Fra Magazine: A Journal of Affirmation July to December 1909

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Kessinger Publishing, 1 lip 2003 - 408
This volume of The Fra magazine includes the issues from July 1909 to December 1909. The Fra stands for art. Art is not a thing separate and apart, art is a way. Art is the beautiful way. Art should extend to every function of life, for our environment as well as our actions should be graceful, harmonious, beautiful. The Fra stands for the art of living. Sample contents: Success in Life; Each Small Gleam Was a Voice; Myth of a Free Press; Speculation and Business; Great Mistake; An $8,000.00 Dentist Fee; College Man; Henry Hudson, Discoverer; Unspeakable Turk; Spring in the Desert; and much more. These magazines represent an incredible wealth of Americana.

Informacje o autorze (2003)

Elbert Hubbard was born in 1859 in Bloomington, Illinois, and never received more than a grade-school education. A self-made man in many respects, Hubbard filled in the gaps in his knowledge through voracious reading, a passion which became manifest in the founding of the Roycroft Shop, a publishing house specializing in deluxe bindings. He wrote a series of 182 biographies under the series title Little Journeys to Homes of the Great and also published two magazines, The Philistine and The Fra, producing much of the content himself. Elbert Hubbard and his wife, Alice, were traveling to England on the Lusitania and went down with the ship when it was struck by a German torpedo on May 7th, 1915.

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