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Strona 262 - From the results o( his different experiments, conducted with the most unexceptionable precision, it is demonstrated, that diamond affords no other substance by its combustion than pure carbonic acid gas ; and that the process is merely a solution of diamond in oxygen, without any change in the volume of the gas.
Strona 248 - I have read, the world of the moon is described to be ; yet withal it was a brain of magnificent formation. The powers abused to evil had been originally of rare order; imagination, and scope; the energies that dare : the faculties that discover. But the moral part of the brain had failed to dominate the mental. Defective veneration of what is good or great ; cynical disdain of what is right and just ; in fine, a great intellect first misguided, then perverted, and now falling with the decay of the...
Strona 311 - in an obscure suburb of Aleppo that I at length met with the wonderful man from whom I have acquired a knowledge immeasurably more profound and occult than that which may be tested in the experiments to which I have devoted so large a share of this memoir. Haroun of Aleppo had, indeed, mastered every secret in nature which the nobler, or theurgic, magic seeks to fathom. " He had discovered the great Principle of Animal Life, which had hitherto baffled the subtlest anatomist; provided only that the...
Strona 346 - ... more than beautiful, so courted, so idolized by women, yet no tale of seduction, of profligacy, attached to his name! As to his antecedents, he had so frankly owned himself a natural son, a nobody, a traveller, an idler; his expenses, though lavish, were so unostentatious, so regularly defrayed; he was so •wholly the reverse of the character assigned to criminals, that it seemed as absurd to bring a charge of homicide against a butterfly or a goldfinch as against this seemingly innocent and...
Strona 134 - But I had proved to my own satisfaction that poet and sage are dust, and no more, when the pulse ceases to beat. And on that consolatory conclusion my pen stopped. Suddenly, beside me I distinctly heard a sigh — a compassionate, mournful sigh. The sound was unmistakable. I started from my seat, looked round, amazed to discover no one — no living thing ! The windows were closed, the night was still. That sigh was not the wail of the wind. But there, in the darker angle of the room, what was that?...
Strona 164 - ... most likely to summon me at so unseasonable an hour, a shadow darkened my window. I looked up, and to my astonishment beheld the brilliant face of Mr. Margrave. The sash to the door was already partially opened ; he raised it higher, and walked into the room. " Was it you who rang at the street door, and at this hour ?
Strona 259 - Then pray what dull theme did you select to set me asleep there ? " I looked hard at him, and made no reply. Somewhat to my relief, I now heard my host's voice : "Why, Fen wick, what has become of Sir Philip Derval ? " " He has left ; he had business.
Strona 183 - A little urchin, not above six years old, but who was lame, began to cry; he could not run, — he should be left behind. Margrave stooped. " Climb on my shoulder, little one, and I '11 be your horse." The child dried its tears, and delightedly obeyed. "Certainly," said I to myself, "Margrave, after all, must have a nature as gentle as it is simple.

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