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Pag. Sorrow, Excess of that which is worldly gives the advantage to Satap

272 When exorbitant it is dishonourable to God

273 Excess of it when God hides his face confidered 298 Rules for moderating it on the death of relations 292, &c.

Vid. Godly forrow.
Spirit, God's being so explained with useful inferences 464
Suddenness of relations dying, no fufficient ground of ex-

ceffive forrow
Sufferings for religion, how fincerity is tried by them
How lincerity establishes the foul under them

185 How St. Paul was ready for them

298 God suffers the moft grievous sometimes to befal his best fervants

400 They redouad to God's glory, and the good of his people

303, 305 Seven tokens of their approach

Why God usually gives warding of them before-hand 310
Teo excellencies of being prepared for them
Vid. Preparation.


, . Temptation, arguments by which the devil backs it

Pemptations, the usual method wherein they prevail 435

Acquaintance with them necessary to prepare for lufferiogs 362
Several kinds of them

364 The policy which Satan discovers in them

ibid. The chief danger of them lies, in our own corruptions 365 Rules to prevent being overcome by them, in a suffer. ing hour

367 Trinity of persons in the God-head, confirmed and improved 480 Troubles, how they are represented by storms at fea 432 Truth of God, the nature and properties of it explained and improved

477 Trial of grace, various ways by which it is done Useful inferences concerning it

203 Christians should be diligent in doing it

UNchangeableness of God, the nature of it, with im.

Upton, (Jobn, Esq;) a fuperal sermon on his death

434 Some account of his excellent character


71, &c.

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Wisdom of God, the nature of it shewn, with improve-

Youthfulness of dead relations, no sufficient ground of
excessive forrow for them





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Doption, the nature and properties of it opened and

Appetite, signs of our fpiritual one being right

311 Application, (of Christ), explained and improved Asurance, of God's love, leveral questions and answers for explaining and improving it

23 Of Christ's love, most desirable to believers

Directions for obtaining and securing it
Vid. Love of Chrift.

Aptism, questions and answers concerning the nature of it 115
The several kinds of subjects on whom it is to be ad-

Of infaots, vindicated again ft Mr. Philip Cary 208, &c.
Blefjedness, the perfection of it explained and improved
Bread, what is meant by it in the Lord's prayer

143 Our praying for daily bread explained and improved ibid.

C C Ary, (Mr. Philip) Mr Flavel's defence of infant-baptism against him

168-229 His three positions concerning the covenant of Sinai, &c.

considered Christ, bis offices explained and improved, 1.

Vid. Offices. His humiliation explaiged and improved

7 How a lipocr's espousals to him, is represented by the coronation of a king

430 Why he rejoices in sinners yielding to his goveroment 434 Motives to a submission to his government

440 Condition, the nature of an evangelical one

Faith is that of the gospel-covenant, 195. Vid. Covenant. Conscience, a preface persuading to hearken to it

335 Contentment, the nature, poflibility, and beceflity of it 81, dc. Conversion, the possibility of it in the vileft singers 408 That of profane finners highly probable


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172, c.

193, &c.



193, &c.

Pag. Conversion, how it is freqnently and fatally mistaken 412 The nature of that which is real

414 The hazards which attend it, and the absolute necessity of it 415 All might do more than they do towards it

417 Temptations and discouragements in the way of it Several weighty confiderations persuading to it

419 Coronation, a fermon on the occasion of that of king William

424 How a soul's espousal to Christ is represented it 428 Why that of Christ is joyful to him

434 Several useful inferences concerning that of Christ 435, &c. Corruption, (fipful) work in the best Christians

248 Why it works most in religious duties

249 Reasons why its working in duties is very grievous to good men

250 Instructions resulting from the working of it in holy duties 252 Rules to prevent its totally spoiling our religious services 254 Comforts to those who lament it

