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præterquam a Septuagesima usque ad Sabbatum sanctum, cujus loco tunc dicitur : Laus tibi, Domine, Rex æternæ gloriæ.

tuagesima to Holy Saturday, when, instead of Alleluia, is said : Praise be to thee, O Lord, King of everlasting glory.


Invitatory. A VE María, grátia plena, Hail Mary, full of grace, the A Dóminus tecum. Re- | Lord is with thee. Repeated. petitur. Ave Maria, &c. Hail Mary, &c.


FSALM XCIV. VENITE, exultémus Dó- O come, let us sing unto the

mino, jubilémus Deo Lord, let us rejoice before God salutári nostro: præoccupé our Saviour: let us come into mus fáciem ejus in confes- his presence with thanksgiving, sióne, et in psalmis jubilé. | and with psalms rejoice before mus ei.

him. Ave Maria, grátia plena, Hail Mary, full of grace, the Dóminus tecum.

Lord is with thee. Quóniam Deus magnus For the Lord is a great God, Dóminus, et Rex magnus and a great King above all gods : super omnes Deos : quóni. | the Lord will not cast off his am non repellet Dóminus

people; in his hands are all the plebem suam, quia in manu

ends of the earth, and he beejus sunt omnes fines terræ, et altitúdines móntium ipse holdeth the heights of the mounconspicit.

tains. Dóminus tecum,

The Lord is with thee. Quóniam ipsius est mare, The sea is his, and he made et ipse fecit illud, et áridam it, and his hands founded the fundavérunt manus ejus. | dry land: come, let us adore Veníte, adorémus et proci. and fall down before God; let dámus ante Deum; plore-us lament before the Lord who mus coram Dómino, qui fecit made us ; for he is the Lord o nos, quia ipse est Dominus God: we are his people, and the Deus noster, nos autem pópu

sheep of his pasture, lus ejus et oves páscuæ ejus. Ave Maria, &c.

| Hail Mary, &c.

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Hódie si vocem ejus audi- 1 To-day if ye shall hear his éritis, nolíte obduráre corda voice, harden not your hearts, vestra, sicut in exacerba- as in the provocation, and as in tióne secúndum diem ten

the day of temptation in the tationis in deserto, ubi ten

wilderness; where your fathers tavérunt me patres vestri, probavérunt me, et vidérunt

tempted me, proved, and saw ópera mea.

my works. Dóminus tecum.

The Lord is with thee. Quadraginta annis próxi- Forty years long was I nigh mus fui generationi huic, et unto this generation, and said : dixi: Semper hi errant cor- They do always err in their de: Ipsi vero non cognové heart: for they have not known runt vias meas, quibus ju- | my ways: unto whom I sware rávi in ira mea, si introíbunt in my wrath, that they should in réquiem meam.

not enter into my rest. Ave María, grátia plena, Hail Mary, full of grace, the Dóminus tecum.

Lord is with thee. Gloria Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c. Dóminus tecum.

The Lord is with thee. Ave Maria, &c.

Hail Mary, &c.

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Beáta Mater múnere O Mother blest! to whom was Cujus supérnus Artifex

given Mundum pugillo continens, The Architect of earth and hea

Within thy body to contain Ventris sub arca clausus est.


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convértens ánimas ;* testi- | defiled, converting souls : the mónium Dómini fidéle, sa-testimony of the Lord is faithpiéntiam præstans párvu-ful, giving wisdom unto little lis,

ones. Justítiæ Dómini rectæ, 9 The statutes of the Lord are lætificantes corda;* præcép right, rejoicing the heart : the tum Dómini lúcidum, illú commandment of the Lord is minans óculos.

clear, enlightening the eyes. Timor Dómini sanctus, 10 The fear of the Lord is hopermanens in sæculum sæ. ly, enduring for ever and ever: culi;* judicia Dómini vera, the judgments of the Lord are justificata in semetípsa. true, justified in themselves.

Desiderabília super aurum 11 More to be desired are et lápidem pretiosum mul they than gold, and all precious tum;* et dulcióra super mel stones : sweeter also than honey et favum.

and the honeycomb. Etenim servus tuus custó- 12 For thy servant keepeth dit ea;* in custodiendis illis them : and in keeping them retributio multa.

there is great reward. Delícta quis intélligit? Ab 13 Who understandeth sins? occultis meis munda me:* cleanse thou me from my secret et ab aliénis parce servo tuo. |

faults : and from the sins of

others spare thy servant. Si mei non fúerint do- 14 If they have had no domináti, tunc immaculatus | minion over me, then shall I be ero:# et emundábor a de- | undefiled: and shall be cleansed licto máximo.

from the greatest sin. Et erunt ut compláceant 15 And the words of my elóquia oris mei ;* et medi- | mouth shall be pleasing to thee : tátio cordis mei in conspectu and the meditation of my heart tuo semper.

shall be always in thy sight. Dómine, adjútor meus:* 16 O Lord, my helper : and et redémptor meus. Glória. my redeemer. Glory, &c.



DOMINI est terra, et ple- ! i The earth is the Lord's, and

nitúdo ejus;* orbis ter. the fulness thereof : the compass

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