from the Thine Only-begotten Son, unFount of Living Waters. Ainching faith, love without Confirm our faith by Thy

dissimulation, the fulfilling of Word.

all holiness, victory over the Strengthen our hope with

enemy, obedience

to Thy Thy promises.

Commandments, guidance in

the way to everlasting life, and Inflame our hearts with

a good confession before the Thy love.

terrible judgment-seat of Thy Give us temperance in our Son ; by Whom and with pleasures.

Whom all honour and glory Give us strength in our be to Thee, and to Thy good troubles,

and life-giving Spirit. Amen.

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praise in the mouth of a sinner

is displeasing unto Thee, parIntroductory Prayer. don me and sanctify me, o ALMIGHTY. and most God, both inwardly and out

Merciful Father, to Thee wardly, that I may worthily the blessed company of the praise Thee. Inspire my soul heavenly city, to Thee all that I may continually give orders of blessed spirits, sing thanks to Thee, and honour continually, praising and laud

'Thee for ever.

Grant me, o ing 'Thee. To Thee all 'Thy Lord, so to praise and glorify glorified Saints offer the tribute Thee in this pilgrimage and of their honour and adoration, vale. of misery, that, through O unspeakable, incomprehen- Thy mercy, I may be admitted sible, everlasting goodness. into the holy fellowship of 'Thou, O Lord, hast made me ; those who see Thee everlastThou, throuch the merits of ingly, and sing praises unto the bitter Passion of Thy most Thee, world without end; blessed Son, hast restored me through Jesus Christ our Lord. to a state of salvation ; and Amen. Thine is whatsoever good is found in me. O most glorious

Before the Gospel Lord, I, a miserable sinner, a creature of Thy making, desire

Saviour, Whom Thou te give Thee praise with all hast called to the knowledge my heart, and with my whole of Thy Truth, to the practice heart; but, without Thy of a holy life, and to a share special grace preventing me, I in Thy grace, and in everlastcannot offer a single prayer to ing blessedness. Strengthen, Thee; wherefore I come to O God, our faith in Thy · Thee, my God, my life and Word; fix our hopes on Thy my strength, my hope and my salvation ; and foster our love only comfort, craving Thy to Thee, that we may dwell merciful assistance that I may in Thee and Thou in us; that be able to praise Thee. Grant Thou mayest rejoice in us, me Thy grace, that my mouth


permay speak and my heart medi- fect in Thee; that we may be tate upon Thy glory. O let one in Thee, as Thou art one my tongue be occupied in Thy with Thy heavenly Father, praise, And forasmuch as all Amen.


and our joy may

After the Creed.

whom Thou hast rardoned

with the precious Blood of Thy O

dearly-beloved Son Jesus Christ we may all continue in our Lord. Amen. the true and sincere profession of the holy Catholic Faith, to

The Preface. the end of our lives; and, exercising ourselves here in holi- IT is very meet, right, and ness and piety, we may here- our bounden duty, that after receive from Thee, our we should in all things, at all Lord, such a crown of righteous- times, in all places, and in ness as Thou hast laid up for every manner, remember Thee, Thine elect. Amen.

bless Thee, praise Thee, celebrate Thee, give thanks to

Thee, Creator, Preserver, At the Offertory.

Ruler, Guardian, Finisher of

all, above all, our Lord, God, O LORD. GOD, Father Father, and King, Fount of

Almighty, Who, through Life and Immortality, Eternal Jesus Christ Thine Only Son, Good, Whom the Heavens hast instituted a

new and

praise, and the Heavens of wonderful Oblation, which Heavens, Whom the Angels the Church by tradition from and the Heavenly Powers conthe holy Apostles makes

tinually crying to one another throughout the world; O God, do praise ; and we, humble and the great Creator of all things, unworthy, also with them do have mercy upon us Who praise Thee, sayingoffer unto Thee in this mys- Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord tery the fruits of Thy creatures God of Sabaoth : and gifts, bread and wine, to be Heaven and earth are full of consecrated into the Flesh and Thy glory. Blood of Thy beloved Son, Who Blessed be the glory of the is the Living Bread that came Lord from His place. down from heaven, and giveth Glorious is His Divinity, life to the world; vouchsafe, His Immensity, His Majesty, most gracious God, mercifully His Dominion, His Omnipo. to accept theseOblations, which tence, His Love, His Provi. Thy Church offers to Thee by dence. Thy Priest, for all the people Who is God, our Strength,

