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Pagi Examination of ourselves, several motives to it

207 Examination of ourselves, rules to prevent Christians from being over severe in it

211 Rules to prevent hypocrites from deceiving themselves in it 215 Several useful advices in relation to it, 217. Vid. Trial.


FAith, the neceflity of strengthening it, to prepare for sufferiogs

342 How it strengthens the believer for difficulties Several means whereby it is strengthened

345 God goveros his people by it

423 Questions and answers concerning this and obedience 404 Fall of man, confirmed, illustrated, and improved 489 Family, a decliaing ope lamented as a great affliction 400 Fortitude, the necessity of it to prepare for sufferings

The nature of it opened in several particulars
Ten rules for attaining and increasing of it








nErfon, a remarkable observation of his

296 God, his nature and attributes explained and improv

463-480 He is present with his people in their afflictions two ways 412 Gold, true grace fitly compared to it for its excellency 131

Vid. Grace.
Good men, how their death should oot be lamented

437 Several reasons why their death (nould be lamented 438 A reproof for not lamenting their death, or not doing

ic aright Useful advices to those who are mourning for the death

of such Goodness of God, the properties and evidences of it ex plained

474 Grace, Wherein it excels the most excellent gifts i 131 The preciousness of that which is truc, set forth in se

veral particulars Useful inferences concerning the precioufoels of it 136 How the trial of it is compared to that of gold . 137 A discourse of its trial, is attended with various diffi

culties Divers ways enumerated, by which the fincerity of it is tried

141 Prosperity is a great trial of the truth of it

143 What probation adversity makes of it





Pag. Grace, How indwelling 'fin discovers the foundness or us.

foundoess of it How it is tried by the performance of religious duties 170 How the sincerity of it is tried by sufferiags før religion 185 Why God exposes his people to so many trials of it '186 That which is inherent, is not preserved by its own strength

. 108 Want of trying ít, is che ruin of many profeffors 199

The necessity of it in the heart to prepare it for sufferings 322 Wherein the gature of that which is saving consists 328 How it prepares for doiag and suffering

333 Clear evidences of it are necessary to prepare for suf

Rules prescribed for attaining the evidences of it

HEart, a general account of the keeping of it

Six things iocluded in the keeping of it
What kind of work keeping it is
How keeping it conduces to the honướr of God

Vid. Keeping.
How it may be kept humble in prosperity
How it may be kept from defpondiog in adverfity ;
Means of fettling it in the time of Sion's troubles
How it may be preserved from distracting fears in pub.
lic dangers

41, Helps to its trusting God in a time of want 48, &c. How it may be kept from vaid thoughts in religious duties Eight remedies against its revengeful motions under in

juries How it may be kept meek and patient under great pro.

Means of securing it under strong temptations
How it may be kept from defponding under defertion

and doubts
Means of keeping it stedfast in sufferings for religion
How it may be reconciled to death in a time of sickness
The keeping of ic biodered by fruitless controversies

and earthly thoughts Ten motives to engage our diligence in keepiog it 96, &c. A lixfold means for keeping it rightly Encouragements to those who diligently keep it . How much the keeping and fearching of it cxcels all other studies VOL. VIII.


Pag. Holiness of God, the nature of it explained and improved 472 Hypocrisy, the vanity of thinking to hide it

184 Six things thought, without ground, necessary figos of it 192 Queries for discoveriog of it

214 Six false tokens of being clear from it

Seven directions to preserve the soul from it Hypocrites, how far they may be like sincere Christians 17 All their pains in religion are loft labour


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INcarnation of Christ explained and improved
Indwelling fin, how it discovers the soundoess or un-
foundaess of our hearts

158 How far a hypocrite may be restrained from it

159 How God's children are kept from closing with it 161 How differently the regenerate and unregenerate hate it 162 How differently bad and good men are troubled for it 165 Difference between sioners and saints, in reference to the dominion of it.

