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21 And she shall bring forth thus it is written by the proA son, and thou shalt call his phet, name JESUS: for he shall 6 And thou Bethlehem, in save his people from their sins. the land of Juda, art not the 22 Now all this was done, least among the princes of that it might be fulfilled Juda : for out of thee shall which was spoken of the Lord coine a Governor, that shall by the prophet, saying, rule my people Israel.

23 Behold, a virgin shall be 7 Then Herod, when he with child, and shall bring had privily called the wise forth a son, and they shall men, enquired of them dilicall his name Emmanuel, gently what time the star apwhich being interpreted is, peared. God with us.

8 And he sent them to 24 Then Joseph being raised Bethlehem, and said, Go and from sleep did as the angel search diligently for the young of the Lord had bidden him, child; and when ye, have and took unto him his wife: found him, bring me word

25 And knew her not till again, that I may come and
she had brought forth her worship him also.
firstborn son: and he called 9 When they had heard the
his name JESUS.

king, they departed; and, lo,

the star, which they saw in

the east, went before them, 1 The winc men out of the east are till it came and stood over

directed to Christ by a star, 11 where the young child was.
They worship him, and offer
their presenta. 14 Joseph fleeth

10 When they saw the star,
into Egypt, with Jesus and hit they rejoiced with exceeding
mother. 16 Herod slayeth the great joy.
children: 20 himself dieth. 23 11 | And when they were
Christ is brought back again come into the house, they saw
into Galilee to Nazareth.

the young child with Mary Tow when Jesus was born his mother, and fell down, in the days of Herod the when they had opened their king, behold, there came wise treasures, they presented unto men from the east to Jeru- him gifts; 'gold, and frankinsalem,

cense, and myrrh. 2 Saying, Where is he that 12 And being warned of is born King of the Jews? God in a dream that they for we have seen his star in should not return to Herod, the east, and are come to wor- they departed into their own ship him.

country another way. 3 When Herod the king had 13 And when they were deheard these things, he was parted, behold, the angel of troubled, and all Jerusalem the Lord appeareth to Joseph with him.

in a dream, saying, Arise, and 4 And when he had gather take the young child and his ed all the chief priests and mother, and flee into Egypt scribes of the people together, and be thou there until i he demanded of them where bring thee word: for Herod Christ should be born,

will seek the young child to 5 And they said unto him, destroy him. In Bethlehem of Judæa: for 14 When he arose, he took

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and trust the
Tra i el da, ass, sine Tenda
Suevile trying in the villa
popiel od the pare se the way it

make Lis youths sit
la ne fallel the: 4 And be rest
vybe by Jenny hos minent of all,

sed leather wides
i les vis there a lis Line: hist
Elen, und breasts and wild boy.
54 ) get morning, Tha rent out in tin
Reise for her chil. Jerusalem, and all Jose

hii pot be com- and all the repravu
hente bag tre xeot bout Jcrdar,
But when Hered vs Amd were bored din

, an angel the in Jordan, missing
Agaret la i areas to Ms.

7 But when be
Syne, Aries, and take of the Pharises od Bell
Sping child and his The ceea come to listeytin
la into the land of said unto them, and
ile they are dead of tips the bath
anghe' the young you to fee from the auth
And be gre, and took & Bring farih Cerdone fruits
yet chili and his to meet for repet

od pune into the land 9 And that set to my

in yourselves. We have Abn as then be heard that hain to our father: fvis

este id reign in Judas unto you, that God ashle tetom of his father these stes to rise up chile Balbins i to

dren unto Abraham Sle: betwithstanding, be 10 Ani nesls the ai Bed of God the laid unto the root of the trees stay be turned seide into therefore erers tree shiel Beyers Gallee:

bringeth not forth good fra dal became and dwelt is hewn down, and out has called Barth: the fire. a ti might be fulfilled 111 indeed baptize you

into Egypt:

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wise men.


the young child and his mo- , which was spoken by the pro-
ther by night, and departed phets, He shall be called a

15 And was there until the CHAPTER III.
death of Herod: that it might 1 John preacheth: his office: life:
be fulfilled which was spoken and baptism. 7 He reprehendeth
of the Lord by the prophet,

the Phirrisees, 13 and baptizeth
saying, Out of Egypt have i

Christ in Jordan.
called my son.
16 Then Herod, when he 1 the Baptist, preaching in

