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Arnold's First Greek Book,* on the Flan of the first Latin Book. 12mo. 297 pages, . . . . . . . 75

Arnold's Practical Introduction to Greek Prose

Composition.* 12mo. 237 pages, . . ... . . 75

Arnold's Second Part to the Above.* 12mo. 248

pages, 75

Arnold's Greek Reading Book. Containing the Substance of the Practical Introduction to Greek Construing and a Treatise on the Greek Particles; also, Copious Selections from Greek Authors, with Critical and Explanatory English Notes and \ a Lexicon. 12mo.. 618 pages, 125

Dr. Arnold's Greek Courses have been carefully revised, corrected, and improved by J. A. Spencer, D.D., making them a thorough, practical, and easy Greek course.

Boise's Exercises In Greek Prose Composition.

Adapted to the First Book of Xenophon's Anabasis. By James B. Boise, Professor of Greek in University of Michigan. 12mo. 135 pages, .. . . . 75

Champlin's Short and Comprehensive Greek

Grammar. By J. T. -champlin, Professor of Greek and Latin In Waterville College. 12mo. 208 pages 75

First Lessons in Greek." or, the Beginner's CompanionBook to Hadley's Grammar. By James Moeeis Whiton, rector of Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, Ct. (Eecently published.) 12mo, 75

Hadley's Greek. Grammar,* for Schools and Colleges. By James Hadley, Professor in Tale College. (Eecently published.) 12mo. 866 pages, .......... 1 25

Herodotus, Selections From; Comprising mainly such portions as give a Connected History of the East, to the Fall of Babylon and the Death of Cyrus the Great By Herman M. Johnson, D.D., Professor of Philosophy and English Literature in Dickinson College. 12mo. 185 pages, .... 75

Kuhner's Greek Grammar. Translated by Professors Edwaeds and Tayloe. Large 12mo. 620 pages, . - 1 50

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