Extracts from the Journals Kept by the Rev. Thomas Smith: Late Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Falmouth, in the County of York, (now Cumberland,) from the Year 1720, to the Year 1788, with an Appendix, Containing a Variety of Other Matters

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Thomas Todd, 1821 - 318

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Strona 53 - ... of a barrel of molasses, and lifted it up, and carried it round him and set it down again.
Strona 74 - Portsmouth, looking into the windows of houses, and listening to the conversation of the people. " Their cruelty was chiefly exercised upon children, and such aged, infirm, or corpulent persons, as could not bear the hardships of a journey through the wilderness. If they took a woman, far advanced in pregnancy, their knives were plunged into her bowels. An infant, when it became troublesome, had its brains dashed out against the next tree or stone. Sometimes, to torment the wretched mother, they...
Strona 49 - We present Charles Potum, for living an idle, lazy life, following no settled employment. Major Bryant Pembleton joined with the Selectmen of Cape Porpus to dispose of Potum according to law, and to put him under family government.
Strona 135 - Job's messenger, he informed them of Lovewell's death, and the defeat of the whole company ; upon which they made the best of their way home, leaving a quantity of bread and pork, which was a seasonable relief to the retreating survivors.
Strona 107 - President and two Vice- Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, and...
Strona 134 - ... and stank, and they were almost dead with famine, yet they all travelled on several miles together, till Mr. Frye desired Davis and Farwell not to hinder themselves any longer on his account, for he found himself dying, and he laid himself down, telling them he should never rise more, and charged Davis, if it should please God to bring him home, to go to his father, and tell him that he expected in a few hours to be in eternity, and that he was not afraid to die.
Strona 57 - June 18. We have been painting and fitting up our house for the treaty which is approaching. " June 21. The Norridgewock Indians came here—forty-two in all, and twenty-five men. " June 24. Several transports that have the soldiers for Kennebeck got in to-day. " June 25. Eight hundred soldiers got in and encamped on Bangs
Strona 89 - Sec. 7. Corporations formed under the provisions of this act shall be capable in law to lease, purchase, have, hold, use, take possession of, and enjoy, in fee simple or otherwise, any personal or real estate within this state necessary for the uses and purposes of such corporation, and the same to sell, lease, deed in trust, alien, and dispose of at their pleasure. All real estate owned by the corporation shall be held in the name of the same, and all conveyances made by such corporation shall be...
Strona 54 - He then told me that his two first wives would appear to me presently, and tell me a great many lies, but I should not believe them.
Strona 155 - Harvard's sons, we fiod his solitary name ; to all around is prefixed the signature of death. The wilderness where he first pitched his tent is now the place of vineyards and of gardens. Not a soul that first composed his flock is now in the land of the living ! He lived to see this town respectable in numbers and character, adorned with elegant buildings, and rising in commerce.

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