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demption through his blood, even the forgiveness of fins.

After the conclufion of the whole action.

Blefs the Lord, O my foul, and all that is within me, blefs his holy name. Blefs the Lord, O my foul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgiveth all thine iniquities, and healeth all thy difeafes; who redeemeth thy life from deftruction, and crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies; who fatisfieth thy mouth with good things. Blefs the Lord, O my foul.

A prayer to be used in private afterwards.

I praise and magnify thy great and glorious name, O Lord, my God, for the bleffed opportunity afforded to me this day, of commemorating thy infinite goodness and mercy to me and all mankind, in fending thy only Son into the world to take our nature upon him, to fubmit to the infirmities and · miferies of it, to live amongst us, and to dy for us: And to preferve the memory of this great love and goodness of thine to us for ever in our hearts, that thou hast been pleafed to appoint the bleffed facrament, for a folemn remembrance of it. Grant, O Lord, that I may faithfully keep and perform that holy covenant which I have this day fo folemnly renewed and confirmed in thy prefence, and at thy table. Let it be an eternal obligation upon me, of perpetual love and obedience to thee. Let nothing feem hard for me to do, or grievous for me to fuffer for thy fake, who whilft I was a finner, and an enemy to thee, lovedft me at fuch a rate as never any man did his friend.

Grant that by this facrament there may be conveyed to my foul new fpiritual life and ftrength, and fuch a measure of thy grace and affiftance, as may enable me to a greater care of my duty for the


future: That I may henceforth live as becomes the redeemed of the Lord; even to him who died for my sins, and rose again for my juftification, and is now fet down on the right hand of the throne of God, to make interceffion for me. In his holy name and words I conclude my imperfect prayers :

OUR Father which art in heaven, hallowed be

thy name. kingdom come. Thy done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trefpaffes, as we forgive them that have trefpaffed against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil : For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.



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*** The letters denote the volumes, the figures the pages.


HE God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What the ex-

pression denotes, ii. 32.
Abraham's religion. The antiquity of it, ii. 143.
Adam. The first and second Adam, ii. 153.
Æons, or ages ; what they signify, iii. 28.
Age. The gospel-age, or laft-age, i. 68.
Afištions, i. 73: How born, i. 106, 219. Why sent, i.

165. Whence, i. 168. Amelius, the Platonist, a more indifferent judge of the Holy

Scriptures than the Arians and Socinians, iii. 27. Angels, and blessed Spirits. The new joy they conceive at

finners repentance, i. 227. Their knowledge of human affairs, i. 284. Their appearances, iii. 71. Christ took not their nature on him. And why, iii. 72. . Angels, or Dæmons, iii. 88. Anger, The folly and fin, i. 85. Antiquity. The vanity of the church of Rome's pretence to

it; ii. 197 M. Antoninus. An excellent saying of his about the confi

deration of our ways, i. 236. Apollinaris, and his followers. Their heresies concerning our

blessed Saviour, iii. 25. 74.
Apostacy. The nature of that sin, i. 299.
Apotheoses, or canonizing of the Heathen, iii. 88.



ii. 129

Arguments ; how to be used, ii. 26, 30. Arians. On what texts of H. Scripture they conceit the eternal Son of God to be a creature, iii. 35. That false opi.

nion, and the Socinians confuted, iii. 39. Arian heresies, iii. 35. Arianism, far greatest part of the Christian world fell to it,

iii. 333. The Aristotelian Atheist, i. 11. Aristotle, the first who asserted the world's eternity, i. 14.

That'false opinion fully answered, in seq. Arnauld (Monsieur) his ways of demonstration of doctrines

reje&ted, ii. 116. His absurdities for transubstantiation, Asia and Africa. A relation of the Christans there, iii. 336. Arts and learning; their original, and benefit to mankind,

i. 18. 1 Asurance. With reference to a man's future good condition,

and true grounds of it, i. 256, bo. Atheism. The kinds of it, i. 10. And the unreasonableness

thereof; particularly of speculative atheism. The danger, i. 35. The folly and madness of the same, i. 40, 41, 210.

Its progrefs and power, i. 79. Deftru&tive of human societies, ii. 134. The unreasonableness of it. See p. 7,

bc. of the preface. Atheists. Their great danger if their opinions prove false, i.

63. Their misery here, and hereafter, ibid. Their vain

opinions when clearly discovered, ii. 383. Atoms, according to Epicurus, i. 22. His account in making them the original of the world, fully examined, ibid.

and confuted, vid. 44. The Divine Attributes, ii. 397, and the happiness in firm be

lief of them, in feq. St. Auguftine noted concerning tradition, iii. 411.

B H. Baptism, i. 133. The obligation therein, i. 138. And profession, i. 191. Infant baptism, iii. 185. Where

on the benefit of that H. facrament depends, ii. 120. Basilides, his heresies, üi. 28. Batramus, or Bertram. His opposing the doctrine of transub

ftantiation, ii. 117. Berengarius, his recantation of the doctrine -and error of

transubftantiation, ii. 115, Belief and Believers : of what comprehensive fignification those terms are in H. Scripture, i. 2. In religion : The

proper grounds of it, i. 367. Bellarmine's (Cardinal) errors for transubstantiation, ii, 113.


His two goodly marks of the Church, universality and

splendor, ii. 140.
Bisop of Rome, vid. church of Rome, iii. 157, & in seq.
Blasphemous thoughts, how mistaken sometimes, i. 301.

Blasphemy, wherein appearing, i. 293.
Blood of Christ. Whence called, the blood of the covenant, iii.
Books. Pious books : The charity in bestowing them, ii. 48.



Cabbala, or oral tradition of the Jews, iii. 375. Cæfar. Julius Cæsar: A remark on him, ii. 303. Cain and Abel's sacrifice considered, ii. 35.. Canaan. Land of Canaan, a Type : Of what, ii. 283. Care of our souls : The one thing needful, ii. 260. Carpocrates's heresy against the divinity of Christ, iii. 28. Casaubon (Dr.) vindicated from S. S. cavils, iii. 399. Catechism. The Roman Catechism set forth by the council of

Trent; and what it teaches of oral tradition, iii. 389. Catechising. The necessity and advantages, iii. 201. Mise

ry in the neglect, ibid. Cenfors of doctrines at Rome, iii. 392. Censuring of others. The fin, i. 263. Ceremonies of the Jewish religion, ii. 156. Of the church,

iii. 159. Of the church of Rome. Their number and

vanity, ii. 156. Cerintbus's heresy, iii. 28. Chaldean philofophy: The antiquity thereof, iii. 28. Chance could not make the world, i. 23. Chance, ii. 299, 300. Charity. An essential mark of the true church, i. 202. The

want of it in the church of Romie, i. 285. The abuse of it, i. 310. The profit in this life, i. 318. Exhortation to it, the nature of it, i. 339. To our neighbour, ii. 310. The promises made to charity, ii. 39. To the poor, i. 318, 319. ii. 311. To be joined with religious fafting, ii. 365, 367. To the poor directed, and the benefits, i. 316, 317. To mens souls, how exercised, i. 305. Whence learnt, iii. 121. How to be extended, ii. 64. Difference between concessions of charity and necessity. ii. 145. In what sense a new commandment, i. 338. The degreesand

measures of it, i. 340. The obligations to it, ibid. Chastity, i. 73. iii. 192. Chiliasts, in J. Martyr's time, the persuasion of all orthodox

Christians, iii. 376. Children. Education of them. The duty and interest there

in, iii. 163. & in feq. Their tempers to be known, in order to their good education, iii. 203. Many arguments


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