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Satan, vian, a remarkable bow an emblema

Pag. Resurrection of the dead, how represented by the spring.

ing of feed . . Serious reflections on the certainty of it, Ripeness of coro, a useful meditation upon it

Vid. Maturity. Rocks in the sea, how an emblem of the church in this world

..., 270 Rose, how an emblem of creature-enjoyments

- 224 PS Ails, too much spread, how an emblem of carnal mirth 306

Salvian, a remarkable expression of this aptient writer 351 Satan, how the filherman's skill is an emblem of his subtility

298 Sea, its purgiog itself, an emblem of the regenerate 232 The ebbing and flowiog of it represents the world's un, certainty

286 The waves of it should awaken finners to repentance 290 How Christ's filling its waves is a comfortable coolide · ration

· 294 The riches gained from it, call for great thankfulness 296

Vid. Ocean.
Scamen, two serious epistles to them .. . · 228, 232

Their watchfuloefs teachable to us
Their daogers discover God's power and goodoefs .259
Their prudence in shifting their fails teachable
Their care not to lose their wind, spiritually improved, 265
How the dangers they run are instructive to us 273
Their chief danger Dear land considered and improved 320
Their coming safe to shore, an emblem of saints gete**

ting to heaven
A matechism for them
A serious address to themi
What mercies they should chiefly pray for when going a
, voyage
Reproved for neglecting prayer at their going to sea . 396
Especially rebuked for their oaths and blasphemies. 398
Motives exciting them to begin their voyages with prayer 399
Their preservation io storms is a wonderful providence 404
Sharply reproved for forgetting and oeglectiog God's

wonderful mercies . Useful instructions to them i

413 Some account of their privilege and dury 373, doo,






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to them


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du emblem of confricom


Pag Seamen, When and how they are peculiarly obliged to be thapkful to God

415 Secrely, People oftea induced to fin from the hope of it 419 The vanity of l:oping for it, in Ganing

421 The non-expectation of it improved agaiost temptations 425

The wickedness of those who lip without regarding it 427 Security, The vanity of hopiog for it in figning against God

417 Seed-corn, principles of grace compared to it

Reflection, a poem concerning it
Its corruption and springing, ao emblem of the death

and relyrrection of faiats
Şeed-time, meditations on fpringing-weather after it

Vid. Rain.
Şeeth the lips of men, how God does it

Vid. Knowledge.
Ship, launching of it ap emblem of the first and second

birth The helm of it an emblem of conscience Meditation upon the means osed to preserve it in a storm 29! Spreading its fạils gaseasonably, an emblem of carpal mirth

306 A neglected leak in it represents the danger of indulged sin 308 Shore, the danger of a ship near it spiritually improved 320 Joy of making it, represents that of the saints coming

to heaven It was usual for the ancient Christiags to pray there Sin, the dacure and epil of it explained and improved Sins, Indulged ones reprefented by leaks in a ship 308 Sinners, the vanity of those who hope to conceal them felves

The impudence of open ones
Sparrows, meditation on their mixing with goldfaches
Storms at sea, ap emblem of worldly troubles

How God's power and goodness is manifested in them
Are sometimes executioners of God's threatenings 289
The principal and instrumental causes of them

404 How God's wonderful providence appears in them Lessons to be learned from them, and from preservation

in them . Success in our affairs, to be ascribed to God's blefling

Vid. Profperity. Swearing profanely, the great evil and danger of ic. 343





207 309 259


365 416 460




.. .. Pag. TAres, their likeness to wheat, considered and improved 104

Thankfulness due to God for recovery from dangerous

For preservation of life in dangers
Motives to it
What things are included in this duty
The reasonableness of it

464 Five arguments to excite to it Threshing of corn, how an emblem of God's afflictiog his

Tongue, a serious cautiga agaioft the fins of it

Ao observable remark concerning the pumerous fips of it 341
It is compared ia fcripture to a tree !
Rules to prevent the sios of it .

349 Trade, the badoefs of it chiefly caused by fia

By fea, how it is an emblem of communion
Sips which pecaliarly blast the fuccefs of it .

