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Beátus vir, qui implevit 6 Blessed is the man whose desidérium suum ex ipsis :* desire is satisfied with them : non confundétur, cum lo- he shall not be confounded, quétur inimícis suis in when he speaketh with his eneporta.

mies in the gate. Glória Patri.

Glory, &c.

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mundi, intercede pro nobis | the world, intercede for us with ad Dóminum.

the Lord. Cap. Eccli. xxiv.-Ab ini- Chap. Ecclus. xxiv. - From tio et ante sæcula creata the beginning, and before the sum, et usque ad futurum world, was I created, and unto

the world to come ( shall not sæculum non desinam; et

cease to be, and in the holy in habitatione sancta coram

dwelling-place I have minisipso ministravi.

tered before him. Ry. Deo grátias.

Ry. Thanks be to God.

AVE, maris stella,
A Dei Mater alma,
Atque semper Virgo,
Felix celi porta.

Sumens illud Ave
Gabriélis ore,
Funda nos in pace,
Mutans Hevæ nomen.

Solve vincla reis,
Profer lumen cæcis
Mala nostra pelle,
Bona cuncta posce.

Monstra te esse matrem, Sumat per te preces, Qui pro nobis natus, Tulit esse tuus.

Virgo singuláris,
Inter omnes mitis,
Nos culpis solútos,
Mites fac et castos.

Vitam præsta puram,
Iter para tutum,
Ut vidéntes Jesum,
Semper collætémur.

Sit laus Deo Patri,
Summo Christo decus,

Hail, thou Star of ocean!

Portal of the sky!
Ever Virgin Mother

Of the Lord most high! Oh! by Gabriel's Ave,

Utter'd long ago, Eva's name reversing,

Stablish peace below. Break the captive's fetters;

Light on blindness pour; All our ills expelling,

Every bliss implore. Shew thyself a Mother;

Offer him our sighs, Who for us incarnate

Did not thee despise. Virgin of all virgins !

To thy shelter take us: Gentlest of the gentle !

Chaste and gentle make us. Still, as on we journey,

Help our weak endeavour, Till with thee and Jesus

We rejoice for ever. Through the highest heaven,

To the Almighty Three,

Siprítui Sancto,

1 Father, Son, and Spirit, Tribus honor unus.

One same glory be. Amen. . Ora pro nobis, sancta ř. Pray for us, O holy Mother Dei Génitrix.

of God. Ry. Ut digni efficiamur Ry. That we may be made promissiónibus Christi. worthy of the promises of Christ. Ant. Sancta Maria.

Ant. Holy Mary.


Lucre i.

Luke i. MAGNIFICAT * ánima 1 My soul doth magnify : the mea Dóminum.

Lord. Et exultávit spíritus me. I 2 And my spirit hath rejoiced : us* in Deo salutári meo. in God my Saviour.

Quia respexit humilitatem 3 For he hath regarded the ancillæ suæ :* ecce enim ex | lowliness of his handmaid : for hoc beátam me dicent om- / behold from henceforth all genes generatiónes.

nerations shall call me blessed. Quia fecit mihi magna, 4 For he that is mighty hath qui potens est ;* et sanc. | done great things unto me : and tum nomen ejus.

holy is his name. Et misericórdia ejus a 5 And his mercy is from geprogénie in progénies,* ti neration to generation : unto méntibus eum.

them that fear him. Fecit poténtiam in brachio 6 He hath shewed strength suo ;* dispérsit supérbos with his arm : he hath scattered mente cordis sui.

the proud in the imagination of

their heart. Depósuit poténtes de 7 He hath put down the sede, * et exaltávit humiles.

mighty from their seat : and

hath exalted the humble. Esurientes implevit bo- 8 He hath filled the hungry nis, * et dívites dimisit iná- | with good things : and the rich nes.

| he hath sent empty away. Suscépit Israel púerum 9 He hath upholden his sersuum,* recordatus miseri- vant Israel : being mindful of eórdiæ suæ,

his mercy.

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Ad Magnificat.

At the Magnificat. Ant. Sancta Maria, suc- Ant. Holy Mary, succour the curre miseris; juva pusil- afflicted, help the fainthearted, lanimes: refove flebiles : | comfort the sorrowing, pray for ora pro populo: interveni the people, intercede for the pro clero : intercede pro clergy, and for the devout fe. devoto femineo sexu.

male sex.


Prayer. CONCEDE nos famulos! Vouchsafe, O Lord God, we

tuos quæsumus, Do- beseech thee, to us, thy servants, mine Deus, perpetua mentis that we may enjoy perpetual et corporis sanitate gaudere; health of mind and body; and et gloriosa beatæ Mariæ by the glorious intercession of semper Virginis interces blessed Mary ever Virgin, may sione a præsenti liberari tris be delivered from present sadtitia, et æterna perfrui læ ness, and come to the fruition of titia. Per Dominum nos eternal joys. Through our Lord trum Jesum, &c.

Jesus Christ. R%. Amen. Et cetera ut R%. Amen, &c., as at Lauds. supra ad Laudes. Quando Offic. B. V. dicitur | When the Offic. B. V. is said with

cum Officio diei, Comple the Office of the day, the Comtorium B. V. incipiatur pline of B. V. begins after the post benedictionem de Com blessing of the Compline of the pletorio diei.


COMPLINE. Ave Maria, &c. Hail Mary. CONVERTE nos, Deus ř. Convert thou us, o God salutáris noster,

our Saviour. RY. Et avérte iram tuam R7. And turn away thine anger a nobis.

from us.

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