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God does is pleasing. There- Have a right intention. Do fore

not communicate from cusCleanse yourself from your tom, nor to please men, nor own sins.

for your own gratification, but Desire God's grace, and


you may receive the Spirit nothing else.

of Christ. Be in charity with Renounce all things dis- God and your neighbour, in pleasing to God.

profound humility, and have a

desire of suffering with Christ. 6.

Have actual devotion. Strive Begin with sincere repent

to pray without distraction.

Be piously and spiritually deance. Consider the greatness of

voted to Christ. Approach God, your own nothingness,

with great reverence the Son the love of God in desiring to

of God, your Creator and Reunite Himself with one so

deemer. Have a great desire vile, and in having suffered so

for this heavenly food. much for you. Consider that you are about

8. to receive Christ, true God

Cleanse yonrself from sin by and true Man, the thrice Holy. an act of contrition.

Approach with a deep sense Cleanse yourself from the of God's Majesty, and great world by an act of resignation. desire.

Cleanse yourself from self Pray humbly for yourself, by an act of humiliation, or for others, and especially for self-abnegation, pardon.

Have a holy hunger for the Keep your mind from ex- Sacrament. ternal things.

Make an intention ; that is,

determine some special 7.

grace or help which you will Have purity of mind. Ab

seek, or on some person for stain from deadly sin, and re



will pent sincerely of past sin. Be free from all hatred and malice. Abhor all impurity. Avoid

Intentions." even the least sins, for they Closer union with God. impede devotion.

Medicine for our sins.

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pray, etc.

Fulfilment of duty to God.
Liberation from adversity,

Desire some special gift from God.

Gratitude for benefits received.

The honour and glory of God.

Help for others.
The Spirit of Christ.

To fix on your soul the memory of the Passion.

Offer yourself to God, that He may do with you as He desires.


Acts of Faith, Hope, Love,

and Contrition. I in ,

Lord Jesu Christ, for Thou art the highest Truth, Who hast said, My Aesh is meat indeed, and My Blood is drink indeed. I hope in Thee, O Infinite Mercy, for Thou in Thy goodness towards us hast promised, If any man eat of this bread he shall live for

I love Thee, O Infinite Goodness, above all things, with the love which is poured into our hearts by Thy Holy Spirit which Thou hast given

And therefore I grieve, with all my heart, for the sins I have committed; I detest them, and intend to avoid them for the future. A broken and contrite heart Thou, God, shalt not despise. Prayer for Grace to Receive





One God, in deepest humility I pray Thee that this Communion s am about to make may be to Thy honour. Give me a loving remembrance of the bitter pains of Christ, thankfulness for all Thy goodness towards me, especially in giving me this most Holy Sacrament, pardon of all my sins, the graces necessary for my salvation, especially love and perseverance; and grant my oblation of myself to Thee to be full and perfect, even as my Saviour gave Himself entirely for me; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


all Thy mercies, to grant me ever with faith, reverence, and thankfulness, to be present at this awful Sacrifice, this great Mystery, this wonderful Gift of Thy love; now and ever to receive this Sacrament with pure heart and deep devotion; to live charitably, humbly, meekly, patiently, in the state of grace to which

needs, protection from my enemies, and advancement in the spiritual life. Finally, by this Holy Sacrament, make me one with Thee, Who livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

Thou hast been pleased to call me of Thy great mercy, to Thy glory, the good of Thy Church, and the salvation of my soul. Therefore I pray Thee, by Thy Holy Body and Thy Sacred Blood, liberate me from all evil affections, from

.., and from all that can hinder the operation of this holy Sacrament, and unite me closely to Thee, that I may taste of Thy sweetness, and be made one with Thee in spirit, that I may abide in Thee and Thou in me, that nothing may ever separate me from Thee. Amen.


O JESU, I implore Thee,

by that ineffable love which caused Thee to suffer for me, and to endure an ignominious death, purify me from all my sins, and adorn my soul with every virtue, and give me Thy grace, that I may receive this Holy Sacrament with such humility and reverence, with such fear and trembling, with such sorrow, and such repentance for my sins, and with such love as this august Mystery demands.

O God, to approach Thy Table as I ought, that I may receive healing of all my infirmities, help in all my

O MOST sweet and loving

Whom sire devoutly to receive, Thou knowest both my needs and my weakness, in how great evils and sins I am involved, how I am tempted, troubled, and disquieted. I come to Thee for healing, for consolation, for help. I cry to Thee Who knowest all things, to Whom all the secrets of my heart are known, Who alone canst help me and comfort me. Thou knowest what I most need, and how poor I am in all goodness.

Behold, I kneel before Thee, poor and naked, asking lot grace and praying for mercy. Refresh the hunger of my soul, warm my coldness with the fire of Thy love, lighten my darkness with the brightness of Thy Presence. Turn from me the love of all earthly things, and make them distasteful to me; give me pa. tience in all pain and contradiction, give me contempt and forgetfulness of all tran

Grant me,

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sitory and inferior things. Lift up my heart to heaven, and unto Thyself, and suffer it not to wander away from Thee. From this time forward be 'Thou my only pleasure for all eternity, for Thou alone art *he food of my soul, my whole love, joy, sweetness, and my all for evermore.

I would, O God, that 'Thou wouldest wholly possess me with Thy Presence, that I might become one with Thee in spirit, being inwardly united to Thee, and joined to Thee by love. Suffer me not to go away from Thee empty and unaided, but work within me according

Thy mercy, Make me wholly Thine, and deliver me entirely from myself, Who art the fire of love ever burning, and never failing, purifying the heart and lighttening the mind; Who livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

Then add prayers for any special grace or need, one or more of the prayers before Communion, page 157, and conclude with the Lord's Prayer.


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and that is enough. Without How great was Thy love, OW

Thee all consolation is empty, O most loving Jesu,

without Thee I cannot exist, when about to leave this world without Thy visitation I cannot and to go to the Father: Thou live, without Thee I dare not didst prepare for us this Thy die. Table, able to content every

Humility. man's delights, and containing in itself all sweetness. For INFINITE, Almighty, Iuthis Thine ineffable loving

comprehensible God, Who kindness I love Thee, O my

art Thou, and who am I, that God, and that I may never

Thou shouldest come to me, cease to love Thee, inflame

bid me to Thy Table, and

dwell within me? my heart with Thy love, Who

O God, I Thyself art Love.

am not worthy that Thou

shouldest enter under my roof, Desire.

but say the word only, and

my soul shall be healed. after the water brooks, Add prayers for any special so longeth my soul after Thee, grace you need: one of the my Saviour, my God, Lord Prayers before. Communion, Jesu. Give Thyself to me,

page 157, and Our Father.


TION OF THE HOLY COMMUNION. The following Devotions for to afford suitable devotions to use during the Celebration of the those who cannot join in a muHOLY COMMUNION, are so ar- sical service, and prefer to fill up ranged as to supply Prayers the time during the singing with enough for every possible pause appropriate Prayers. Prayers in the Service, and so as rather with especial reference to Conimu. to give too many Prayers than nior, which may be added to any too few. All seven forms are of the forms, are, for convenience, arranged on the same plan, so put together at the end of all, page that the various parts can be in

157. terchanged. The Communion Service itself is printed with the first form. The Second Form is longer than the rest, and contain

and of the Son, and of ing, it is hoped, sufficient Prayers e Holy Ghost. Amen.

IN the Name of the Father,

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