In those days came. John
saw that he was mocked of the wilderness of Juda,
the wise men, was exceeding 2 And saying, Repent ye:
wroth, and sent forth, and for the kingdom of heaven is
slew all the children that at hand.
Fere in Bethlehem, and in 3 For this is he that was
all the coasts thereof, from spoken of by the prophet E.
two years old and under, ac- saias, saying, The voice of one
cording to the time which he crying in the wilderness, Pre-
had diligently enquired of the pare Fe the way of the Lord,

make his paths straight.
17 Then was fulfilled that 4 And the same John had
which was spoken by Jeremy his raiment of camel's hair,
the prophet, saying,

and a leathern girdle about
18 in Rama was there a his loins; and his meat was
voice heard, lamentation, and locusts and wild boney.
weeping, and great mourning,

5 Then went out to him
Rachel weeping for her chil Jerusalem, and all Judæa,
dren, and would not be com- and all the region round 2.
forted, because they are not. bout Jordan,
19 But when Herod was

6 And were baptized of him
dead, behold, an angel of the in Jordan, confessing their
Lord appeareth in a dream to sins.
Joseph in Egynt,

7 But when he saw many 20 Saying, Arise, and take of the Pharisees and Sadduthe young child and his mo- cees come to his baptism, be ther, and go into the land of said unto them, O generation Israel: for they are dead of vipers, who hath warned which sought the young you to flee from the wrath child's life.

to come? 21 And he arose, and took

8 Bring forth therefore fruits the young child and his mo- meet for repentance: ther, and came into the land 9 And think not to say withof Israel.

in yourselves, We have Abra 22 But when he heard that ham to our father : for I say Archelaus did reign in Judæa unto you, that God is able of in the room of his father these stones to raise up chilHerod, he was afraid to go dren unto Abraham. thither: notwithstanding, be

10 And now also the ax is ing warned of God in a laid unto the root of the trees: dream, he turned aside into therefore every tree which the parts of Galilec:

bringeth not forth good fruit 23 And he came and dwelt is hewn down, and cast into in a city called Nazartth: the fire. that it might be fulfilled

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11 I indeed baptize you with

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water unto repentance: but 4 But he answered and said, he that cometh after me is It is written, Man shall not mightier than I, whose shoes live by bread alone, but by I am not worthy to bear: he every word that proceedeth shall baptize you with the out of the mouth of God. Holy Ghost, and with fire: 5 Then the devil taketh him

12 Whose fan is in his hand, up into the holy city, and and he will throughly purge setteth him on a pinnacle of his floor, and gather his wheat the temple, into the garner; but he will 6 And saith unto him, If burn up the chaff with un- thou be the Son of God, cast quenchable fire.

thyself down for it is writ13 [ Then cometh Jesus ten, He shall give his angels from Galilee to Jordan unto charge concerning thee: and John, to be baptized of him, in their hands they shall bear

14 But John forbad him, thee up, lest at any time thou saying, I have need to be bap- dash thy foot against a stone. tized of thee, and comest thou 7 Jesus said unto him, It to me?

is written again, Thou shalt '15 And Jesus answering not tempt the Lord thy God. said unto him, Suffer it to be 8 Again, the devil taketh 80 now: for thus it becometh him up into an exceeding high us to fulfil all righteousness. mountain, and sheweth him Then he suffered him, all the kingdoms of the world,

16 And Jesus, when he was and the glory of them; baptized, went up straightway 9 And saith unto him, All out of the water: and, lo, the these things will I give thee, heavens were opened unto if thou wilt fall down and him, and he saw the Spirit worship me. of God descending like a dove, 10 Then saith Jesus unto and lighting upon him: him, Get thee hence, Satan:

17 And lo a voice from bea- for it is written, Thou shalt ven, saying This is my be worship

the Lord thy God, and loved Son, in whom I am well him only shalt thou serve. pleased.

