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Ghrift, The horrible wickedoels of despising him
The necessity of our union with him

85 What bis being sealed implies, 93. Vide. Sealed. What obligations we are under to devote ourselves to him

107 The great evil of using his blood as a common thing The nature of isis mediation explained

114 · Vide Mediator. The oeceflity of our being interested in him as Mediator 117 The danger of joining other mediators with him

123 What reason Christians have to be thankful to him ibid. The safety of believers in him

124 His prophetical office explained, 126. Vide Prophet. The nature and necessity of his priesthood

155 Vide Priesthood. How he obtains the throne in the hearts of men 216 Six ways of his ruling in the souls of men

2.18 The privileges of the subjects of his spiritual kingdom 222 His providential kingdom explained, 227. Vide Providence. How we should honour him in consideration of his abasement

250 How many ways he was humbled in his life

253 How he prepared himself for his death

265 His fatherly care discovered in his last prayer

267 Vide Prayer. The mercies he requested for his disciples when dying 268 The special arguments pleaded in his last prayer The last reasons of his praying for his disciples at his

death How his love and care was manifested in instituting his

supper His digoity was proclaimed by his enemies Remarks on the title pat upon his cross, 361. Vide Title. How he is called God's fellow His filence in his sufferiogs, how it is to be understood 385 The greatness of his burdeos, and his patience 'under

them His last words to be molt seriously considered

, 398 His render care of his mother when he was dyiog 412

Vide Mother. His doleful complaint upon the cross explained and ap . plied

438 How he breathed out his fpirit to his Father .: 477

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lewa. 328

Pag. Chriftian religion, the excelleocy of it above all others 160 Chriftians, whence it is they sometimes differ from themselves at other times


381 Circumcision of Christ, how he was humbled in it 253 City of God, the excellency of its place and company - 210 Committing our souls to God at death, several things im

plied in it, 479. Vide Soul; vide Death. Condemnation of Chrift, the great injustice of it thewn in six particulars

320, &c. Useful lesions to be learned from it

328 The wickedness of Pilate in giving it against him

Several uteful inferences conceroing it
Covenant of redemption, the general nature of it shewn
The perfoos transactiog, the business transacted, and

the manner of transacting it
The promises made to our Saviour therein
What the Redeemer restipulated in it.
How puoctually the articles of it were performed on
both parts

ibid. The eternity and security of it .

61 Useful inferences from it .

ibid. Crofs, the death upon it shewn to be of the worst kind 347, &C.

Why Christ died upon it, rather than any other death 351 Useful inferences from our Saviour's enduring it 352, &c. What encouragement believers have to bear theirs for

Christ Crucifixion, the worst kind of death, 346. Vide Cross. " -Cup, a portion of sufferings so called How Christ prayed that his might pass from him 295

, D D Arius (king of Persia) declared filthy waters was sweet

to him, in his great thirst, 452. Vide Thirft. Deatb, Christ prepared himself for it, by praying for his

disciples, 266. By institutiog his last supper, 279
And, by praying for himself

292 It immediately brings believers into a state of happiness' 429 Useful inferences concerning the immediate consequence

of it to believers
Preparations for it not ordinarily to be expected at the

time of it
How much all, and particularly young people, are con-
cerned to prepare for it








Death, How believers are encouraged therein, to conimit their fools to God

482 Useful deductions from the encouragemeat of believers

in it 4. That of Christ was, in gederal, designed for four excel

·lent cods Debauchery, vide Profaneness. Delight, how Christ was such to his father before his it- carnation • The Dature of that of Christ in the Father deferibed Desertion, Christ's complaint of it upon the cross

439 The pature of that which Christ codured, explained negatively and positively

440, doc. The ends for which Christ was exposed to it by the Fa.

ther It is the greatest misery of God's children

446 Comfort to sincere Christians when under it

447 Rules to be obferved by believers when exercised with it 450 Devils, their sin got so much aggravated as ours is rejecte

ing Chrift Dignity of Christ was proclaimed by his judge. Disciples of Christ), how they left their Lord in his fuf

ferings. Vide Sheep. Doctrines, how to make a right judgment of them 136 Drop of Christ's blood ; how voreasonable it is to fay, one

only was fufficient to redeem the whole world 168

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Aith in Christ, the necessity of it to falvation

161 I How useful it is to God's people both living and dyiog 478 Fellow to God, How Christ is said to be ro, 371. Vide Christ.. Finished, (It is) The comprehensiveness of these words, as

used by our Saviour How Chris finished the work of redemption on the cross 4 bung What assurance we have of the work of redemption be


ing so

.469 470, &c.

