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PSALM CXXIV. QUI confidunt in Dómino, i They who trust in the Lord

sicut mons Sion : * non shall be as Mount Sion: he shall commovebitur in ætérnum, not be moved for ever that dwellqui hábitat in Jerúsalem. eth in Jerusalem.

Montes in circúitu ejus;* 2 The hills are round about et Dóminus in circúitu pó- / her: even so is the Lord round puli sui, ex hoc nunc, et about his people, from this time usque in sæculum.

forth for evermore. Quia non relinquet Dó- ! 3 For the Lord will not leave minus virgam peccatórum the rod of sinners upon the lot super sortem justorum ;* of the just: that the just stretch ut non exténdant justi ad not forth their hands to iniquity. iniquitátem manus suas. 4 Do well, O Lord, to those

Benefac, Dómine, bonis,* that are good : and to the right et rectis corde.

of heart. Declinantes autem in ob- 5 But such as turn aside unto

| deceits, the Lord shall number nus cum operántibus ini with the workers of iniquity: quitátem:* pax super Is peace upon Israel. rael. Glória Patri.

Glory, &c. Ant. In odorem unguen Ant. We run to the odour of tórum tuórum currimus; thy ointments : the young maidadolescentulæ dilexérunt te ens have loved thee exceednimis.


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et in plenitudine sanctó- abode is in the full assembly of rum deténtio mea.

R7. Deo grátias.

Ry. Thanks be to God. Ry. Post partum Virgo* R7. After childbirth thou reinvioláta permansísti. Post | mainest a pure Virgin. After, partum.

&c. Ý. Dei Génitrix, intercéde . Mother of God, intercede pro nobis. Invioláta. Glória. | for us. Thou remainest. Glory. Post partum.

After childbirth. . Speciósa facta es, et ¥. Thou art become beautiful suavis.

and sweet. Ry. In delíciis tuis, sancta R7. In thy delights, O holy Dei Genitrix,

Mother of God.

Prayer. TEUS, qui virginalem au- ! O God, who didst vouchsafe V lam beatæ Mariæ vir- to choose the virginal womb of ginis, in qua habitares, eli- the blessed Virgin Mary as thy gere dignatus es; da quæ habitation; grant us, we beseech sumus, ut sua nos defenthee, that, fortified by her prosione munitos, jucundos tection, we may joyfully assist suæ facias interesse com at her commemoration. Who memorationi. Qui vivis et livest and reignest world withregnas, &c.

out end. Amen. Et cetera, ut supra ad 0 Virgin Mary, &c., as at Laudes, p. 35.

Lauds, p. 35.

Ave Maria.

Hail Mary. 1 EUS, in adjutórium me ř. o God, stretch forth unto um inténde.

mine aid. RY. Dómine, ad adjuván RY. O Lord, make haste to help dum me festína.

me. Ý. Glória Patri.

Y. Glory, &c. RY. Sicut erat. Alleluia. R. As it was, &c. Alleluia. HYMNUS.

HYMN. MEMENTO salátis Auc Remember, &c., as above,

tor. Vide p. 36. p. 36. Ant. Pulchra es.

Ant. Thou art fair.


PSALM CXXV. TN converténdo Dóminus When the Lord turned

captivitátem Sion,* facti again the captivity of Sion : we sumus sicut consoláti.

became like men that are com

forted. Tunc replétum est gaúdio 2 Then was our mouth filled os nostrum, * et lingua nos with gladness : and our tongue tra exultatióne.

with joy. Tunc dicent inter gentes :* 3 Then shall they say among Magnificávit Dóminus fá the gentiles: The Lord hath done cere cum eis.

great things for them. Magnificávit Dóminus fa- 4 The Lord hath done great cere nobíscum : * facti su- things for us : we are become mus lætántes.

very joyful. Convérte, Dómine, cap- 5 Turn again our captivity, tivitátem nostram,* sicuto Lord : as a river in the torrens in Austro.

south. Qui séminant in lacry 6 They that sow in tears : mis, * in exultatióne metent. shall reap in joy.

Eúntes ibant et flebant,* 7 Going on their way they went mitténtes sémina sua. and wept: scattering their seed.

Veniéntes autem vénient 8 But returning they shall cum exultatióne, * portántes come with joyfulness : bringing manípulos suos.

their sheaves with them. Glória Patri.

Glory, &c.


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somnum :* ecce hæréditas , to his beloved : lo, children are Dómini, filii; merces, fruc- an heritage from the Lord, and tus ventris.

the fruit of the womb a reward. Sicut sagittæ in manu 5 Like as arrows in the hand poténtis, * ita filii excus-, of the mighty one : so are the sórum.

children of those who have been

cast out. Beátus vir, qui implévit 16 Blessed is the man whose desidérium suum ex ipsis :* | desire is satisfied with them: he non confundétur, cum lo- | shall not be confounded, when quétur inimícis suis in he speaketh with his enemies in porta. Glória Patri.

the gate. Glory, &c.

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