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dear Hollane

This nich he arranted to me my friend fast of Medinin f Malmin - who at my iegnut-wich in's

as then ber of the Grech lemmittee = truchce hun elp & and enhlain same Llans

same clans that Le har funned with regard to fins

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all cifanted.

I need not ony nare

than that attention to him wichs he othrearted B additional ethigatia

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you ener To N. Heh hans bogel

N. R.
M. R.


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Published by Henry Thurn, 1 natin , 23 1824

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The Publisher of this Work thinks it proper to state, that he felt desirous of suggesting to the Author, who is abroad, the suppression of certain passages ; but, finding that these, among various others, had been extracted, with the Author's

permission, from the original Manuscript before it came into his possession, and also that they have now appeared in print, he has no longer considered it necessary to urge their suppression in the present Volume.

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