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come. Thy will be done in

unworthy, through our mani. earth, As it is in Heaven. fold sins, to offer unto Thee Give us this day our daily any sacrifice, yet we beseech bread. And forgive us our Thee to accept this our bounden trespasses, As we forgive them duty and service; not weighthat trespass against us. And ing our merits, but pardoning lead us not into temptation ; our offences, through Jesus But deliver us from evil: For Christ our Lord; by Whom, Thine is the kingdom, The and with whom, in the unity power, and the glory, For of the Holy Ghost, all honour ever and ever, Amen.

and glory be unto Thee, O

Father Almighty, world withAfter shall be said as fol

out end. Amen. loweth.

Or this. O LORD and Heavenly

Father, we Thy humble ALMIGHTY and Everliv, servants entirely desire Thy ing God, we most heartily Fatherly goodness mercifully thank 'Thee, for that Thou to accept this our sacrifice of dost vouch safe to feed us, praise and thanksgiving; most who have duly received these humbly, beseeching 'Thee to Holy Mysteries, with the spirigrant, that by the merits and tual food of the most precious death of Thy Son Jesus Christ, Body and Blood of Thy Son and through faith in His our Saviour Jesus Christ; and Blood, we and all Thy whole dost assure us thereby of Thy Church may obtain remission favour and goodness towards uf our sins, and all other bene. us; and that we

are very fits of His Passion. And here members incorporate in the we offer and present unto Thee, mystical Body of Thy Son, O Lord, ourselves, our souls which is the blessed company and bodies, to be a reasonable, of all faithful people; and are holy, and lively sacrifice unto also heirs through hope of Thee; humbly beseeching Thy everlasting kingdom, by Thee, that all we, who are the merits of the most precious partakers of this Holy Com- Death and Passion of Thy munion, may be fulfilled with dear Son. And we

most Thy grace and heavenly bene. humbly, beseech Thee, O diction. And although we be Heavenly Father, so to assist

THE peace of God, which


us with Thy grace, that we Thou only art the Lord ; Thou may continue in that holy only, O Christ, with the Holy fellowship, and do all such Ghost, art most high in the good works as Thou hast pre- glory of God the Father. pared for us to walk in; Amen. through Jesus Christ our Lord, to Whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honour

Then the Priest (or Bishop and glory, world without end.

if he be present) shall lét Amen.

them depart

with this

Blessing. Then shall be said or sang,

passeth all understand

ing, keep your hearts and LORY be to God on high, minds in the knowledge and

and in earth peace, good love of God, and of His Son will towards men. We praise Jesus Christ our Lord: and Thee, we bless Thee, we wor- the blessing of God Almighty, ship Thee, we glorify Thee,

the Father, the Son, and the we give thanks to Thee for

Holy Ghost, be amongst you Thy great glory, O Lord God,

and remain with you always. Heavenly King, God the Fa

Amen. ther Almighty.

O Lord, the Only-begotten Son, Jesu Christ; O Lord

After the Blessing. God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, that takest away

I THANK Thse, O Lord

Jesus, for that Thou hast the sins of the world, have

made me a partaker in this mercy upon us. Thou that

most holy Sacrifice, by which takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.

the memory of Thy most

bitter Passion and Death is Thou that takest away the

renewed. Grant, I beseech sins of the world, receive

Thee, that by the virtue and our prayer. Thou that sittest

operation of these mysteries. at the right hand of God the Father, have mercy upon

I may persevere in faith, hope, and charity, and finally

attain to everlasting lifa, For Thoy only art holy; Amen.



O MOST indulgent


of mercies, and God of

all consolation: Who hast not The following longer Devo- only once given us Thy betions are especially intended for loved Son to die upon the use at Choral Celebrations.

Cross for our Redemption, but

wouldest that this Oblation Introductory Prayers. should daily be renewed in

Thy Church, to renew in us GOD, from

daily the memory of Thy Whom all good works love : Grant us, we beseech and all good prayers do come, Thee, so attentively and revegrant me with recollection, rently to be preseat at this reverence, and devotion, to

adorable mystery, that our take part in this most holy hearts being inflamed with the Sacrifice, which Thy Priest is contemplation of so great love, about to offer to Thy Divine

we may come to be united Majesty, to the honour and to Thee in perfect charity. glory of Thy Name, in memory Through Jesus Christ our of the Death and Passion of

Lord. Amen,
Thy dearly beloved Son Jesus
Christ, and as an act of thanks-
giving for all the benefits

