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YERTAINLY that man would

be greedy of life, who should desire to live when all the world was at an end; and he must needs be very impatient, who would repine at death in the society of all things that suffer under it. Had not almost every man suffered by the press, or were not the tyran. ny thereof become universal, I had not wanted reason for complaint: but in times wherein I have lived to behold the highest perversion of that excellent invention, the name of his Majesty defamed, the honour of parliament deprama the writings of both depraved, anticipatively, and counterfeit


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Upon the information of animadver

fions to come forth, upon the impere fect and furreptitious copy of Religio Medici, whilst this true one was going to preff HONOURED SIR, VIVÊ your servant, who hath honoured you,

leave to take notice of a book at present in the press, intitled, fas I am ins form’d) Animadversions upon a treaa țise lately printed, under the name of


Religio Medici ; hereof, I am advertised, you have condescended to be the author. Worthy Sir, permit your servant to affirm there is contained therein nothing that can de serve the reason of your contradictions, much less sthe candour of your animadverfions; and to certify the truth thereof, that book (whereof I do, acknowledge myself the au thor) was penned many years past; and (what cannot escape your apprehension) with no intention for the press, or the least desire to 0. blige the faith of any man to its assertions. But what hath more especially emboldened my pen un to you at present is, that the same piece, .contrived in my private {tu dy, and as an exercise unto myself rather than an exercitation for any othor, having past from my

hand part,

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[ ] Hand under a broken and imperfe& copy, by frequent transcription it still run forward into corruption, and after the addition of fome things, omiffion of others, and tranfposition of

many, without my affent or privacy, the liberty of these times committed it unto the press; whence it issued so disguised, on could not acknowledge it. Ha

a tinctiving thus miscarried, within a few weeks I shall, God willing, deliver unto the press the true and intended original, whereof, in the mean time, your worthy self may command a view ; so that, when ever that copy shall be extant, it will most clearly appear how far the text hath been mistaken, and all observations, glosses, or exercitations thereon, will, in a great

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