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A Septuag. usque ad Fec| From Verners on Saturday before riam v. in cæna Domini, Septuag'sima Sunday till None loco Alleluia dicitur :

on Easter Saturday, instead of

Alleluia is said : Laus tibi, Domine, Rex Praise be to thee, O Lord, æternæ gloriæ.

King of eternal glory. Ant. Beata mater.

Ant. Blessed Mother.

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PSALM cxii. T AUDATE, púeri, Dómi. 1 1 Praise the Lord, ye children: 1 num;* laudáte nomen praise ye the name of the Lord. Dómini.

Sit nomen Dómini bene 2 Blessed be the name of the dictum,* ex hoc nunc, et Lord: from this time forth for usque in sæculum.

evermore. A solis ortu usque ad oc

3 From the rising up of the cásum,* laudábile nomen

sun unto the going down of the

same: the name of the Lord is Dómini.

worthy to be praised. Excélsus super omnes 4 The Lord is high above all gentes Dóminus, * et super nations: and his glory above celos glória ejus.

the heavens. Quis sicut Dóminus Deus 5 Who is like unto the Lord noster, qui in altis hábitat, * our God, who dwelleth on high : et humília réspicit in cælo

and regardeth the things that

are lowly in heaven and in et in terra ?

earth? Suscitans a terra ino 6 Who raiseth up the needy pem,* et de stércore érigens from the earth : and lifteth the. pauperem.

poor from off the dunghill : Ut cóllocet eum cum 7 That he may set him with principibus,* cum princípi the princes ; even with the bus pópuli sui.

princes of his people. Qui habitáre facit stéri- | 8 Who maketh the barren lem in domo,* matrem filio woman to dwell in her house : rum lætántem.

the joyful mother of children. Glória Patri.

Glory, &c.

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tribus, tribus Dómini;* tes- | up, the tribes of the Lord : the timónium Israel, ad confi- testimony of Israel, to praise the téndum nómini Dómini. name of the Lord.

Quia illic sedérunt sedes 5 For there are set the seats in judicio,* sedes super do of judgment: the seats over the mum David.

house of David. Rogáte quæ ad pacem 6 Pray ye for the things that sunt, Jerúsalem ;* et abun are for the peace of Jerusalem : dántia diligentibus te. and plenteousness be to them

Fiat pax in virtúte tua,* that love thee. et abundántia in turribus 7 Let peace be in thy strength: tuis.

and plenteousness in thy towers. Propter fratres meos et 8 For my brethren and compróximos meos,* loquébar panions' sake : I spake peace pacem de te.

concerning thee. Propter domum Dómini 9 Because of the house of the Dei nostri,* quæsivi bona | Lord our God: I have sought tibi.

good things for thee. Glória Patri.

Glory, &c.

NISI Dóminus ædificável Unless the Lord build the
I rit domum, * in vanum house: they labour in vain that
laboravérunt qui ædificant

build it. eam.

Nisi Dóminus custodierit ! 2 Unless the Lord keep civitátem, * frustra vígilat city : he watcheth in vain that qui custódit eam.

keepeth it. Vanum est vobis ante lu- 3 In vain ye rise before the cem surgere : * súrgite post light : rise not till ye have restquam sedéritis, qui mandu ed, 0 ye that eat the bread of cátis panem dolóris.

sorrow. Cum déderit dilectis suis 4 When he hath given sleep somnum: * ecce hæréditas to his beloved : lo, children are Dómini, fílii; merces, fruc an heritage from the Lord, and tus ventris.

the fruit of the womb a reward. Sicut sagittæ in manu po 5 Like as arrows in the hand téntis, * ita filii excussó-of the mighty one : so are the

children of those who have been rum.

cast out.

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