The following Prayer may be which Thou hast poured upon

said when a Gradual, Se. Grant me to obtain Thy

quence, or Alleluia is Sung help and mercy to

.. Ac- between Epistle and Goscept my prayers for my dear

pel. parents, relations, etc., O for my benefactors, instructors, our Lord Jesus Christ; friends, those commended to God of the Patriarchs, God of my prayers, and especially for the Prophets, God of the

and for the faithful Apostles, God of the Martyrs, departed, that Thy most mer- God of the Virgins, God of all ful pity may ever be poured the Faithful, I praise Thee, O forth upon us all. May this Father of Majesty, Who nosv my prayer be pleasing unto in the end of time hast had Thee, O God, for Thy great mercy upon us, sending us mercies' sake; through Jesus Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Christ our Lord. Amen. Lord God and Saviour, born of


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I PRAY Thee,

O Lord, have

the Virgin Mary by the ope- above and all the orders of ration of the Holy Ghost, ac- blessed spirits, humbly adoring cording to the message of the Thee, ceaselessly offer their Archangel Gabriel, and hast praise. In glory they honoui delivered us by the same Thy and praise Thee, O Lord ; and Son from the imminent danger here on earth below man, the of everlasting death.

chiefest of Thy creatures, honours and praises Thee; and

I, too, poor and sinful, desire mercy upon me; judge me also to praise and magnify not according to my works, for Thee, O Lord. O my God, I have not obeyed Thy com- my strength, my praise, help mandments; but have mercy me to praise Thee; give light upon me, who confess all my to my heart, and to my lips sins, 0 Thou Who art the words, that my heart may medilover of repentance. As David tate upon Thy glory, and my prayed to Thee, O Lord, say- tongue may sing of Thy praise ing, For Thy Name's sake, do and honour all the day long. away mine offences, so I, too, And, forasmuch as Thy praise implore Thee, O Lord, to bloc becomes not the lips of sinners, out my sins. Grant me, O and I am a man of unclean Lord, with pure faith, a single lips, cleanse my heart, I pray heart, deep devotion, and con- Thee, from all iniquity; sanctinual charity, to abide sted- tify me both within and with. fast in Thy Church ; deliver out, 0 Almighty Sanctifier me from everlasting fire, and of men, and fit me to sing from the torments which Thou Thy praise. Mercifully achast prepared for the wicked, cept the sacrifice of my lips, through our good and blessed of my mind, and of my heart Lord and Saviour; to Whom, to Thy glory; let it be acwith Thee and the Holy Ghost, ceptable in Thy sight, and be all honour and glory, world ascend up to Thee as a sweetwithout end. Amen.

smelling savour.

May the

sacred thought of Thee conALMIGHTY, Everlasting tinually possess me wholly,

and wholly draw me away and pure of heart, to Thee the to the love of unseen things; spirits and souls of the righ- through Jesus Christ teous, to Thee the citizens Lord. Amen,



Before the Gospel. tolic Faith, spread abroad over

all the world; accepting both O , enlighten mine heart,

those Articles of the Faith of and open the ears of my under

which I have an explicit knowstanding by the grace of the

ledge, and also those, if there

which are in any way Holy Ghost, that I may hear Thy Word with a humble

unknown to me; into which heart, and receive it with an

Faith I was baptized, and in obedient spirit, and finally

which I was born again. To with patience bring forth

this Faith I this day dedicate abundant fruit. Grant that I myself, and pray Thee that I may be truly taught to do may never err by a hair's. what is right, and to avoid

breadth from it. Though the what is wrong ; that by me

whole world, and all the Thy honour and glory may be

world's tyranny were against spread abroad in the earth ; me, yet do not Thou, O Christ,

under Whose banner I fight, that my soul may be saved,

suffer me to break my oath of my ghostly enemies founded, and myself pardoned fidelity; rather than this, bid at Thy judgment-seat, and ad.

me from my station here, and mitted to everlasting felicity.

call me thither where faith Amen.

is lost in sight. And if, by

the temptation of the devil, Act of Faith after the Creed.

or my own ignorance, I have

said or thought anything to ALMIGHTY and Ever the prejudice of this Faith, I

lasting God, I, a wretched would fain recall and amend sinner, do this day before Thy and pray that of Thy grace Divine Majesty renew my I may never again assent to or baptismal vow, and profess commit any such offence. that I believe that Faith which Help me, and pardon my unI promised to Thee at my belief, O God, Who livest and baptism that I would believe; reignest, world without end. confessing with all my heart Amen. that which Thy most dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ taught, At the Offertory. and His bride the Church, inspired by His Spirit, believes, O LORD GOD, Heavenly the one Holy Catholic Apos

Father, I, a poor sinner,


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