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that by the merits and power thereof now represented before the Throne of Thy Divine Majesty, we, and all Thy whole Church, may obtain remission of our sins, and be made partakers of all other the benefits of His most precious Death and Passion, together with His mighty resurrection from the earth, and His glorious ascension into Heaven ; Who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

nations, the groans of captives, the sorrows of orphans, the needs of wanderers, the despair of the failing, the fainting strength of the aged, the sighs of the young, the prayer of the innocent, and the cries of the widow. Hear, O God, and do; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

THOU, O God, hast mercy

on all, and hatest nothing that Thou hast made: Remember, O God, that we are but dust, and that Thou art oar Father and our God, and shut not up Thy bowels of compassion from us. Take away our iniquities, and light in our hearts the fire of Thy Holy Spirit. Take away from us our hard and stony hearts, and give us hearts that may love Thee, delight in Thee, follow after Thee, and rejoice in Thee. Look mercifully upon Thy family calling upon Thy holy Name; and that none make his oblation in vain, or lose his petition, do Thou teach us so to pray that Thou shalt be pleased to hear. Remember the trouble of Thy people, the perils of

Intercession for the De

parted. We pray to Thee also, o

, O Lord, for the souls of the faithful departed, that this holySacramentof Thy love may bring them blessing, refreshment, and joy. Grant them, O Lord God, perfect satiety and satisfaction in Thee, Who art the Living Bread Who camest down from heaven, and givest light unto the world: through Thy holy Incarnation, wherein Thou wast conceived by the Holy Ghost, and didst take our Aesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin; and through that fount of mercy which the so!dier's spear opened in Thy side : that being by Thee refresh :d, and satisfied, and filled with peace and consolation, they may rejoice in Thy honout and glory; Who livest and reignest world without end. Amun,


God, take away our sins from us, and deliver us from the iniquities which have come between us and Thee; that receiving remission of our sins, we may rejoice in Thy peace, which is the testimony of a good conscience; and in Thy heavenly Kingdom may attain to that peace which passeth all understanding. Amen.

After the Blessing: O

Who hast granted us miserable sinners, at this hour, to stand in Thy sight and to praise and glorify 'Thee, pardon whatever sin I have committed during this time of prayer, through vain and wandering thoughts, lest the enemy boast himself against me, that even at the time of adoration, confession, and communion, I was overcome by his wiles.

of the earth adore Thy Majesty, praying Thee that the most dread Sacrifice of Thine Only-begotter. Son may bring us pardon and justification in Thy sight.

Jesu, Son of the Living God, atone for us and for our sins unto Thy Heavenly Father, Who didst offer Thyself on the Cross for us, that Thou mightest ever be our Mediator and Advocate.

Come, Holy Ghost, and inAuence our cold hearts with the fire of Thy love, that through this Memorial of the Death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, which He in His love has commanded us to tinue unto the end of the world, we may be made partakers of His infinite merits, and finally attain to everlast


ing life.

FIFTH FORM. The following Devotions are especially suited for Communicants.

Introductory Prayers. ALMIGHTY. GOD, Hea:

venly Father, in this Thy holy temple we fall down before Thee, and in the dust

O GOD, the Father, of

Heaven, have mercy upon us. Humbly we kneel before Thee, O God, and oppressed with sorrow confess our sins before Thee. Thou art our hope and our confidence. The sorrow Thou hast given us is a pledge that Thou wilt give us also grace for amendment; and never cast us away from Thy face. Thy goodness and grace is the peace which we desire : through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

greater than our sinfulness. Stretch out unto us Thy Fatherly hand, that we may rise up from our errors, and walk courageously in the way of Thy holy commandments. Remember no more our sins and transgressions, but have mercy upon us according to the fulness of Thy mercy,

O God, the Son of the Living God: have mercy upon us. Wash us perfectly from our sins, and blot out all our iniquities. Purge us with hyssop and we shall be clean, wash us and we shall be whiter than snow.

O God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy upon us. "Teach us to pray in spirit and in truth, Thou Who makest intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered; and help us that we may with pure hearts and pure lips for ever praise the Father, and the Son, and Thee, one God, all glorious for evermore. Amen.


Act of Faith, after Gospel

and Creed. MY Y Lord and God, Who

art infalliile in Thy wisdom, and the God of Truth, Who art the uncreated Wisdom and Truth, with all my heart and will I accept and firmly believe all that Thou hast revealed to by the instrumentality of Thy Holy Catholic Church. Here, O God, in the sight of Thy Majesty, I renew my vow to believe all the Articles of the Christian Faith.