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our Stay, our Refuge, our De- the Christ, His saving Cross, liverer, our Helper, our Pro- His Death, His Resurrection tector, the Strength of our Sal. from the dead on the third vation, and the Lifter up of day, His ascent into Heaven, our heads. Amen.

His session on the right hand

of Thee, O God and Father, Before the Consecration. and His second advent with

glory and terror, when He ET all mortal Aesh keep shall come to judge the quick silence, and stand with

and the dead, when He shall fear and trembling, thinking give to every one according to no earthly thought; For the their works, we sinners offer King of kings and Lord of

unto Thee, O Lord, this awful lords, Christ our God, cometh and bloodless sacrifice; praying to be offered and given for Thee not to deal with us acthe good of the faithful; and

cording to our sins, neither to the choirs of the Angels Ay reward us according to our before Him, with the powers iniquities, but according to and dominions, the many.eyed Thy mercy, and Thine inefCherubim and the six-winged fable love; and setting aside Seraphim, who cover their

and blotting out the handfaces, singing this hymn writing against Thy suppliants, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia !

grant us Thy heavenly and

eternal gifts, which eye hath After the Consecration. not seen nor ear heard, neither

hath entered into the heart of O CHRIST JESU, born of

man to imagine, the things the Virgin Mary, Who didst die for us all upon the

which Thou, O God, hast Tree of the Cross, I adore Thee,

prepared for them that love

Thee. my Master, my Lord,

and my God. I believe in Thee, O

from Thy holy habitaThee, O Infinite Mercy : I

tion, and from the heavens of love Thee, my God and my Thy glory, and behold the all.

sacred offering which our great

High Priest, Thy all-holy Son, O

offers unto Thee, for the sins brance the Passion of of His brethren; and accept it

Eternal Truth I hope in LOOK down, O Lord God,

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ages. Amen.

as a propitiation for the multi- and the Holy Spirit, is the tude of our sins. Behold the praise, and the honour, and voice of our Brother crieth the power, and the adoration, unto Thee from the Cross. O and the giving of thanks, now Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive, and for ever, and to all ages of O Lord, hearken and do: defer not, for Thine own sake, O my God, for Thy city and Thy

people are called by Thy
Name; deal with us, o God, Introductory Prayers.
according to Thy mercy.

My adorable Saviour, 1
Y ,

present myself before

Thy holy Altar to assist at After the Blessing.

this holy Sacrifice, which KIN ING of Kings, co-equal

Thou hast ordained as a conwith the Father, Who tinual memorial of Thy oblaby Thy might hast subdued tion of Thyself unto the hell, and trodden down death, Father as a propitiation for and bound the strong man,

our sins. Grant me, O God, and by Thy Divine power, the saving benefit of Thy and the brightness of the light Cross and Passion, and by of Thine unspeakable God Thy grace supply the fervour head, hast raised up man from

and devotion which Thou death, do Thou, O Master, seest to be wanting in me. stretch forth over us the unseen

Amen. right hand of Thy power,

, us, strengthen us with Thy now be impressed with the Divine power, and take away recollection of Thy goodness from us the evil and sinful towards us, bridle my senses, working of Aeshly desire. govern my mind, purify my Lighten the eyes of our under- soul, wash away with Thy standing amidst the darkness Blood the sins I have comof sin lying around, number mitted. Blot Them out, o us in the all-blessed company God, O Mercy, for I hate of those that please Thee. them for love of Thee, and For Thine, with the Father | humbly ask Thy pardon. I

Which is full of blessing, and DISPOSE my heart aright,

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