Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

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Kregel Academic, 1969 - 220
Devotional, practical, and Christ-centered, the "Ironside Expository Commentary Series "offers insightful and practical comments that bring out the essential truths of God's Word. All volumes present the unabridged text in a newly typeset edition. A perfect resource for preaching and teaching from the English text of the Bible, these commentaries also provide the general reader with an excellent resource for personal study and spiritual growth.

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The Great Bible Reading Nehemiah 8
The Word and Prayer Nehemiah 9
The New Start Nehemiah 10
A Willing People Nehemiah 11
The Dedication of the Wall Nehemiah 12
Vigilance Versus Declension Nehemiah 13
Preface to the Second Edition

The March of Faith Ezra 8
The Breakdown by Amalgamation Ezra 9
Humiliation and Lifting Up Ezra 10
Preface to the Second Edition
an Exercised Man Nehemiah 1
The Failed Testimony Nehemiah 2
The Gates of Jerusalem Nehemiah 3
Soldier Servants Nehemiah 4
Internal Strife Nehemiah 5
Plots and Snares Nehemiah 6
Restoring Order Nehemiah 7
The Royal Feast and the Divorce of Vashti Esther 1
the Choice of Esther and the Treason Thwarted Esther 2
The Wrath of the Amalekite and the Decree of Doom Esther 3
In Sackcloth and Ashes Esther 4
The Scepter of Grace the Banquet and the Gallows Esther 5
A Sleepless Night and its Results Esther 6
The Second Banquet and the Amalekites End Esther 7
The Despised Man Exalted and the Decree of Grace Esther 8
The Deliverance Esther 9119
The Institution of Purim Esther 92032
Speaking Peace Esther 10

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