Suffer me never to fall away from it; grant me to prefer death to disbelief or denial. Strengthen my faith, deepen it, increase it; banish from my heart all thoughts or suggestions against it, all of which I heartily renounce. May I in my last hour be confirmed in this holy faith by that same holy Sacrament whieh I am now about to receive, that remaining faithful unto death receive of Thee of life in everlasting glory: through Christ Lord. Amen.

SATISFY, O God, the de

sires of Thy humble servants, hear the cries of sinners, and grant that He our Master and Creator may kiss us with the kisses of His mouth;

that we, receiving these holy mysteries, may enjoy

I may






After the Sanctus. O LORD our God, who

didst create us and bring We praise Thee, Al. us into this life, Who hast

mighty God, Who shown us the way of salvation,

sittest above the Cherubim and hast granted us the revela- and Seraphim ; Whom Angels tion of Thy divine mysteries, and Archangels bless; Whom accept us approaching Thy Prophets and Apostles praise. holy Altar, according to the We praise Thee, O God, multitude of Thy mercy, and



because make us fit to offer unto Thee Thou camest to pardon our this reasonable and bloodless sins. We beseech Thee to Sacrifice, for our sins and for have mercy, O Mighty Rethose of all Thy people ; and deemer, Whom the Father sent receive it on Thy holy and as the Shepherd of the sheep. spiritual Altar for a sweet. 'Thou art Christ the Lord, smelling savour,

and send the Saviour, Who wast born down upon us the grace of of the Virgin Mary. Deliver Thy Holy Spirit. Look us evermore fiom sin, who are upon us, o God, and have made partakers of these holy regard to this our worship, mysteries. Amen. and accept it as Thou didst accept the gifts of Abel, the sacrifice of Noah, the burnt

Before the Consecration. offering of Abraham, the ser- WE pray Thee, o most vice of Moses and Aaron, and merciiul Father, through the propitiation of Samuel. Jesus Christ Thy Son As Thou didst receive this Lord, to accept and bless these adoration at the hands of Thy our Oblations. holy Apostles, so receive these

Holy Catholic gifts from the hands of us Church, and grant to it holisinners, of Thy goodness, O ness, peace, and unity, throughLord, that worshipping with- out the world. Preserve our out sin before Thy holy Altar, Bishop, and all faithful memwe may obtain the rewards of bers of Thy holy Catholic and prudent and faithful servants Apostolic Church. Remem. in the terrible day of Thy ber, O Lord, all men living righteous retribution: through here on earth; show Thy Christ our Lord. Amen. light to those in darkness:


Have mercy

upon the


convert the sinner, bring back

After the Consecration. the wanderer, protect the tempted, assist the weak. O JESUS, my God, and Make peace to reign in every Saviour, I firmly believe Jand and every household, arid that Thou art present in this love and goodwill to abound most Holy Sacrament, even amongst all men. Help, o 'Thou Who art the Saviour of God of comfort, Thy poor the world, Who didst die upon children in their trouble. the Cross. O my God, draw Comfort the afflicted, care for me to Thee, and make me the poor, heal the sick: give | Thine, and suffer me never to grace to the dying, Thou Who be separated from Thee. art Helper and Comforter and

All-loving Jesu, suffer not God of all, Remember also, O

that this Thy most precious Lord, Thy faithful people to

Blood should have been shed whom Thou hast of Thy

in vain for me; but cleanse mercy given communion with

me from my sins. Sanctify Thy saints, with the glorious

me, strengthen me, and bring ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and with Thy holy Apos.

me to everlasting blessedness. tles and Martyrs, and with all Thy Saints ; and grant us, o O LORD and

Heavenly God, that we may in all things Father, according to rejoice in Thy protection. the institution of Thy dearlyDispose our days in Thy beloved Son our Saviour Jesus perpetual peace; command us Christ, we, Thy humble serto be rescued from everlasting vants, do celebrate and make damnation; and to be num- here before Thy Divine Ma. bered in the company of jesty, with these Thy holy Thine elect. Grant that we, gifts, which we

now offer receiving this holy Oblation, unto Thee, the memorial Thy may be made indeed par- Son hath commanded us to takers of the most blessed make : having in Body aud

Blood of Jesus brance His blessed Passion and Christ Lord : Who precious Death, His mighty liveth and 'reigneth with Resurrection and glorious AsThee and the Holy Ghost, cension; rendering unto 'Thee one God, world without end. most hearty thanks for the Amen.

innumerable benefits procured



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