Mystery of the 7 Colors of the Rainbow: The Symbol of the 7 Eras of the Earth

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AuthorHouse, 19 lip 2005 - 148

This is a written for the human.____

So if you are a human this is for you.


Dedicated and designed for all ages, societies, cultures, social groups, fraternal institutions, and for the most kind of religions, this book is the first one from the collection “Mysteries Of # 7. Fiction? Speculation? Or Prophesy?”


“Mystery Of The 7 Colors Of The Rainbow” presents the rainbow as the Scriptures name it, “ the token of the covenant [between God and men and all the creation] for perpetual generations”, [or …for perpetual centuries” as the Spanish version says [Gen 9:12]. Furthermore, apostle Luke confirms us that God “has determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation” [Acts 17:26].

So, being the rainbow “the symbol of the times for human generations”, which shows us 7 different colors, it is obvious that the rainbow shows 7 different eras of the earth.


In this study you will learn about [1]- the 7 different eras of the earth and its respective 7 evolutional-and-predominant judgments, [2]- the possible cause of extinction of the giant dinosaurs, [3]- the age of man on the earth, [4]- the difference between the human and the animal, [5]- the sons of God and The Son of God, [6]- about the future cloned-human and its most important details which incriminate him as the 666-Satan-man or The-Beast. And [7]- the rainbow has other prophetic symbolic-meaning that you will see further.


The most important supporting base of this book are the revelation and illumination from the Holy Spirit, through God’s Word, for “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it” [Psalm 127:1a].


The fountain of inspiration to begin writing this collection was a prophetical illumination from the Lord, and through His Word, for the many years studying and assimilating His prophecies; and for our personal encounter with God.


The biblical texts and citations of references appearing in this book have been taken from 28 different books from God’s Word, such as 12 from the Old Testament or Torah, and 18 from the New Testament. These books and texts of references have been taken from the “King James Version” bible.  Moreover, some details regarding to records of generations and years, have been taken from this biblical version too.


[If the bible of your preference is other biblical version, please compare the same meaning from the version used in this book].


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Informacje o autorze (2005)

When I received the illumination from The Creator regarding to the seven-colors’ mystery in 1990, I left in the Hand of the Lord the time He would give us to publish this theme. I did not understand before why I’ve been received this revelation out of its publishing time, fifteen years before; but now I see that we’ve needed those past few years to be praying to God and studying together in unity His Word, until receiving His complete Revelation and knowledge in order to perfection this prophetical study through His Word; and through this, completing the verification of this truth. Then once and for all we can see that the time to reveal the “Mystery Of The 7 Colors Of The Rainbow” has already come.  THIS IS THE TIME!!!


By today’s days, my time in the study of the Prophetic Word is about 22 years, while my co-authors are about 18 and 14 respectively [from children as in Jews families culture] from different local and non-local theological and evangelistic schools and seminaries in the USA.

I had been taken my first 5 years of prophetical knowledge from local seminaries in my previous country.


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