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Saviour herein


Several useful inferences concerning this
How we should imitate our Savinur hereio . 473
How inuch it concerns us to have our work so, when

death comes
Flavel (Mr. John), his life and epiftles

- -33 Flesh. pur for the whole human nature · How the word was said to be made fierh.

- ibid. Forgiveness (a privilege) the greatness of this mercy 3y8

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Forhow the war the whole life and en




Pag. Forgiveness, The nature of it opened

403 What ground igoorant opposers of Christ have to ex

pect it
Forgiveness (a duty) the dature of it hewa, negatively

and positively
The excellency of it, and our obligation to it

409 Several useful inferences concerning it

• 410 Funeral, several remarkable things in that of Christ , 490 . Four reasons why our Saviour had one, not withstanding the small time of his death

492 The impossibility of making an oration on that of Christ, worthy of him

495 Peculiar properties of that of our Lord

· · 493 - To have a decent one, is laudable among Christians 497 How that of our Saviour encourages believers against

fearing the grave
How that of sincere Christians is rendered comfortable

by their union with Christ
Future state, the reality of one after this life proved 425
Souls pass immediately into it at the time of death : 429
God may, but seldom does, prepare men for it at the
hour of death

433 Arden, That where Christ was in his agony described 293 Gospel, seems to be epitomized (in lsa. lii.)

54 The inexcusableness of those who perifh under it 248 How it makes the best husbands and wives, parents and children, doc.

412 Gospel-ordinances, the great efficacy of them when doly administered

100 Grave, How it is rendered a place of reft to believers 499 How fiocere Christians are encouraged against the fears

of it by Christ's funeral
Grecians, How strangely they were affected with delive-
rance from bondage


H appiness (of faiots) explained, as objective, subjec-
Il tive, and formal

Honour, In what instances we should give it to Chrilt 250
Human nature wonderfully advanced in the person of Christ 80
Humiliation of Christ several instances of it in his life 253
Several very useful inferences from it

359 ớc. . VOL. VIII.



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Voor very oletut leveral inheed in the pertence


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Hyposiatical union in Christ, the nature and effects of it

Vid. Incarnation
TGnorance of the gospel, the misery of being under the

power of it
Of the Jews concerning Christ, the nature and cau-
fes of it

139 -- Of Christ, how it occasions enmity agaiost him 401

There is forgiveness with God for such as labour under it 403 Imaginations, what is meant by them, (2 Cor. x. 5) 214 How the gospel calls them down

216 Incarnation of Christ explained in five particulars

Several effects resulting from ic
Some designs of it mentioned

84 How the love of the Father and of the Son (hines forth io it

86 Several useful inferences concerning it

.87 Christ's wonderful abasement in it, Mewn in fix things 243 Several improvements we should make of the doctrine of it

.247, &ca Infidelity, the unreafonableness of it Inheritance of believers, comprehends temporal, fpiritual, and eternal good things

206 How much we are concerned to clear up our interest in it 212 Inscription put upon the cross of Christ, explained 359

Vid. Title. Intercession of Christ, the nature of it opened in feveral things

179 The efficacy of it with the Father

183 Profitable inferences from the doctrine of it

185 It gives manifold encouragement to fiacere Chriftians ibid. Judas (the traitor) his eminency among the apostles 307 · The aggravations of his fio in betraying his Lord The motives and issue of his wickedness

310 - Warnings to professors, from his dismal example 312, &c. Justice of God, the inflexible severity of it


к K ing, The necessity of Christ's being fo, as well as prophet and priest

213 Signs of Christ being our king Kingdom of Christ, spiritual and providential

214 How Christ obtains it, and manages it in mens hearts 216 The privileges of the fubjects thereof .




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