Diablo Adventure Game

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Wizards of the Coast, 1 kwi 2000 - 48
The Dungeons & Dragons Diablo II Adventure Game is the perfect bridge between computer and paper-based RPGs. Using the award-winning D&D rules and the best-selling Diablo II setting, this boxed set contains everything needed to start playing now. It features a rules book, a book of quests, monsters from the world of Diablo II, five ready-to-play heroes from the computer game, dice, and quest tiles so you can build each adventure as you play.

This product is designed by award-winning game designers Jeff Grubb & Bill Slavicsek, and has fantastic art by rk post.

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Informacje o autorze (2000)

Bill Slavicsek has been a game designer since 1986 and leads the creative effort for Wizards of the Coast.

Richard Baker is a game developer and author of five "Forgotten Realms" novels.

Jeff Grubb writes novels, designs games, and creates worlds. He lives in Seattle.

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