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my mind with the most sweet, peace, my rejoicing, my sweetmost saving wounds of Thy ness, my food, my refreshment, love, with the true, peaceful, my refuge, my help, my wisholy, Apostolic love, that my dom, my portion, my possessoul may melt for love and sion, my treasure, on Whom longing after Thee; may de- and in Whom my heart and sire Thee, and longing for Thy my soul, may be immovably dwelling-places, may yearn to fixed and rooted, Amen. depart and be with Thee. Grant that my heart may ever THIRD FORM. hunger after Thee, the Bread

Introductory Prayer, of Angels, the refreshment of holy souls, our daily Bread, O our heavenly Bread, containing

health and salvation, in Thyself all sweetness and all grant Thy Priest and us Thy delights, Whom Angels desire people here, to pray to Thee to gaze upon; make my heart with purity of heart, and to to hunger after Thee, to feed receive from Thee salvation of on Thee, and my soul ever to body and soul. Accept the be filled with Thy sweetness. prayers which Thy Universal May my heart thirst for Thee, Church, as with one mouth, the fountain of wisdom and offers unto Thee in the Name knowledge, the fount of eternal of Thine Only-begotten Son. life, the torrent of joy, the Keep us from asking aught fulness of the dwelling, of contrary to Thy holy will, or God. May it search for Thee, Thy honour. Give to us all, seek Thee, find Thee, go after minds and hearts in accordance 'Thee, attain to Thee, think of

with the words of our prayers, Thee, speak of Thee, and do and to Thy Priest grace to all things to the honour and present our united supplication glory of Thy Name, with

before Thee; through the humility and discretion, with same Jesus Christ our Lord, love and delight, with ease and

Amen. affection, with perseverance unto the end : That Thou An Act of Adoration, alone mayest ever be my hope, 0 , my confidence, my riches, my

Jesu Christ, I adore delight, my gladness, my joy, Thee with all my heart; I my rest and tranquillity, my thank Thee with the deepest

devotion of my soul, that Thou wast made man for our sake, of Thy great love didst redeem I believe that for love of us us 'sinners with Thy most Thou didst institute this Sa. precious Blood; and as a crament at Thy last supper, token of this love and a pledge giving us Thy very Body and of eternal glory, hast with Blood to be our food; and Divine wisdom, power, and then, being made obedient goodness, given us Thy most ụnto death, didst offer Thyself precious Body and Blood. as a sacrifice upon the Cross

for us.

An Act of Contrition,

Act of Hope.
OE is me, O God, that

I have lived until this WHEREFORE I trust in day in a manner so unworthy of my vocation, and have so Thee with perfeet confidence, often offended Thee by my O Lord, because Thou hast sins, and especially by

done and suffered so much for O God, I grieve for these For what good thing, O offences of mine, and propose God, wilt Thou refuse us, Who to serve Thee better for the hast loved us so as to give future,

Thyself for us?

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Act of Faith.

Act of Love I BELIEVE, O Jesu, with | I LOVE Thee, O Jesu; and all my heart, that God

forth the Father, Himself infinitely love Thee with all my heart, blessed, powerful, and perfect, with all my mind, with all my and lacking nothing, of His soul, with all my strength, if infinite mercy so loved the Thou wilt give me grace to world that He gave Thee, His Only-begotten Son, to be our Saviour. I believe that Thou: BLE

LESSED be the Holy the equal of the Father in all Trinity, the undivided things, on account of Thy im- Unity : we give thanks unto mense love, didst descend from Thee, O God, for Thou hast the bosom of the Father, into shown forth Thy mercy upon the womb of the Virgin, and us. Glory be to the Father,

do so.


Who created us. Glory be to

After the Creed. the Son, Who redeemed us.


O Glory be to the Holy Ghost, STRENGTHEN Who sanctifieth us. Glory to

Heavenly King, in the

confession of the Holy Faith; the most High and undivided Trinity, our Lord God, for

that we may hold fast the

sacred doctrines of the true reever and ever. Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy and

ligion; and keep us under Thy Immortal, have mercy upon

Divine protection, that, living innocently by Thy grace, we

may be admitted at last to the Before the Epistle.

good things provided in the

dwelling-places of Thy Saints, ET TERNAL Wisdom of the where faith is lost in sight;

Father, grant that we may through Jesus Christ our Lord. go from grace to grace with Amen. humble steps, and toiling in this vale of tears may rise from At the Offertory. butimitating those who walked


Word Co-eternal with in Thy sacred paths; Who

the Eternal Father, and with livest and reignest God, world

the Holy Ghost, great High without end. Amen.

