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Thy Body and by Thy crimson LAMB of God, that Blood, which here on Thy takest away the sins of Altar are consecrated and set the world, look down upon before us, from all my sins us, and have mercy upon us. and infirmities, and from all Thou our Priest wast made evils past, present, and to our sacrifice: Thou our reward come.

didst become our Redeemer : defend us from the sins from

which Thou hast delivered us, LORD JESUS CHRIST,

very God and very Man, I adore Thee, I thank Thee,

After the Blessing because Thou didst die upon Bless us all, O God, with

didst Thy benediction, make an atonement for all the that thereby faith, hope, and world. 0 Heavenly Father, charity may be strengthened look upon the face of Thine amongst us, and that we all, at Anointed, and for His sake be the hour of our death, and at merciful unto me; be merciful the day of judgment, may to me a sinner, and take from receive Thy blessing, and enjoy me whatsoever offends Thee; to all eternity the fruits of give me whatsoever pleaseth Thy Death and Passion; Who Thee; convert my heart to livest and reignest God, world Thee, that I may ever love and without end. Amen. serye Thee,

RANT us, most merciful

Introductory Prayers. Lord Christ, by the effusion of Thy precious Bload. O FATHER of mercies

and God of all comfort, passions, and to our sins, and Who hast so loved the world to live according to Thy will.

that I'hou didst not spare Help all those whom Thou Thine Only begotten Son, but hast redeemed with Thy pre- gavest Him to endure for our cious Blood. May that Blood redemption a most bitter Pascleanse me from all my sins; sion and Death upon the Cross: that, cleansed from them, I and Who hast also ordained may love Thee above all this oblation to be continued things.

daily in Thy Church, to renew


Thy grace in us; Grant us so standing of us sinners, and to devoutly, attentively, and cleanse us from every stain, reverently to celebrate these and grant us to come purified Holy Mysteries, that by means before Thy holy Altar, to offer of them we may be made par- unto Thee the sacrifice of takers of the benefits of our praise, and accept this incense Blessed Lord's Blood-shedding of the devotion of Thine unon the Cross : through the profitable servants for a sweetsame Jesus Christ our Lord. smelling savour, and purify Amen,

the corruptions of our souls

and of our bodies, and hallow GLORY be to the Father,

us by the sanctifying power of and to the Sun, and to

Thy holy Spirit. For Thou the Holy Ghost, to the Three

art holy, Who givest holiness

unto those that believe on fold One Light of the Godhead, to the Three that are

and Thine is the glory, One, to the indivisible One

together with the Unbegotten Who is Three. O Trinity, O

Father, and Thy all holy, good, Unity, O Creator, the heavens

and life-giving Spirit, now and declare Thy glory, and the

for ever and to ages of ages.

Amen. earth Thy dominion, and the sea Thy praise, and every sentientand intelligent creature shows forth Thy greatness continually: For Thine is all the ages, Creator of all glory, honour, might, majesty, things, receive Thy Church and dominion, now and for

approaching Thee in the Name ever and to all ages of ages.

of Thy Christ, and give to Amen.

each one what is fitting. Bring us all to perfection, and make

us meet for the grace of Thy JESUS CHRIST, Master, sanctification, and preserve us

God the Word, Who didst ever in Thy holy Church, wiliingly offer Thyself to God which Thou hast purchased the Father as a spotless Sacrifice with the precious Blood of upon the Cross; Coal, of two Thine Only-begotten Son, our natures, which didst touch the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, lips of Thy prophet, and take with Whom Thou art praised away his sin, touch the under. and glorified with Thy all



unity of the Catholic "faith, O LORD JESU CHRIST,

holy and life-giving Spirit, | ing doctrines of Thy holy now and for ever, and to all Church, that we may piously ages of ages. Amen.

live according to Thy word.

Let not the knowledge of Thy ALMIGHTY and Everlast- will, revealed to us by The

ing God, we humbly mouth of so many witnesses, beseech Thee to look down turn our condemnation, from the throne of Thy glory through disobedience; but give upon us, and mercifully to us grace and strength, that, accept our prayers which we knowing what we ought to present before Thee, asking do, we may diligently perform mercy and forgiveness of our the same; through Jesus Christ sins, health of body, soundness our Lord. Amen. of mind, the necessaries of life, peace in our days, fertile lands, Before the Gospel.