255 Covenant, (of grace) the conditionality of it explained

and confirmed
Covenant, (of works) the nature of it explained, with im-

That of Sinai not the same with it

176 How it differed from that of circumcision

184 Covetousness, the nature and mischief of it

8c Crucified, Christ may be said to be so three ways


Eath, how believers are perfected by it

31 Delight, that of Christ in our redemption, confirmed, explained, and improved

294 Drunkenness, how it is condemned by natural reason and conscience

371 Duty of man to God, wherein it consists, 41. Vid. Obedience. Duties of religion, what seriousness is required in them 232 Signs of drawing near to God in them

240 How corruptions work in the faints performance of them 246 Four rules to prevent their being spoiled by corruptions 254 Encouragements to them, notwithstanding the workings of corruptions

255 Duties and sins of professors, a double scheme of them 471, &c.

Effectual calling, questions and answers for explaining

and improving it
What are the concomitants of it

173, &c.

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Pag: Enjoyment of God, the fulpefs of it explained and improved 40 Enmity to godliness, condemned by natural reason and

conscience Exaltation of Chrilt explained and improved



94, ớc.

452, &c.


Flith, several

inftractive queries and replies cottcerning The least measure of that which is faving highly valuable 302 The weakness of it cofts believers many tears and sorrows 304

Vid. Saving faith. Faithfulness of God, the datare and properties of it 256

Vid. Truth. How it is to be exercifed by minifters in their work 448, &c. How this, and prudence should be mingled together in

the ministerial work Plavel, (the author) his 'reply to Mr. Philip Carý, concern ing infant-baptifm

18, G. Forgiveness, the petition for it in the Lord's prayer, explained and improved

147 G GLorification of believers, at death, confirmed and in

proved God, the full enjoyment of bim explained and improved Godly-forrow, how the contemplation of Christ's suffer

iogs produces it The truth of it discovered by several rules

304 Good-name, our duty in reference to that of others, or our own 78 Grace, the growth and increafe of it explained and improved 27 Humiliation of Christ, explained and improved

7 1 INfants, arguments for baptizing of them proposed and

vindicated, 1'96, &c. Vid. Baptifm. Foy in the Holy Ghost, the nature and properties of it, with useful inferences

26 Juftification, the doctrine of it explained and improved 18

K King: how Christ is fo, explained and improved 5 Kingdom of God, what meant by praying it may come 137

L L Amb of God, Chrif fo called

266 Why to be beheld with admiration The great usefulness of beholding him by faith

270 aw of God, our disability perfe&ly to keep it in this life 84




Pag. Law of God, usefol inferences from our inability to yield perfect obedience to it

86 Lord's prayer, whether to be ufed as a form or not 130 The preface to it explained and improved

132 The first petition therein opened, with improvements 134 Its second petition considered

137 An exposition and application of the third petition 139 The fourth petition of it opened and improved AB explication and application of the fifth petition in it 147 The fixth petition of it expounded and improved 152

An expofition of its conclufion, with improvements 154 Lord's fupper, questions and answers concerning the na

ture and ends of it The elements, actions, and subjects of it fhewn The qualifications and duties of those who receive it 124 A discourse concerning that seriousoess which is required in it

232 A meditation on God's nearbefs to his people in it 240 How Christ is to be beheld in it

267 What we may behold of Christ therein

268 Lord's fupper, the advaotages of beholding Christ in it by faith 270 Love of Christ, what readers the assuranceof it moft desirable 313

The difficulty of obtaining the assurance of it
Directions for attaioing an assurance thereof
How it is said to pass knowledge
Whereio it appears to be wonderful

321 Love, (to God and man) the properties of it, with improve

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I 22

315 316 318




Eat and drink, how Christ's fileth and blood is so
to believers

The transcendent excellency of that which Christ gives 308
Profitable inferences concerning that our Saviour gives 309
Motives to feed upon that which flows from Christ

310 Members of the church, several of their usual fins and duties enumerated

471 Moral-law, the nature and obligation of it confidered and improved

44 N Name of God, the fanctifying of it explained and improved 134

Bedience to God, the nature and rules of it explained

2nd improved, 44. Vid. Ten Commandments,

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