Vid. Calling.
Trade-wnid, how the saints always have it in their way to

heaven Trees, how barred ones reprefent useless profeffors i gt

Serious reflections upon cutting them down
Occasional meditations on several sorts of them 21



301 268 301


Egetableferving there for avoid



VEgetables, meditations upon the strange means of pre. ..

226 Uncleanness, directions for avoiding it Unthankfulness to God, the exceeding evil and danger of it 465 Vows, the nature of them

369 The great evil and danger of breaking them

W Heat, a spiritual improvement of its being represented

by tares, 104. Vid. Tares. :: How good men are compared to it

146 Will of God, a remarkable example of submission to it. 116 Winds, the mariner's skill in improving them, fpiritualized 263

The danger of losing them spiritually improved 265
The principal cause of them is God's will .

404 Wings of the morning, what is signified by this phrase 417 Winnowing of corn, how it represents God's jodginedes 150

Serious reflections upon it Winter, the husbandman's care to provide for it, spiritually improved


Will of che marineslo ting them ons God'd by this p

153 Pagi Winter, Various reflections upon it.

132 Worm, a meditation on one catched by a Robin Red-breast 208

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DAM, how all men fell in him, explained and im- .

493 - Aflektions, are sometimes very heavy

How far we may complain under them
The great evil of murmuring under them

Vid. Sufferings.
Allembly's-Catechism, the several things in it explained and

458, c. Alurance of salvation, on what grounds a fincere Chri. stian builds it

в RIbles, what a blessing it is to enjoy them

424 D Bradford, a remarkable expression of his before his martyrdom

Andle, what is meant by the phrase of God's lighting it 299

Conversion, the nature of the change wrought by it 328
"It is a real change ia the whole man
How it prepares for choice services aod sufferings , 333
The evidencing of it a necessary preparative for suffer

ings, 336. Vid. Evidence. .,
Covenant, (of grace) the comfort it yields under trouble 258

Several excelleat properties of it explained 0.-398
Those who are interested in it may be exposed to great .

It is able to remove all the grounds of a believer's trou. in
ble i

* 406
It disarms afflictions of their sting, and turns them into

a blessing
It makes calamities work for the Christian's falvation 410
It secures God's presence to believers in their distress 412
It secures the believer's happiness from all hazards
It assures God's people that their afflictions are the strokes
of love

* 417
It is everlasting, and yields everlasting comfort ... 420








Covenant (of grace), It is fure to those who are interest ed in it

422 Their condition deplorable who have no title to it 425 Believers should study it couch How our interest in it must be known

An explication and improvement of it . Couruge, the necessity of it to prepare for sufferings - 348

Vid. Fortitude. Creation, the nature of it considered and improved 483

That of man more particularly explained and improved 485



? 87


437, &c.

Eath, coosiderations to raise a Christian above the fear

of it A supposed mistake about means to prevent it thould

not cause excessive grief How that of good men is not, and how it is to be la

Deceivers, (of themselves) the danger of being such

There are too many such among professors.
Four causes of men's being such
Caution's in reference to the abounding of such ..
Warnings to professors to take heed of being such

Directions to those who are fatisfied they are not so.
Decrees of God, the properties of them explained and im-

Dependance on Christ, necessary to fit us for sufferiogs
Domestic-evils, the best med are liable to them
How the covenant of grace relieves under them

Vid. Govenant.
Doubtful seasons, how we should keep our hearts in them

Vid. Heart.
Duties of religion, how sincerity is discovered by the per

i formance of them

118 119 113 127 128 130

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FLection to eternal life, several questions and answers for e .. explaining it

• 497 End of man, questions and answers concerning his chief

and inferior eod. Estate, trouble for want of heirs to enjoy it, considered 290 Eternal, questions and answers about God's being so 467 Evidence of conversion, six things shewing the nature of it 336 The accessity of it to prepare us for sufferings

Tor Tonerings Several rules for attaining it, and preventing mistakes about it.



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