Despatches, Correspondence, and Memoranda of Field Marshal Arthur, Duke of Wellington, K. G.: 1831-1832

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Strona 125 - Will you. to the utmost of your power maintain the laws of God, the true profession of the gospel, and the Protestant reformed religion established by the law? And will you preserve unto the bishops and clergy of this realm, and to the churches committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain unto them, or any of them? King or queen. All this I promise to do.
Strona 125 - Union, that the churches of England and Ireland, as now by law established, be united into one protestant episcopal church, to be called " The United Church of England and Ireland," and that the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government of the said united church shall be, and shall remain in full force for ever, as the same are now by law established for the church of England; and that the continuance and preservation of the said united church, as the established church of England and Ireland,...
Strona 79 - ... with the advice of our Privy Council, to issue this our Royal Proclamation, hereby...
Strona 125 - And I do hereby disclaim, disavow, and solemnly abjure any Intention to subvert the present Church Establishment as settled by Law within this Realm: And I do solemnly swear, That I never will exercise any Privilege to which I am or may become entitled, to disturb or weaken the Protestant Religion or Protestant Government in the United Kingdom...
Strona 137 - My lords and gentlemen, I have come to meet you for the purpose of proroguing this Parliament, with a view to its immediate dissolution. ' I have been induced to resort to this measure for the purpose of ascertaining the sense of my people...
Strona 137 - ... demonstrates, in the most unequivocal manner, his own conscientious persuasion of the rectitude of those motives upon which he has acted, and affords to his people the best opportunity of testifying their determination to support him in every exercise of the prerogatives of his crown, which is conformable to the sacred obligations under which they are held, and conducive to the welfare of his kingdom, and to the security of the constitution.
Strona 198 - we have hitherto seen serene and quiet times under our three last sovereigns : but I must now warn you to prepare for clouds and storms. Factions arise on every side, and threaten the tranquillity of your native country. But whatever happen, do you faithfully honor and obey your prince, and adhere to the crown. I charge you never to forsake the crown, though it should hang upon a bush.
Strona 472 - ... whether it may not be possible to effect improvements in the laws respecting this subject, which may afford the necessary protection to the Established Church, and at the same time remove the present causes of complaint.
Strona 31 - ... is the undoubted right of his majesty, and his royal predecessors, kings and queens of England; and that both or either house of parliament cannot nor ought to pretend to the same.
Strona 136 - My lords and gentlemen, on a full consideration of the present situation of affairs, and of the extraordinary circumstances which have produced it, I am induced to put an end to this session of parliament. I feel it a duty which I owe to the constitution and to the country, in such a situation, to recur as speedily as possible to the sense of my people, by calling a new parliament.

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