Scotticisms in Grammar and Vocabulary: 'Like Runes Upon a Standin' Stane'?

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John Donald, 2005 - 178
Scotticisms in Grammar and Vocabulary investigates the historical development of the (mainly sociolinguistic) phenomena which favoured a process of increasing anglicisation in Late Modern Scots, leading many speakers and writers to strenuous attempts to avoid pronunciations, syntactic forms and lexical items that were restricted either from the geographical of the social point of view. These attempts, however, were never quite successful, and the influence of Scots on the distinctiveness of present-day Scottish English is still very clearly discernible. main features of contemporary Scottish Standard English are discussed. These chapters are followed by an analysis of the concept of 'Scotticism' from the historical point of view. Special prominence is given to the eighteenth century; the role of the most important prescriptive grammarians is described, together with an assessment of the ambiguous sociolinguistic attitudes that Scotticisms provoked at the turn of the century, when new literary figures returned status to 'the vernacular'. Finally, the nineteenth century is taken into consideration. This, in turn, leads back to contemporary language, in order to discuss the ways in which items have changed their status, from 'proscribed Scotticisms' to 'covert' or 'overt Scotticisms', worthy of stylistic consideration, and still employed as highly valuable tools of expression.

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The Languages of PresentDay Scotland
Scotticisms Today
Convergence and Distinctiveness
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