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THIRTY-TWO SELECT CHANTS; arranged for Four Voices, with Accompaniment. By T. INGRAM. Fcap. 8vo,

sewed, 6d.

These Chants are printed in small music type. They may be separated and placed in a Psalter or Prayer Book, so as to be conveniently presented to the eye, along with the Psalm.

THE CHORAL RESPONSES AND LITANIES OF THE UNITED CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND, collected from authentic sources by the Rev. JOHN JEBB, A.M., Rector of Peterstow, Herefordshire. Folio, 30s.

The present work contains a full collection of the harmonised compositions of ancient date; including nine sets of preces and responses, and fifteen litanies, with a few of the more ancient Psalm Chants. They are given in full score, and in their proper cliffs. In the upper part, however, the treble is substituted for the "cantus or "medius" cliff; and the whole work is so arranged as not only to suit the library of the musical student, but to be adapted for use in the Choir.

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In the Preface the authorities for the several documents are stated, the variations between the different copies noticed, and a succinct history given of this department of the English Choral Service since the Reformation.

THE CHORAL CLASS BOOK; or, Singer's Manual, for use in Churches, Families, Schools, and Choral Societies. By THOMAS INGRAM, of the Royal Academy of Music, late Conductor of the Motett Society, and Choral Master at the College, Brighton. 8vo, sewed, 2s. 6d. ; cloth, 3s. 6d.

"An ably written manual for the study of those who wish to attain to the knowledge of taking a part in the psalmody and vocal music of our church. A good book of this kind has long been wanting."-English Journal of Education

HYMNS AND THEIR TUNES, selected for public and Private Worship; containing 107 Hymns, with Music on the opposite page, so as to be presented to the eye simultaneously. 18mo, cloth, 38. 6d.

PSALMS AND HYMNS for the Service of the Church. Being a collection of Tunes, adapted to the various measures of the several selections made for the Church, and more particularly to that compiled for the use of St. Margaret's, Westminster. By the Rev. H. H. MILMAN; to which are added Chants for the Services and Responses to the Commandments, with the words at length, and a concise system of chanting to enable all the congregation to join therein, selected by J. B. SALE. 4to, 1. 58.

MEMOIRS OF MUSIC. By the Hon. ROGER NORTH, Attorney-General to James I. Now first printed from the original MS., and edited, with copious Notes, by EDWARD F. RIMBAULT, LL.D., F.S.A., &c. &c. Handsomely printed in 4to, half bound in morocco, with a portrait. The remaining copies are raised in price to 308.

Abounding with interesting Musical Anecdotes; the Greek Fables respecting the origin of Music; the rise and progress of Musical Instruments; the early Musical Drama; the origin of our present fashionable Concerts; the first performance of the Beggar's Opera, &c.



Selected chiefly from Works of Art in the British Museum, the Museum of Economic Geology, Marlborough House, and the New Crystal Palace. Drawn by FRANCIS BEDFORD, THOMAS SCOTT, and THOMAS MACQUOID; and edited by JOSEPH CUNDALL. Nearly ready.

This volume contains 220 different designs, 69 of which are elaborately coloured: they will be found useful for copying, and for suggestions to all classes of designers. Descriptive letter-press is attached.

HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the INVASION of JULIUS CÆSAR to the end of the REIGN of GEORGE II. By HUME and SMOLLETT. With the Continuation from the Accession of George III. to the Accession of Queen Victoria. By the Rev. T. S. HUGHES, B.D., late Canon of Peterborough. Also, Copious Notes, the Author's last Corrections, Improvement, and Enlargement. With Historical Illustrations, Autographs, and Portraits. To be published in Crown Octavo, Weekly, in Seventy-two Parts, with Illustrations at One Shilling each; and in 18 Monthly Volumes, price 48. each, bound in cloth.

HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the ACCESSION of GEORGE III., to the Accession of QUEEN VICTORIA. By the Rev. T. S. HUGHES, B.D., late Canon of Peterborough. New edition, 7 vols., 8vo., 31. 138. 6d.


ANTHONY GRANT, D.C.L., Archdeacon of St. Alban's, and Vicar of Romford, Essex. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, with a map, 38. 6d.

HITHER AND THITHER ; or, SKETCHES OF TRAVEL ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ATLANTIC, containing Notes of a Visit to Madeira, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Cadiz, Malta, Rome, New York, Canada, Kingston, the Falls of Niagara, Bay of Quinté and Montreal. By REGINALD FOWLER, Esq., Barrister-at-law. In 8vo. price 10s. 6d.

"A liberal and gentlemanly tone prevails throughout. We have not noticed a single reprehensible sentiment. The views of American Society are distinguished by a quiet good sense and freedom from prejudice not often met with."-Athenæum.

"Mr. Fowler's Sketches are not wanting in interesting details, and the narrative is the free outpouring of a steady and careful pen."-Literary Gazette.

ON THE STUDY OF LANGUAGE: An Exposition of Tooke's Diversions of Purley. By CHARLES RICHARDSON, LL.D., Author of "A New Dictionary of the English Language." 12mo., cloth, price 48. 6d.

"The judicious endeavour of a veteran philologist to extend the philosophical study of language by popularising Horn Tooke's 'Diversions of Purley.' Dr. Richardson has done good service to the study of language in this very judicious and compact recast, for the book is much more than an abridgment." -Spectator.

A NEW DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Combining Explanation with Etymology: and Illustrated by Quotations from the best Authorities. By CHARLES RICHARDSON, LL.D. New edition, corrected, in the press. 2 vols. 4to., cloth, boards.

