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Rm. Dei Génitrix inter-, R. O Mother of God, intercéde pro nobis.

cede for us. Pater noster, cum Lecti- Our Father, with the Lessons, onibus, &c. ut infra, p. 19. &c. as at p. 19. Tres Psalmi sequentes di- | The three following Psalms are

cuntur Feria iv. et Sab- said on Wednesday and Saturbato, ad Nocturnum.

day. Ant. Gaude, Maria Virgo. Ant. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary.

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The Blessing. Alma Virgo vírginum in- May gracious Virgin Mary intercédat pro nobis ad D6- tercede for us with the Lord. minum. Amen.


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In Faster-time Alleluia is added after the R. in each Lesson.

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