Byron and the Abbey: A Few Remarks Upon the Poet, Elicited by the Rejection of His Statue by the Dean of Westminster, with Suggestions for the Erection of a National Edifice to Containe the Monuments of Our Great Men

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Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1838 - 34

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Strona 20 - Agedum, pauca accipe contra. Primum ego me illorum, dederim quibus esse poe'tis, Excerpam numero : neque enim concludere versum 40 Dixeris esse satis ; neque si qui scribat uti nos Sermoni propiora, putes hunc esse poetam. Ingenium cui sit, cui mens divinior atque os Magna sonaturum, des nominis hujus honorem.
Strona 14 - Who ne in virtue's ways did take delight; But spent his days in riot most uncouth, And vex'd with mirth the drowsy ear of Night.
Strona 14 - And vex'd with mirth the drowsy ear of Night. Ah me ! in sooth he was a shameless wight, Sore given to revel and ungodly glee ; Few earthly things found favour in his sight Save concubines and carnal companie, And flaunting wassailers of high and low degree.
Strona 25 - When the vain ti-iumph of the imperial lord, " Whom servile Rome obey'd, and yet abhorr'd, " Gave to the vulgar gaze each GLORIOUS BUST, " That left a likeness of the brave, or just; " What most admired each scrutinizing eye " .Of all that deck'd that passing pageantry? " What spread from face to face the wondering air? *' The thought of Brutus—for his was not there! " That absence proved his worth,—that absence fix'd " His memory on the longing mind, unmix'd; " And more decreed his glory to...

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