The Projector: A Periodical Paper, Tom 1

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1815
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Strona 145 - At Crawley's Booth, over against the Crown Tavern in Smithfield, during the time of Bartholomew Fair, will be presented a little Opera, called the Old Creation of the World, yet newly revived ; with the addition of Noah's Flood ; also several fountains playing water during the time of the play. — The last scene does present Noah and his family coming out of the Ark, with all the beasts two...
Strona 343 - Perhaps, if skill could distant times explore, New Behns, new Durfeys, yet remain in store ; Perhaps where Lear has rav'd, and Hamlet died, On flying cars new sorcerers may ride ; Perhaps (for who can guess th' effects of chance ?) Here Hunt may box, or Mahomet* may dance.
Strona 120 - Sir Balaam now, he lives like other folks, He takes his chirping pint, and cracks his jokes : " Live like yourself," was soon my lady's word ; And lo ! two puddings smok'd upon the board.
Strona 288 - We should not esteem a man a coxcomb for his dress, till, by frequent conversation, we discovered a flaw in his title. If he was incapable of uttering a bon mot, the gold upon his coat would seem foreign to his circumstances. A man should not wear a French dress, till he could give an account of the best French authors ; and should be versed in all the oriental languages before he should presume to wear a diamond.
Strona 288 - If dress were only authorised in men of ingenuity, we should find many aiming at the previous merit, in hopes of the subsequent distinction. The finery of an empty fellow would render him as ridiculous as a star and garter would one never knighted ; and men would use as commendable a diligence to qualify themselves for a brocaded waistcoat, or a gold snuff-box, as they now do to procure themselves a right of investing their limbs in lawn or ermine. We should not esteem a man a coxcomb for his dress,...
Strona 346 - For he that shall well consider the errors and obscurity, the mistakes and confusion, that are spread in the world by an ill use of words, will find some reason to doubt whether language, as it has been employed, has contributed more to the improvement or hindrance of knowledge amongst mankind.
Strona 360 - Thus journals are daily multiplied without increase of knowledge. The tale of the morning paper is told again in the evening, and the narratives of the evening are brought again in the morning.
Strona 344 - Song confirm'd her sway. But who the coming changes can presage, And mark the future periods of the stage? Perhaps if skill could distant times explore, New Behns, new Durfeys, yet remain in store; Perhaps where Lear has rav'd, and Hamlet dy'd, On flying cars new sorcerers may ride; Perhaps (for who can guess th' effects of chance) Here Hunt may box, or Mahomet may dance.
Strona ix - ... male necne Lepos saltet ; sed quod magis ad nos pertinet et nescire malum est agitamus : utrumne divitiis homines an sint virtute beati ; quidve ad amicitias, usus rectumne, trahat nos ; 75 et quae sit natura boni summumque quid eius.
Strona 146 - Sun rising in a most glorious manner: moreover, a multitude of Angels will be seen in a double rank, which presents a double prospect, one for the sun, the other for a palace, where will be seen six Angels ringing of bells. — Likewise Machines descend from above, double and treble, with Dives rising out of Hell, and Lazarus seen in Abraham's bosom, besides several figures dancing jiggs, sarabands, and country dances, to the admiration of the spectators; with the merry conceits of squire Punch and...

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