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Dultery, the great evil and danger of it 351, &c.
A Vid. Uncleanness.
Afar-off, how God understands our thoughts so
Arable-ground, soul-improving meditations upon it
Autumn, foul-profiting meditations upon gatheriog fruits
. in it, 166. Vid. Fruits.

RAd-ground, edifying meditations upon the improvemcat
D of it

The improvemcot of it spiritualized in a poem
An awakening meditation on the incurableness of some

Barren-ground, a soul-awakening meditation concerning it ibid.
Barrenness, (fpiritual) the dreadfulness of this jodgment 60
Beasts, meditations upon clogging of them when they go

aftray Believers, how far true grace may prevail in them

52 Birds, meditations upon the early linging of them

Meditation on their being catched with an hair Bird-nefts, a uleful meditation on the curious frame of fome



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Allings, God sometimes blasts meas greatest iodastry
in them

446 Why providence frequently disappoints people in them 447 Carute, (king of England) a remarkable story of him 294 Cattle, a meditation on the husbandman's care of them 176 Thoughts on the hard labour, and cruel usage of fome

of them
Meditation upon seeking them when loft

185 Observations and reflections on fattening them - 189 A poem on preparing them for Daughter

192 Chaff, how the wicked are compared to it Compass, the necessity of it in gavigation spiritualized 283

Vid. Mariner's Compass.
Concealment, many encourage themselves in so, by the

hope of it
The vanity of hoping for it, in finding agaioft God 421

Vid. Secresy. Confcience, how it is represented by the help of a ship 256




Contentment, Why good men have it

Queries to excite good meo to abouod in it
Corn, the danger of it between sowing and harvelt, fpiri-

Corn-land, meditations upon the plowing of it


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DEarth, (through want of rain) the terribleness of this

judgment Meditation, and a poem upon the dreadfulness of it, in

a spiritual sense, 94, 96. Vid. Famine. Decays of faithfulnels, may be great in a Christian

Encouragements to endeavour a recovery from them
Deeds, (written) meditations upon mens care to prove and
: preserve them, 197. Vid. Hufandmen.
Deer, a meditation on the hunting of one

216 Delays, the danger of making them in religion , 377

Vid. Repentance. Delight, (in spiritual duties) when it is of the right kind 40

It is very reasonable, and the want of it to be lamented 42 Disappointments, (in mens callings) several causes of them

mentioned and explained
Divers fios which sometimes are the procuring cause of

449 Several considerations to quiet our minds under them 453

We should especially take heed of eternal ones Discontent, considerations to fortify the mind against it 49 Dog, meditation on his love to his master Drunkenness, ao elegant description of it from St. Austin 331 It was odious to many of the heathens

ibid. The exceeding evil and danger of it shewa in ten par. ticulars




[State, Meditation on mens care for securiog their tem

poral one


Amine, of God's word, the nature and dreadfulness of it 89 1 Finch, a meditation upon the lingiog of a blind one 210 Finches, meditation on shooting cwo of them when fight. . ing in the air

209 Fishes, God's providence to be observed in the plenty and variety of them

296 The greater devouring the lesser, is an emblem of oppressors

303 Pag.

Fibermen, their art is an emblem of Satan's fubtilities 298 Flavel, (the author) his epistle to Robert and William Sa

very, Esqrs. Poems to hin on his Husbandry Spiritualized 1-13 His epistle to the country reader

His poem to the reader
Flowers, a meditation on the sudden withering of them

Meditation on the tenderness of some choice ones 225 Fornication, the great evil and danger of it

Vid. Uncleanness.
Frederick (Sir Joha) the author's epistle to him, OC.
Fruit-trees, a meditation on the ingraffing of them

Vid. Ingrafing.
Fruits, a meditation on gathering them in







C orden, meditation on the dew modelling of one

A meditation on a heedless tread in a curious one Goldfinches and sparrows, a meditation on their mixing to

207 Graff, a spiritual improvement of its union with the stock 161

H . H Arvest, a meditation on the patient expectation of it 115

The season of it fpiritualized in several instances ibid." Meditation on the joy occasioned by it

