The History of England, Tom 7

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Strona 496 - ... for my pen to tell you. I beseech you that as God and many more know, how innocent I am in this case: so you will believe me, that if I had bid aught I would have bid by it.
Strona 468 - This Book of Articles before rehearsed is again approved, and allowed to be holden and executed within the realm, by the assent and consent of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth, by the Grace of God, of England, France, and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c.
Strona 276 - In granting whereof, they had their desires, and denying or deferring thereof (those things being so plaudable, as indeed to all men they are) they thought to work me that mischief, which never Foreign Enemy could bring to pass, which is the hatred of my Commons. But alas they began to pierce the...
Strona 483 - I should either be proud to live, or fear to die. I have had good experience of this world. I have known what it is to be a subject, and I now know what it is to be a sovereign. Good neighbours I have had, and I have met with bad ; and in trust, I have found treason.
Strona 276 - But do you think, that either I am unmindful of your surety by succession, wherein is all my care, considering I know myself to be mortal? No, I warrant you. Or that I went about to break your liberties? No, it was never in my meaning, but to stay you before you fell into the ditch.
Strona 3 - Cheney, treasurer of the household ; sir John Gage, comptroller ; sir Anthony Wingfield, vice-chamberlain ; sir William Petre, secretary of state ; sir Richard Rich, sir John Baker, sir Ralph Sadler, sir Thomas Seymour, sir Richard Southwell, and sir Edmund Peckham».
Strona 276 - ... memory, than those spoken by her command, I mean to say thus much unto you. I have in this Assembly found so much dissimulation, where I always professed plainness, that I marvel thereat, yea two faces under one hood...
Strona 24 - The reprefentatives of the commons were chufen, as they are at prefent, without any iniiruaions concerning the points to be debated in parliament, nay, without the people's knowing any thing of them. Thus, the houfe of commons had, as I may fay, an unlimited power to determine by a majority of votes, with the concurrence of the Iprds and aflent of the king, what they deemed proper for the welfare of the kingdom.
Strona 39 - ... and breast, with an adjuration of the devil to go out of him, and come at him no more. Then the priest was to take the child by the right hand, and to place him within the font; there he was to be dipped thrice, once on the right side, once on the left, and once on the breast, which was to be discreetly done; but if the child were weak, it was sufficient to sprinkle water on his face.
Strona 572 - For the Queen! For the Queen! A plot is laid for my life!

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