11 Then the devil leaveth CHAPTER IV.

him, and, behold, angels came 1 Christ fasteth, and is tempted. and ministered unto him. 11 The angela minister into

12 / Now when Jesus had him. 13 Pe dwelleth in Caper heard that John was cast into natim, 17 beginneth preach, prison, he departed into Ga18 maileth Peter, and Andrew, Tilee; 21 James, and John, 23 and 13 And leaving Nazareth, healeth all the diseased.

he came and dwelt in CaperTun THEN was Jesus led up of naum, which is upon the sea

the spirit into the wilder-coast, in the borders of Zabuness to be tempted of the devil. lon and Nephthalim:

2 And when he had fasted 14 That it might be fulfilled forty days and forty nights, he which was spoken by Esaias was afterward an hungred. the prophet, saying,

8 And when the tempter 15 The land of Zabulon, and came to him, he said, If thou the land of Nephthalim, by be the Son of God, command the way of the sea, beyond that these stones be made Jordan, Galilee of the Genbread.

Tin to
kad Guile sur troud to where

bag bis brother

, D. AXD keting the wall
ut : x Al bevat

tain: si vahem
wile saith tha then his disetples mentali
bare vil vill make ? And heute eh

w bing na my
they sticktesy 3 Blessed are the pics
e le seg med dered spirit: for their's is de kan

dom of beaten.
und gelere from 4 Blessed ore they that

lest obat tro tre muara: fut they all
la the more comforted.
es la bis brother

Blessed to the mark:
ili vih Letelee their they shall inherit the earth
Sie herding their beta; 6 Blessed and they which is

hanger and this sur righ-
And they immediately teorets: for they shall be
de la said their father, allel.

7 Blessed are the metafel
Al desas vent about for they shall obtuin gency,
i dalis, taching in their 8 Blesed are the pee in
os and preaching the heart; for they shall see God.

et the bigion, and 9 Blessed are the paremak.
bila aid stser of sickness ere: for they shall be called
Dla manera of disease the children of God.
The le pole

10 Blessed are they which
and his fame vent are persecuted for richten
sobre el Syria: and needs sake: for their's is the
boment unto him all kingdom of heste.

pople that were taken 11 Blessed are ye, then went
hvers diseases and tor shall rerile you, and perse

es, these which were cute you, and shall syl
ad vith devils, and manner of evil against you
Se vilich were lunatick, falsely, for my take
whese that be the palaya 12 Bejoice, and be see

ing glad: for great is yo
5 as there followed him remand in heavens for
pas unltitudes of people persecuted they the prophe
from Galilee, and from De which were before you

isted from Jerusalem, 18 Ye are the salto sale fran Jalan, and from earth: but if the salt har bepal Jordan

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his savour, wherewith it

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16 The people which sat in CHAPTER V.
darkness saw great light; and i Christ beginneth his sermon its
to them which sat in the the mount: 3 declaring who are
region and shadow of death blessed, 13 who are the salt of
light is sprung up.

the carth, 14 the light of the
17 Prom that time Jesus

world, the city on an hill, 15 the began to preach, and to say,

candle: 17 that he came to fulal

the law. 21 What it is to kill,
Repent: for the kingdom of
heaven is at hand.

27 to commit adultery, 33 to

swear: 38 exhorteth to offer 18 And Jesus, walking by wrong, 44 to love even our ene the sea of Galilee, saw two

mies, 48 and to labour after
brethren, Simon called Peter,

and Andrew his brother, cast- AND seeing the multitudes,
ing a net into the sea : for A he went up into a moun-
they were fishers.

tain; and when he was sety
19 And he saith unto them, his disciples came unto him
Follow me, and I will make 2 And he opened his mouth,
you fishers of men.

and taught them, saying, 20 And they straightway 3 Blessed are the poor in left their nets, and followed spirit: for theirs is the kinghim.

dom of heaven. 21 And going on from 4 Blessed are they that thence, he saw other two bre- mourn: for they shall be thren, James the son of Ze- comforted. Þedee, and John his brother, 5 Blessed are the meek: for in a ship with Zebedee their they shall inherit the earth. father, mending their nets; 6 Blessed are they which do and he called them.

hunger and thirst after righ22 And they immediately teousness: for they shall be left the ship and their father, filled. and followed him.

