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CANTICLE OF ZACHARY. RENEDICTUS Dóminus 1 Blessed be the Lord God of D 'Deus Israel:* quia visi- | Israel : for he hath visited, and távit, et fecit redemptiónem wrought the redemption of his plebis suæ.

people. Et erexit cornu salutis 2 And hath raised up a horn nobis, * in domo David púeri of salvation to us : in the house sui.

of his servant David. Sicut locutus est per os 3 As he spake by the mouth sanctórum,* qui a sæculo of his holy prophets : who are sunt, Prophetarum ejus. from the beginning.

Salútem ex inimícis nos 4 Salvation from our enemies: tris, et de manu ómnium and from the hand of all that qui oderunt nos.

hate us. Ad faciendam misericór 5 To perform mercy to our fadiam cum patribus nostris,

thers : and to remember bis holy et memorári testamenti sui sancti.

testament. Jusjurandum, quod jurá- 6 The oath that he sware to vit ad Abraham patrem nos- | Abraham our father : that he trum, * datúrum se nobis : would grant unto us :

Ut sine timóre, de manu 7 That being delivered from inimicorum nostrorum libe the hands of our enemies : we ráti,* serviámus illi,

may serve him without fear, In sanctitate et justitia 1 8 In holiness and justice becoram ipso,* ómnibus diébus fore him : all the days of our nostris.

life. Et tu, puer, Prophéta Al 9 And thou, child, shalt be tíssimi vocáberis;* præibis

called the prophet of the High

est : for thou shalt go before the enim ante fáciem Dómini,

face of the Lord to prepare his paráre vias ejus.

ways. Ad dandam scientiam 1o To give knowledge of salsalútis plebi ejus ;* in remis- | vation unto his people : for the siónem peccatorum eórum. | remission of their sins.

Per víscera misericórdiæ 11 Through the bowels of the Dei nostri;* in quibus visi.

mercy of our God : whereby the

orient from on high hath visited távit nos oriens ex alto.

Illumináre his, qui in té- 12 To enlighten them that sit nebris et in umbra mortis l in darkness, and in the shadow

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sedent;* ad dirigendos pedes nostros in viam pacis.

Glória Patri.

of death : to direct our feet into the way of peace.

Glory, &c.

Ad Benedictus. Ant.

At Benedictus. GLORIOSA Dei Geni- Ant. O glorious Mother of

trix virgo semper Maria, God, Mary ever Virgin, who quæ Dominum omnium me alone hast merited to bear the ruisti portare, et Regem An- Lord of all things, and to nourish gelorum sola virgo lactare: from thy virginal breast the King nostri, quæsumus, pia me of Angels; remember us gramorare, et pro nobis semper ciously, we beseech thee, and Christum deprecare : ut tuis

ever intercede for us with Christ;

that, supported by thy patronage, fulti patrociniis, ad cælestia

we may deserve to arrive at the regna mereamur pervenire. kingdom of heaven. Oratio.

Prayer. DEUS, qui de beatæ Ma- O God, who wast pleased that D riæ Virginis utero Ver- thy Word, at the message of an bum tuum, Angelo nunti angel, should take flesh in the ante, carnem suscipere vo womb of the blessed Virgin luisti; præsta supplicibus | Mary; grant to us, thy supplituis, ut qui vere eam Geni

ants, that, as we believe her tricem Dei credimus, ejus

to be truly the Mother of God, apud te intercessionibus adjuvemur. Per eumdem

so we may be assisted by her inDominum nostrum, Jesum tercessions with thee. Through Christum.

the same Christ our Lord. Ry. Amen.

Ry. Amen. Ant. Virgo Maria, non est ! Ant. 0 Virgin Mary, there tibi similis orta in mundo | hath not in the world, amongst inter mulieres : forens ut

women, one arisen like unto rosa, fragrans sicut lilium :

thee; blooming as the rose, fraora pro nobis sancta Dei grant as the lily : pray for us, o Genitrix.

holy Mother of God. V. Dignare me laudare te, . Vouchsafe that I may Virgo sacrata.

praise thee, O sacred Virgin. R7. Da mihi virtutem con- ' R. Give me strength against tra hostes tuos.

thy enemies.

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