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The former Editions of this Selection have been in. troduced into several of the most reputable Schools, for both Sexes, in the Kingdom; however, the Price of the Two Volumes (viz. Five Shillings) has been, by some, thought too much ; the whole is therefore now brought into One Volume, under One Alphabet, and the Price reduced to Three Shillings and Sixpence; and, in order to render it still more complete, the Editor has selected from Mirs. Piozzi's, and Mr. Boswell's late Publications, together with many authentic documents, a considerable number of Biographical and other Anecdotes, including a selection of his Bon Mots, Likewise a Copy of his Will, and the Sermon which he wrote for the unfortunate Dr. Dodd, who preached it to his Fellow Convicts, in the Chapel of Newgate, a few days before he suffered.

November 6, 1786.

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This Impression (the Ninth) contains, in the Bio. graphical Department, considerable Augmentations, extracted from the Life of the Doctor, lately published in Two Quarto Volumes, by Mr. Boswell.

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