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ad Dóminum Deum nos- | Lord our God. trum.

Pater noster,cum Lectioni- Our Father, with the Lessons, bus et reliquis, ut infra, p. 19.

&c. as at p. 19. Tres Psalmi sequentes dicun- | The three following Psalms are tur Fer. iii. et vi. ad Noct. said on Tuesday and Friday. Ant. Specie tua.

Ant. In thy comeliness.

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tui,* in omni generatióne thy name : from generation to et generationem.

generation. Proptérea pópuli confite 20 Therefore shall the people búntur tibi in ætérnum, * et praise thee for ever: yea, for ever in sæculum sæculi. Glória. and ever. Glory, &c.


PSALM XLV. DEUS noster refúgium et 1 Our God is a refuge and 1) virtus;* adjútor in tri-strength : our helper in troubles bulatiónibus, quæ invené

which have fallen on us heavily. runt nos nimis.

Proptérea non timébimus, 2 Therefore will we not fear dum turbábitur terra, * et

when the earth shall be trou

bled: and the mountains shall transferéntur montes in cor

be removed into the heart of the maris.

sea. Sonuérunt etturbátæ sunt 3 Their waters roared and aquæ eorum;* conturbáti were troubled: the mountains sunt montes in fortitudine were troubled at the violence ejus.

thereof. Flúminis ímpetus lætífi- 4 The swelling of the stream cat civitatem Dei :* sancti- maketh glad the city of God : ficávit tabernáculum suum the Most High hath sanctified Altíssimus.

his tabernacle. Deus in médio ejus, non 5 God is in the midst of her, commovebitur:* adjuvábit | she shall not be moved: God eam Deus mane dilúculo.

shall help her in the morning

early. Conturbátæ sunt Gentes, 6 Nations were troubled, and et inclinata sunt regna :* kingdoms bowed down : he gave dedit vocem suam, mota est forth his voice, and the earth terra.

was moved. Dóminus virtútum nobís- 7 The Lord of hosts is with cum;*suscéptor noster Deus us: the God of Jacob is our Jacob.

helper. Veníte, et vidéte ópera 8 O come and behold the Dómini, quæ pósuit prodi- | works of the Lord, what won: gia super terram ;* auferens

ders he hath wrought upon the

earth: making wars to cease, bella usque ad finem terræ. even unto the ends of the earth.

Arcum cónteret, et con- 9 He shall break the bow, and

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