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66 The rule directs that we should punctually observe our duty; press forward in the path of virtue, inclining neither to the right hand nor to the left; and continually keep eternity in view.?!

« The line is the symbol of moral rectitude, leading our steps to immortality.”).

" The Book of Constitutions you are to search at all times, and cause it to be read in your lodge.”

“ Lastly you receive the by-laws of your lodge, which you are to see carefully and punctually executed.”


“ The grand lodge having committed to your care the superintendence and government of the brethren who are to compose this new lodge, you cannot be insensible of the obligations which devolve on you, as their head; nor of your responsibility for the faithful discharge of the iniportant duties annexed to your appointment.

"The honour, reputation, and usefulness of your lodge will materially depend on the skill and assiduity with which you manage its concerns : while the happiness of its members will be generally promoted, in proportion to the zeal and ability with which you propagate the genuipe principles of our institution.

“For a pattern of imitation, consider the great lumi. nary of nature, which, rising in the east, regularly diftuses light and lustre to all within its circle. In like manner it is your province to spread and communicate light and instruction to the brethren of your lodge. Forcibly impress upon them the dignity and high importance of masonry; and seriously admonish them never to disgrace it. Charge them to practise, out of the lodge, those duties which they have been taught in it; and by amiable, discreet, and virtuous conduct, to convince mankind of the goodness of the institution; so that when any one is said to be a member of it, the world may know that he is


one to whom the burthened heart may pour out its sorrows; to whom distress may prefer its suit; whose hand is guided by justice, and his heart expanded by benevolence. In short, by a diligent observance of the by-laws of your lodge, the constitutions of masonry, and above all the Holy Scriptures, which are given as a rule and guide to your faith, you will be enabled to acquit yourself with honour and reputation, and lay up a crown of rejoicing, which shall continue · when time shall be no more."

The foregoing charge as well as those which follow are given after the respective jewels are presented, by the grand officer of corresponding rank.


“ Brother CD, you are appointed Senior Warden of this new lodge, and are now invested with the ensign of your office.

66 The level demonstrates that we are descended from the same stock, partake of the same nature, and share the same hope ; and though distinctions among men are necessary to preserve subordination, yet no eminence of station should make us forget that, we are brethren ; for he who is placed on the lowest spoke of fortune's wheel may be entitled to our regard; because a time will come, and the wisest knows not how soon, when all distinctions, but that of goodness, shall cease ; and death, the grand leveller of human greatness, reduce us to the same state.

" Your regular attendence on our stated meetings is essentially necessary; in the absence of the master, vou are to govern this lodge ; in his presence, you are to assist him in the government of it. I firmly rely on your knowleilge of masonry, and attachment to the lodge, for the faithful discharge of the duties of this important trust.Look well to the West.

JUNIOR WARDEN. * Brother E F, you are appointed Junior Warden of this new lodge; and are now invested with the badge of your office. I

"The plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our seyeral stations, to hold the scale of justice in equal poise, to observe the just medium between intemperance and pleasure, and to make our passions and prejudices coincide withi the line of our duty.

“ To you, with such assistance as may be necessary, is intrusted the examination of visiters, and the reception of candidates. To you is also committed the superiutendence of the craft during the hours of refreshment; it is therefore indispensably necessary that you should not only be temperate and discreet, in the indulgence of your own inclinations, but carefully observe that none of the craft be suffered to convert the purposes of refreshment into intemperance and excess.

“ Your regular and punctual attendance is particularly requested ; and I have no doubt that you will faithfully ex. ecute the duty which you owe to your present appointment. --Look well to the South!"

" BROTHER SENIOR AND JUNIOR WARDENS, “ You are too well acquainted with the principles of masonry to warrant any apprehension that you will be found wanting in the discharge of your respective duties. Suffice it to mention, that what you have seen praise worthy in others you should carefully imitate ; and what in them may have appeared defective you should in yourselves amend. You should be examples of good order and regularity; for it is only by a due regard to the laws in your own conduct that you can expect obedience to them from others. You are assiduously to assist the master in the discharge of his trust; diffusing light, and imparting know edge, to all whom he shall place under your care. In the absence of the master, you will succeed to higher duties ; your acquirements must therefore be such, as that the craft may never suffer

for want of proper instruction. From the spirit which you have hitherto evinced, I entertain no doubt that your future conduct will be such as to merit the applause of your brethren, and the testimony of a good conscience."

THE TREASURER. “ Brother G H, you are appointed Treasurer of this new lodge. It is your duty to receive all moneys from the hands of the secretary, keep just and regular accounts of the same, and pay them out at the worshipful master's will and pleasure, with the consent of the lodge. I trust your re. gard for the fraternity will prompt you to the faithful discharge of the duties of your office.'

THE SECRETARY. “ Brother L. K, you are appointed Secretary of this new lodge. It is your duty to observe the worshipful master's will and pleasure, to record the proceedings of the lodge, to receive all moneys, and pay them into the hands of the treas. urer.

"Your good inclination to masonry and this lodge, I bope, will induce you to discharge your office with fidelity, and by so doing you will merit the esteem and applause of your brethren.'''

THE DEACONS. Brothers L M and N o, you are appointed Deacons of this new lodge It is your province to attend on the mastor and wardens, and to act as their proxies in the active duties of the lodge ; such as in the reception of candidates into the different degrees of masonry ; the introduction and accommodation of visiters, and in the immediato practice of our rites. Those columns, as badges of your office, I trust to your care, not doubting your vigilance and attention.

THE STEWARDS. .“ Brothers P Q and R S, you are appointed Stewards of this new lodge. The duties of your office are, to assist

in the collection of dues and subscriptions, to keep an ac. 4 count of the lodge expenses, to see that the tables are properly furnished at refreshment, and that every bro: ther is suitably provided for ; and generally to assist the deacons and other officers in performing their respective duties. Your regular and early attendance will afford the best proof of your zeal and attachment to the lodge."

The TILER is then appointed, and receives the imple. ment of his office, with a short charge :

« Brother A B, you are appointed liler of this lodge, and I invest you with the implement of your office. It. reminds you that it is always the duty of a Mason to set a guard at the avenue of his thoughts; to post a centinel at his lips, and to keep a watch over his actions.

65 Your early and punctual attendance will afford the truest evidence of your zeal for the institution."

CHARGE TO THE BRETHREN "Sach is the nature of our constitution, that as some must of necessity rule and teach, so other must of course Learn to submit and obey. Humility in both is an essential duty. The officers who are appointed to govern your Lodge are sufficiently conversant with the rules of propriety, and the laws of the costitution, to avoid exceeding the powers with which they are intrusted ; and you are of too generous dispositions to envy their preferment. I therefore trust that you will have but one aim, to please each other, and unite in the grand design of being happy, and communicating happiness.

“Finally, my brethren, as this association has been formed and perfected in so much unanimity and concord, in which we greatly rejoice, so may it long continue. May you long enjoy every satisfaction and delight which disinterested friendship can afford. May kindness and brotherly affectiou distinguish your conduct as men and as masons. Within your peaceful walls, may your children's children celebrate with joy and gratitude the

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