169 How differently God's children and others oppose it 173 Infinite, questions and answers about God's being so 465 Josiah, (king of Judah) his excellent character

434 The lamentation made for him expounded Justice of God, the properties and evidences of it explained 473

. K K Eeping the heart, several things included in it

Several properties of this work How it conduces to the honour of God, and the fincerity of our religion

16 į It puis a beauty on our profession, and yields comfort to our souls

The improvement of our graces depends upon it 22
It is neceffary to the stability of our souls
Special seasons which call for our utmost diligence
Vid. Heart.

I Amentations, why to be made at the funerals of good
L . men

438 Laodicea, its woful diseases, and remedies for curing them 115 Loveliness of relations, no sufficient ground of excessive ; forrow for their death

282 м Ind of mán cannot bear afflictions without being supported





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Mortification, to earthly interest, necessary to prepare for sufferings

353 Several things wherein it is chiefly to be exercised Mother, the mournful state of one mentioned in the gospel 226

· Christ's compassionate counsel to a mouroing one 229 Mourning, (for dead relations) ought to be moderated “231 How far it should be allowed of

1 233 When it is excessive and sinful .

236 What comfort may be given unregenerate fioners under it 245 Twenty considerations for comforting God's children . under it. i.

248, &c. Several pleas for excess in it answered

281 Seven rules prescribed for moderatiog of it Mourners, a discourse called a token for them

225 For the death of godly friends, comforted by the coveDant of grace

258 Comforts by the hope of the resurrection Solaced by the present happy state of their piously de i parted friends

265 Quieted by God's ability to make up their losses 268 Comforted by consideriog that God has better things to bestow

270 Their grief allayed by considering the good which may · be got by losses, 275. And how much more others, as good as ourselves, have lost

276 Comforted by their relation to God, and the nearness of eterpal joy

278 Four considerations to support them

. .

431 Seasonable advices to such

Ation, what fins are tokens of its approaching misery 306

For the de discourse cal for moderaered



Ne, God's being so, explained and improved

478 Only Jon, Advices to parents iamenting the death of one 225 The death of such a one, no sufficient ground of ex. cessive sorrow

283 Original fin, the nature of it explained, with improvements 494 Some account of man's misery flowing from it

490 , P PAul, (the apostle) how he was ready to suffer 1. Power of God, the Dature of it explaioed, with inferences 471 Prayer, how it may be answered, though the mercies pray. ed for be withheld, or taken away

28 X X X 2 :


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Prayer, How the due performance of it prepares for sofferings 3.68 Means of improving in it

370 Preparation for, sufferings gives rent in them

It is an evidence of fincerity,
Prevepts the scandal of the cross,
Tends to awaken the drowsy world:
It is highly commended by the Spirit of God

317 Conduces to stability in a day of trial

319 If evidences love to Jesus Christ, and submission to the divide will

ibid. Is very pleasing to God, and alleviates a fall under them 329 The necessity of a real copyersion in order to it, thewo. in fix particulars

323, &c. It is wofülly wanting among profesfors

377 Several motives persuading to it

382, c. Divers encouragements to those who strive for, it 388, &c. Presence of God, instances of three kinds of it Providence,a confirmation, explication, and improvement of it 486

R D Edemption, that wrought by, oor Şaviour explained and improved

500 Relations, doubting about their state when dead considered 288 Trouble for over-pitying, or updezvaluipg them, confi

dered Reft in the day of evil, is either of deliverance, or of con

teptation Resurrection, how the hope of it fupports those who moorg

the death of godly friends Şaipts shall probably know one another after it 265 Gandals of professors, the fight of them matter of grief !

The voreasonableness of stumbling at them Discoorse of keeping the heart designed to prevent them 3 Scripture, the divide authority of it confirmed and improved 460 Self deceit, the danger of it, 119. Vid. Deceivers. Sincerity, some of the most assuring marks of it

Care in keeping the heart, a good evidence of it.
Sincerity, the touchstone of it discovered and applied

How much it concerns us to try and discover it
Six motives to a diligent trial of it
Rules for the discovery of it

Seven counsels for maintaining and increasing.it
Sorrow, for the death of relations, when it is lịpfyl.

Vid. Mourning:



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