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euermóre saye to the with a glad chere, my lord, my god, my souerain sauyour, criste Iesu : I biseche thee hertili take me synner unto thy gret mercy and grace, for I loue thee wyth al my herte, wyth al my mynde, and wyth al my myght, and nothing so much in erthe ne aboue erthe as I doo thee, my swete lord, crist Iesu. And for that I haue not loued thee and worshypped thee aboue al thyng as my lord, my god and sauyour crist Iesu, I biseche thee wyth mekenesse and hert contrit, of mercy and of forgeuenesse of my gret unkyndnesse, and for the gret loue that thou sheddest for me and alle mankynde, what tyme thou offredest thy gloriouse body, god and man, vnto the crosse ther to be crucifyed and wounded, and vnto thy glorious hert a sharp spere, ther rennyng out plantyously blood and water for the redemption and saluacyon of me, and alle mankynde: and thus hauyng remembraunce stedfastly in myne herte of thee, my sauyour criste Iesu. (I doubte not but thou wylt be ful nyghe me and conforte me bothe bodely and goostly wyth thy gloriouse presence and at the last brynge me unto thyn euerlastynge blysse : whiche shall neuer haue ende. Amen.

Two other deuoute prayers in Englysshe.


BLESSYD trinyte, Fader, sone, and holy ghoost:

thre persones, and one god, I byleue wi my herte, and confesse with my mouth, al that holy chirche bileueth and haldeth of thee : and as moch as a good catholike and cristen man ought to fele and bileue of thee : and I proteste here before thi maieste, that I wyl lyue and deye in thys fayth, and continue al my lyf. And I knowlech thee, my good fader and maker

of al the world, and me thy poure creature, subgette, and seruaunte. . And make tho the faith and homaige of my body and of my soule, whiche I holde of thee nobly, as of my souerain lorde and god : with alle the goodes natural, spiritual, and temporal, that I haue and that euer I hadde : and that I entende to haue of thee in thys worlde here and in that other : and wyth al my hert I remercye and thanke thee. And in the sygne of recognisaunce and knowleche, I praye (paye?) to thee thys lytel tribute on the mornyng, and on the euenyng thys : that I adoure and worship thee with hert and mouth, in feith, in hope and in charite, wyth thys lytel oryson and prayer, whyche alle apperteyneth to thy blessid maieste, seignorie and diuinite, and humbly require thee of thre thynges. The fyrst, is mercy and forgyueness of as many euylles and vyllain synnes, as I haue doon and commysed in thyme passed agenst thy wylle. The secounde, plese thee to gyue me grace, that I may serue thee and fulfille thy commaundementis, withoute to renue ne to falle in to dedly synne. The thyrd is, that at my deth and at my gret nede wylt socoure me: and gyue me grace that I may haue remembraunce of the blessid passion, and contricion of my synnes : and that I may deye in thyn holy faith, and finably may com to the glorie eternal, wyth alle the sainctes of heuen. Amen.

O Lord god almyghty, al seeing, al thinges knowyng : wysedom and sapience of al thing : I, poure synner, make thys day in despite of the fende of helle, protestation, that yf aduenture bi ony temptacion, de ception, or variacyon comyng by sorowe or peyne or seknesse or by ony feblenesse of body: or by ony other occasion, whatsomeuer it be, that I falle or declyne in peril of my soule, or preiudyce of my helthe, or in er

be rour of the holy faith catholike: In the whiche I was i regenerate in the holy fonte of baptesme. Lord god, de in good minde, in which I hold me nowe by thy grace lr (wherof wyth al my hert I thanke thee) that errour 2121 wyth my power I resiste, and here renounce, and of the do same me confesse, in protestyng that I wyll lyue and

deye in the fayth of holy chirch our moder, and thin ini espouse. And in wytnesse of this confession and

protestation, and in despite of the fend of helle, I offre vai to thee the Credo, in whyche alle veryte and trouthe

is conteyned. And to thee I recommaunde my soule, I my feythe, my lyf and my deth. Amen. - Credo in

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De Deum.

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The Prayer of Saint Thomas of Aquine.


prayer of Saynt Thomas of Aquyne, translatyd oute of latyn ynto Englyshe, by the moste exselent Prynces, Mary, doughter to the moste hygh and myghty Prynce and Prynces kyng Henry the viï. and Quene Kateryn hys wyfe. In the yere of oure lorde god M.cccccxxvii: And the xi.


of here age.

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MERCYFULL God, graunte me to couyt wyth an ardent mynde, those thingys whiche may please the, to serche them wysely, to

know them truly, and to fulfyll them perfytely, to the laude and glory of thy name. Order my lyuyng, that I may do that whiche thou requirest of me, and geue me grace that I

may know yt and haue wyll and powre to do it, and that I may obtayne those thingis, whiche be moste conuenient for my

sowle. Good Lorde, make my way sure and streight to the, that I fayle not betwene prosperite and aduersyte, but that in prosperous thingis I may geue the thankys, and in aduersite be pacient: soo that I be not lyfte wyth

2 The following prayer is written handwriting of Mary, signed “Maupon the two leaves, originally rye,” probably followed by“ prinblank, at the end of the MS. cesse” which has been erased; as Horæ, in my possession, which well as the words “ Prynces” and contains several Royal Auto “ Queen Kateryn hys wyfe,” in graphs, and of which I have given the title to the Prayer: but foran account in the Dissertation on tunately these last are still legible the Service Books. Below the through the ink, with which they prayer, is a short sentence, in the have been blotted.

the oon, nor oppressid with thother: and that I

may reioyse yn nothing but in this whiche morith me to the, nor be sory for nothing but for those whiche drawith me frome the: Desiring to please nobody, nor fering to displese anny besidis the. Lorde, let all worldly thingis be vile to me, for the: and that all thi thingis be dere to me. And thou, good Lorde, moost speciall above them all. Let me be wery withe that Joye whiche is withoute the, and let me desire nothing besidis the. Let the labor delite me whiche is for the, and let all the rest wery me whiche is not in the. Make me to lyfte my harte oftyntymys to the: and when I fall, make me to think and be sory with a stedfast purpose of amendement. My God, make me humble withoute faynyng, mery withoute lyghtnes, Sade withoute mystruste.

Sobir withoute dulnes: Fearing withoute dysparacion : Gentill withoute do- blenes : Trusting in the withoute presumpcyon : Telling my neybors fawtis withoute mokking : Obedyent withoute arguyng : Pacient withoute grutching : And pure without corrupcion. My most louyng Lorde and God, geue me a waking hart, that no curyous thought

withdrawe me frome the. Let it be so strong, that no - unworthy affeccion drawe me bakwarde: So stable, i that no tribulacion breke it: And so free, that no

electyon by vyolence make anny chalenge to it. My Lorde God, graunt me wytt, to know the : Dilygence, to seke the: Wisedome, to finde the: Conuersacion, to please the : Contynuance, to loke for 'the: and fynally Hope, to enbrace the : by thi penaunce here to be ponysshid, and in oure wey to use thi benefittis by thy grace. And in heuyn, through thi glory, to hauo delyte in thy Joies and rewardys. Amen.

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