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COURTEOUS Reader, we here present before you a Collection of Hymns we believe to be suitable to all real Christians; also, instructions and warnings to the lukewarm, and those out of the way. In these Hymns are a true description of the Fall of Man by the First Adam and the Redemption by the Second Adam, and the Christian's walk through this world, 80 that he may escape the judgment of God, and find his way to Heaven. In these Hymns there is a spirit of gladness, which some would call mirth. It is true there is a time to mourn, even with the best Christian; but there is also a time to rejoice. How suitable is singing God's praises to a glad heart ; it is one special part of God's worship. In these Hymns are contained the doctrines of the Bible. Here is the election of God and reprobation, and what their characters are, and all the true doctrines of CHRIST in a brief manner. These Hymns have been selected from various sources, and from somo of the oldest collections we could find, at which period we believe there was more spirit of true religion than now. Here are some of our own composing. We therefore present to our readers, and especially to the Peculiar People, this collection of Hymns as the fruits of our labour, and though we may not give satisfaction to all, our prayer to God is that they may prove salvation to some.




HYMNS 1 Predestination and Election

1- 9 2 Creation and Providence

10- 27 3 Fall and Redemption

28- 34 4 Incarnation and Nativity

35-43 5 Name of Jesus and His Work

44-47 ☆ Sufferings and Death of Jesus Christ 48- 66 7 Resurrection of Jesus Christ

67- 72 8 Ascension of Jesus Christ

73-76 9 Intercession of Christ

77- 82 10 The Trinity

83-89 11 Our Heavenly Father

90— 93 12 Jesus Christ, the Son of God ..

94-106 13 The Holy Ghost, His Gifts and Operations 107-113 14 God's Call of Grace to the Unconverted 114—124 15 Repentance unto Life

125-131 16 Faith and Hope

132-140 17 The Forgiveness of Sins

141-144 18 New Birth

145-150 19 Communion with Christ

161-163 20 Happiness of the Children of God

164-171 21 Gratitude to God

172-175 22 Zeal for God

176-177 23 Love to Jesus

178-180 24 Following Jesus, and Bearing His Reproach 181—209 25 Patience and Confidence in God..

210-236 26 Praise and Thanksgiving


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