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comes very strongly recom.

mended to us from its own
Excellency and Importance ;

that Branch of it especially relating to the Satisfa&tion of Christ, which is II. the meritorious Cause of our Justification ; as Faith, when found, lively and practical is its III. conditional one.

To induce and enable us to attend effectually to this Condition, that it may at • last end in our Salvation, the Divine Grace IV.

is promised to support our best Endeavours. These are powerfully enforced from the Relation we stand in to God, as his Children ---his SubjeEts,---and his Servants ; as well as V. VI. from the Motives of Interest drawn from VII. the Value and irreparable Loss of the Soul.--- VIII, And that the Performance of our Duty may be acceptable, it must be in the Measure of it universal, and in its Progrefs per-IX. > petual.

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