Who didst come forth the extirpation of heresy, de- from God, and hast shown us struction of evil counsels,

the way of God, by Thy conincrease of the orthodox reli- versation upon earth, by the gion, fervour in charity and

writings of Thy holy Evangelpiety, sincere devotion, patience | ists, and by the messengers of in tribulation, joyful hope, and Thy Word : Enlighten us, above all things the increase

that we may understand Thy of Thy glory: through Jesus

saving doctrine; give us a Christ our Lord and Saviour.

heavenly zeal, and teach us Amen.

how to do Thy will in all

things, that we may show Before the Epistle.

forth in our lives and con

versation, that faith which we O , hear with our ears and confess Who never forsakest us

with our lips. Let us not be Thine unworthy servants, Who teachest Thy Church by the

punished as those who know

the will of God, and do it not. voice of the Apostles and Prophets, Who callest us to love and worship 'Thy holy Name :

After the Gospel. Grant, us ever to accept and PRAISE be to Thee, rightly to understand the save Christ, with


own lips, and by those of he serves; make him a worthy Thine Apostles, hast preached minister of Thy Altar, that to the world, and enlightened he may with due reverence the unbelieving with the true honour Thy holy mysteries faith.

and the majesty of Thy awful

Name: through Jesus Christ At the Offertory.

our Lord. Amen. O GOD, our God, who didst send unto us the

After the Sanctus. heavenly bread, Jesus Christ LESSED be Thou, O Lord our Lord, to be the food of

Jesu Christ, Son of the the whole world, our Saviour, Living God, who of Thy our Redeemer, our Benefactor, compassion didst descend from Who blesseth us and sanctifieth

heaven, and on the Cross didst us, do Thou bless this our

freely give Thy Body and oblation, and accept it on 'Thy Blood as an oblation for our heavenly Altar. Remember,

sins. Praise and glory be to O good God, Lover of men, Thee, Who hast given us the those who have offered unto bread of life: and hast insti. Thee, and for whom they have tuted this holy Sacrifice to be offered, and keep us without offered on our Altars by 'Thy sin during the celebration of Priests, for a constant memo. Thy holy mysteries: for holy rial even unto the end of the and glorified Thy all-holy world. and adorable Name, of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, now and evermore. Amen.

Before the Consecration.

RECEIVE, 0 most merciRANT, O Lord, that Thy ful Father, the holy

Priests may be clothed Sacrifice at the hands of Thy with righteousness : and a- Priest, in union with the mongst them he who now Sacrifice which Thy Beloved stands at Thy Altar and prays

Son offered to Thee, during for us, that Thou mayest spare His whole suffering life, at the Thy people, and give not Last Supper, and on the Cross, Thine heritage to reproach. for me, for and for all Grant that he may be holy,

for whom He consented to die. because Thou art holy Whom Look upon the face of Thine


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anointed Jesus, Thy Beloved so when 'Thou comest again Son, in Whom Thou art well to judge the world, we may pleased, and for the eternal with joy and security see The love with which Thou hast face to face in Thy glorious loved us ; for His infinite majesty, and enjoy Thy premerits; through His Incarna- sence in the Kingdom of tion, His birth, His circum. eternal Light; where, with the cision, His tears, His labours, Father and the Holy Ghost, His Passion, His Death ; Thou livest and reignest God, through His infinite love, by world without end. Amen. which He did and suffered so much for us, have mercy upon Thy Church, upon all prodos, H AIL! saving Victim, of

fered for me, and for Princes, and people, upon all

all mankind upon the Altar my relations, friends, bene.

of the Cross. O Christ Eterfactors, upon those who have

nal, King, God and Man, commended themselves to my

crucified for man, remember prayers, upon all who afflicted

how Thou wast nailed to the me, offended me, grieved ine, Cross and pierced for me. neglected me, upon all whom

Grant me mercy for the love I have led astray. Have mercy which drew Thee from heaven, upon all here present, O Father

and caused Thee to endure the of mercies, and grant us grace

Cross for the sins of the world. that we may continually please Fount of mercy, ceaselessly Thee in holy love and fear,

flowing, bring my body and and evermore glorify Thee

soul unto everlasting life. with Thy most Beloved Son

Amen. and Thy Holy Spirit, now and throughout ages of ages. Amen.

O LORD, our Heavenly

Father, Almighty and At the Consecration.

Everlasting God, regard, we beseech Thee, the devotion of

Thy humble servants, who do Son of Mary, celebrate the Memorial have mercy on us, and grant which Thy Son our Saviour that as we are now permitted hath commanded to be made to worship Thee hidden under in remembrance of His most the forms of bread and wine ; blessed Passion and Sacrifice

O MERCIFUL, O gracious


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