"We have the various acceptations, in which every word has been used by approved writers, collected by Dr. Richardson, in a Dictionary such as, perhaps, no other language could ever boast; and we have a new guide for the theory and use of languages, exemplifying his (H. Tooke's) principles by applying them to our tongue."-Quarterly Review. No. LXX.

"It is an admirable addition to our Lexicography,' supplying a great desideratum, as exhibiting the biography of each word, its birth, parentage, and education, the changes that have befallen it, the company it has kept, and the connexions it has formed, by a rich series of quotations, all in chronological order."-Quarterly Review. March, 1847.

"In most cases Richardson's Dictionary, the only one from which I can promise you effectual help, for it is the only English one, in which Etymology assumes the dignity of a Science, will put you in the right position for judging why the Word has been suggested to you."--Trench on the Study of Words.

A NEW DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Combining Explanations with Etymologies. By CHARLES RICHARDSON, LL.D. 8vo., new edition, in the press. "I should think a work of such merit and utility would find its way into public schools. You have rendered a service to all young students and young readers, who wish to understand their own language, to which beyond all doubt nothing aut simile aut secundum ever existed before."-The late Rev. Canon Tate to the Author.

A HISTORY OF ENGLISH RHYTHMS. By EDWIN GUEST, LL.D., F.S.A., Master of Caius College, Cambridge. 2 vols. 8vo., 158.


By the late HENRY GUNNING, M.A., Senior Esquire Bedell. Second Edition, Two vols., post 8vo., price 218.

"Some of the stories are extremely piquant, and others are interesting as pictures of manners and habits of our forefathers, and such as are not to be procured from the ordinary records of information respecting bygone times." -Cambridge Chronicle.

"We have preferred amusing extracts in such as we have taken from Mr. Gunning's 'Reminiscences; but let not the reader suppose that there is not also grave information in them. The volumes contain interesting notices of many very distinguished characters connected with the period they describe, and with whom the author was personally acquainted."-Examiner.

POETRY OF THE YEAR: Passages from the Poets, descriptive of the Seasons, with Twenty-Two Coloured Illustrations from Drawings by the following eminent Artists :-T. Creswick, R.A.; C. Davidson; W. Lee; J. Muller; E. Duncan; Birket Foster; D. Cox; H. Le Jeune; W. Hemsley; C. Branwhite; J. Wolf; C. Weigall; Harrison Weir; R. R.; E. V. B.; Lucette E. Barker. Small 4to., handsomely bound in cloth, 25s., morocco 358., large paper 27. 28., morocco 21. 12s. 6d.

"Trying the volume before us by its own pretensions, it may be pronounced as excellent on the whole,-a welcome specimen of the progress made in coloured book-illustration, and a tasteful evidence of what our English designers can do in illustration of Thomson, Bloomfield, Cowper, Clare, Hemans, Tennyson, and other of our poets."-Athenæum.

SHADES OF CHARACTER; or, The Infant Pilgrim. By the late Mrs. WOODROOFFE. Sixth Edition. 2 vols. 12mo., cloth, 12s.

By the same,

THE HISTORY OF MICHAEL KEMP, THE HAPPY FARMER'S LAD. A Tale of Rustic Life. Seventh Edition. 12mo. cloth, 48.

MICHAEL THE MARRIED MAN. A Sequel to the above. New edition preparing.

COTTAGE DIALOGUES; or, Characters and Scenes in Rural Life. New edition preparing.


WIDOW'S RESCUE; SELECT EULOGIES; SCHOOLED OR FOOLED, a Tale; with other Literary Recreations. Collected and Recollected by Sir FORTUNATUS DWARRIS, Knt., B.A., F.R.S., F.S.A. 12mo, cloth, 58.

A POETRY BOOK FOR CHILDREN, Illustrated with Thirty-three highly finished Engravings, by C. W. Cope, R.A., A. Helmsley, S. Palmer, F. Skill, G. Thomas, and H. Weir, price 2s. 6d.

THE FAIRY GODMOTHERS AND OTHER TALES. By Mrs. ALFRED GATTY, with Illustrations. Small 8vo, cloth, 48. 6d.

THE ENGLISH GENTLEMAN: his Principles, his Feelings, his manners, his Pursuits. 12mo, sewed, 1s.; calf or morocco, 4s. 6d.

"We like him so well as to wish heartily we might meet many such."Theologian.

"The object of the first of the four essays is to form the principles of a gentleman on a Christian standard. In the other three subjects, of feelings, manners, and pursuits, the views, though strict, are of a more worldly kind." -Spectator,



ECCLES. In Fcap. 8vo, Price 5s.

A Tale.

By Mrs.

"A sound and intelligent book. We can conscientiously recommend it. We have gone through it with interest, and are perfectly certain that those of our readers who may peruse it, especially such as have children, will thank us for drawing attention to a work so innocently amusing and pleasantly instructive. We have no hesitation in pronouncing it one of the best works of its kind."-Churchman's Magazine.

THE HAYMAKERS' HISTORIES. Twelve Cantos in Terza Rima. By RUTHER. 12mo, price 4s.

"This is a scholarly little book, sweet as a meadow at haytime, and full of summer influences. We confess this little volume excites our curiosity; and as to the writer, the skill with which the metre is carried through, the almost immaculate correctness of the rhymes, and the equality of strength which pervades the whole, would indicate a poet of some standing, although the style resembles none that we remember. Really, an imitation of some of Crabbe's works becomes in his hands a poem as dainty and fanciful as the garden scenes of Queen Fiametta in the Decamerone.' "Athenæum.

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Many a faithful miniature of healthy rustic life."-Westminster Review. "The bard often rises to the fervour and dignity of a true poet of nature and the heart."-Dublin Advertiser.

LYRIC NOTES ON THE RUSSIAN WAR, by the same Author, 12mo., cloth, 18.

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