140 Helm of a ship, an emblem of conscience, 256. Vid. Ship. Hind, the hunting of it, an emblem of Christ's suffering 216 Horse, a meditation concerning one in a fat pasture 219 Hufoandman, his industry, a lively emblem of the Chri

sian life The advantages of his diligence is an encouragement to

a Christian's hope
His chearfulness, how teachable to a Christian
His patient waiting for harvest spiritualized

Vid. Harveft.
A meditation upon his care for posterity

104 His diligence in proving and preserving his deeds, spi

ritually improved Husbandry, how fitly the church is called God's, Mewa in twenty-six propositions

· 17, &c. Useful inferences from God's church being his husbandry 24

How we may spiritualize the several parts of it. : 27


. Pag. TDle words, the evil of indulging ourselves in using them 342 Rules for avoiding them

349 Impotency, the unreasonableness of pleading it for the neglect of duty

380 Ingraffing of fruit-trees, a spiritual improvement of 1 156

K K Nowledge of God, proved to extend to all secrets 417

Several useful inferences from the perfection of it 425

I Abours, God sometimes blasts those of men in their
U callings
Launching of a mip, an emblem both of the natural and
fpiritual birth

' ' . 241 Leek, meditation on the polling up of one . 220 Lufts, of men, are represented by the monstrous things in · the sea


M M r Agnanimity, the necessity and nature of it shewn 294

. Vid. Fortitude. Manton (Dr.) a remarkable citation from him

320 Mariner's Compass, how it is an emblem of God's word 283 Maturity of grace, three signs of it mentioned

123 Of fia, fix tokeos which give evidence of it

124 Useful reflections upon that of grace and sin

126 Mediocrity, is the most desirable state, in reference to :: worldly things

Mirth, excess in it represented by too much fail in a storm 306 Miry.ground, represents the incurable state of many fouls 59

N .
N Avigation, the excellency of that which is fpiritual 232

Motivęs pressing to the serious stady of that which
is spiritual i

236 Trading by it is an emblem of Christian communion 267

Aths, the evil and danger of profane one's

243 Have an imprecation expressed or implied in them 344

Vid. Swearing. Ocean, how it is an emblem of God's mercy and eternity 245 The monstrous things in it, reader it an emblem of man's corrupt heart

249 Rocks in it are an emblem of God's church VOL. VIII.


Pleaflow the wisholt peculiare...

332, &c.

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- Pag, Ocean, The multitudes of creatures fed thereio, hould encourage our faith

275 The sweet waters drained from it, are an emblem of the saints afflictions

278 God's limiting bounds of it fpiritually improved 281 The ebbing and howing of it, is an emblem of the world's uncertainty

286 The depth of it an emblem of God's judgment 315 The multitude of men buried in it, shall certainly be

. raised again, 317. Vid. Sea. Oppressors, represented by the greater fish devouring the lesler


P pllot, his skill most peculiarly discovered in a storm 313 1 How the wisdom of God is shadowed forth by skill 316 Pleasures of fin, considerations to prevent the power of

them Plowing, represents the convincing of fippers

Reflections, and a poem on the spiritual sense of it 72 Poly, a meditation upon a withered one Posterity, a fpiritual improvement of the husbandman's care for it

. ..: 193 Prayer, what influences it has in the obtaining of mercies 393 How that of others conduces to our benefit

394 The great evil of neglecting it, or performing it slightly 396

Strong motives to be frequent and earnest in it , 399 Presence of God, what is included in it

417 Prosperity not to be ascribed to our own abilities, but

God's blessings
Five things necessarily included in it ..,
The several ingredients in it depend upon God's provi.

deace Useful inferences from its dependance on God's blessing 410 Providence, the evil of those who depend upon mcans in the neglecting of it

R. Ain, the neceflity of it to the earth A Eight things wherein the gospel is compared to it 82

Reflections upon it as an emblem of God's word 86 Rams, how professors are resembled by two fighting 215 Reaping the same we sow, how to be spiritually improved 134

Reflections upon it profitable for fingers and faints, 137


- 409

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