Priest, Bread which camest

down from Heaven, and hast Before the Gospel.

saved our souls from destrucO

tion: Who gavest Thyself as a us to hearken with love Lamb without spot for the and reverence to the words of life of the world: we pray Thee Thy holy Gospel ; plant them and implore Thee, O Lord, in our hearts; give us under- Lover of men, accept this standing minds to keep them Bread and this Cup, which is continually in our memory, set forth on Thy Holy Table, and continually to live accord- where Angels worship and ing to them; that, they being Archangels hymn Thee, and our light and our guide, we Thy Priests serve Thee: to may at length attain to Thy the glory of Thy Name and Heavenly Kingdom ; Who the renewing of our souls : livest and reignest God, world according to Thy grace, and without end. Amen.

niercy, and love, to Whom, with the Father and the Holy | is Thine Only-begotten Son Ghost, we ascribe all honour our Lord Jesus Christ, be. and power, now and for ever. fore all worlds ineffably begotAmen.

ten of Thee. Holy is Thy

Spirit, all holy, searching out RANT, we beseech Thee, all things, even the deep things

Almighty God, that this of God, by Whom all things our oblation may be pleasing which Thou hast created in and acceptable unto Thee. heaven and earth are sanctified. Spare and pardon all those Amen. who offer unto Thee, and all those for whom they offer and make supplication. Bless and

Before the Consecration.


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which we offer to the honour and the Bishop of our and glory of Thy Name: have souls, Who didst offer Thyself mercy upon Thy people: hear to God the Father on the Altar onr prayer, and grant us for- of the Cross, a pure and immagiveness of our sins: through culate Victim for us wretched Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. sinners, and hast left us Thy

true Flesh and Blood in this Look mercifully, O Lord,

adorable mystery, effected by upon Thy people who

Thy Divine omnipotence, and offer unto Thee the incense of

commanded to be offered in their devotion; be merciful,

remembrance of our salvation: and spare us. Let Thine

By the same Almighty power, anger cease from us; be near

I beseech Thee grant that I us, O God; and grant that our

may worthily remember Thy lives may present unto Thee a

blessed Incarnation, Death, and of eternity;

Passion ; Thy wounds, Thy through Jesus Christ our Lord.

sorrows and tears, the precious Amen.

drops of Thy Blood, and Thy

infinite love to mankind, and After the Sanctus.

may offer and resign myself,

with all that I am or have, to HOLY art Thou, King of OLY art Thou, King of Thy praise and glory. To

the Saints, Author of Thee I commend my soul and Holiness ; 'Thou art Almighty, body, my thoughts, words, blessing the holy gifts. Holy | and actions; most humbly be



seeching Thee to have mercy might offer Himself up to Thee upon me, and on all those for

a most pure, holy, and accept, whom I am bound to pray.

able sacrifice for our sins, and Give grace to the living, peace thereby purge our wicked and rest to the departed, to all consciences from all spots of mercy and life overlasting, uncleanness. By this Thy Amen.

exceeding great love to us,

and by these most hitter tor. After the Consecration. ments of Thy Son our Saviour,

we humbly beseech Thee, conALL hail ! true. Body of tinually to impart to us the

Christ born of the Virgin fruits of the redemption, that Mary: truly slain and offered

we may daily die to the world, on the Cross for mankind :

and be crucified to the Justs Whose side, pierced with a

and desires of the flesh, and spear, yielded water and blood.

live to Thee alone during our O sweet Jesu, O good Jesu, Son whole life; that in the end we of the Eternal God, Son of

may rejoice everlastingly in Mary, have mercy upon me, Thy Kingdom : where, with and vouchsafe that I may re: Thine eternal Son and the ceive Thee at the hour of my Holy Ghost, Thou livest and death.

reignest one God, world with, All hail ! most precious and out end. Amen, sacred Blood, which, Aowing from the side of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, washing

Aets of Adoration. away the sins of the world. Cleanse me, o Christ, sanc,

O ,

Who didst take this Thy tify and preserve my soul, I

most sacred Body and Blood beseech Thee, to everlasting from the flesh and blood of the life.

Blessed Virgin Mary, and didst shed this Thy Blood for us on

the Altar of the Cross, and God, merciful Father, with this holy body didst rise that Thou didst vouchsafe to from the dead and ascend into send Thy Only begotten Son heaven, and art about to come Jesus Christ, to die for us again at the end of the world sinners even the most shameful to judge both the quick and death of the Cross, that He the dead, Deliver me, by this

We thank Thee, O Lord

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