7 Blessed are the merciful : 3 And Jesus went about for they shall obtain mercy. all Galilee, teaching in their 8 Blessed are the pure in synagogues, and preaching the heart: for they shall see God. gospel of the kingdom, and 9 Blessed are the peacemakhealing all manner of sickness

erg : for they shall be called and all manner of disease a the children of God. mong the people.

10 Blessed are they which 24. And his fame went are persecuted for righteous. throughout all Syria and

ness sake: for their's is the they brought unto him all kingdom of heaven. sick people that were taken 11 Blessed are ye, when men with divers diseases and tor shall revile you, and perse. ments, and those which were cute you, and shall say all possessed with devils, and manner of evil against you those which were lunatick, falsely, for my sake. and those that had the palsy;

12 Rejoice, and be exceedand he healed them.

ing glad for great is your 25 And there followed him reward in heaven: for so great multitudes of people persecuted they the prophets from Galilee, and from De- which were before you. capolis, and from Jerusalem, and from Judæa, and from earth: but if the salt have lost beyond Jordan.

18 Ye are the salt of the his savour, wherewith shall it


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be salted ? it is thenceforth fool, shall be in danger of
good for nothing, but to be hellfire.
cast out, and to be trodden 23 Therefore if thou bring
under foot of men.

thy gift to the altar, and there
14 Ye are the light of the rememberest that thy brother
world. A city that is set on bath ought against thee;
an hill cannot be hid.

24 Leave there thy gift be15 Neither do men light a fore the altar, and go thy way; candle, and put it under a first be reconciled to thy brobushel, but on a candlestick; ther, and then come and offer and it giveth light unto all thy gift. that are in the house.

25 Agree with thine ad16 Let your light so shine versary quickly, whiles thou before men, that they may art in the way with him; lest see your good works, and glo- at any time the adversary rify your Father which is in deliver thee to the judge, and heaven.

the judge deliver thee to the 17 | Think not that I am officer, and thou be cast into come to destroy the law, or prison. the prophets: I am not come 26 Verily I say unto thee, to destroy, but to fulfil. Thou shalt by no means come 18 For verily I say unto you, out thence, till thou hast paid Till heaven and earth pass, the uttermost farthing. one jot or tittle shall 27 [ Ye have heard that it in no wise pegs from the law, was said by them of old time, till all be fulfilled.

Thou shalt not commit adul. 19 Whosoever therefore shall tery: break one of these least com- 28 But I say unto you, That mandments, and shall teach whosoever looketh on a women so, he shall be called the man to lust after her hath least in the kingdom of hea- committed adultery with her ven: but whosoever shall do already in his heart. and teach them, the same shall 29 And if thy right eye of be called great in the

kingdom fend thee, pluck it out, and of heaven.

cast it from thee: for it is 20 For I say unto you, That profitable for thee that one of except your righteousness thy members should perish, shall exceed the righteousness and not that thy whole body of the scribes and Pharisees, should be cast into hell ye shall in no case enter into 30 And if thy right hand the kingdom of heaven. offend thee, cut it off, and

21 Ye have heard that it cast it from thee: for it is was said by them of old time, profitable for thee that one of Thou shalt not kill; and who thy members should perish, soever shall kill shall be in and not that thy whole body danger of the judgment: should be cast into hell.

22 But I say unto you, That 81 It hath been said, Whowhosoever is angry with his socver shall put away bis brother without a cause shall wife, let him give her a be in danger of the judgment: writing of divorcement: and whosoever shall say to his 82 But I say unto you, That brother, Raca, shall be in whosoever shall put away his danger of the council : but wife, saving for the cause of whosoever shall say, Thou fornication, museth her to

mul luned dilden door her

za barat is is in besvest
brolishlary lisen torbe
Faye late bed

the gul, mat

the fala
dil be. The stali net 4 Por if ye los
bez lepel, het stall love you that reallam
iam de lard dine pedo era la policam
belstaho yoz, Bret 43 Andil ye alue your le
; seither by haen; then only, what do y

then entdowever
5 Beby the carà; for it publicans so?

tead neither by 48 Be ye bedre
elint is the city eren a your Puder vid

in beaven is verlede
led bacause thira 1 Christoteles

the di

la feriting series
Pulana enai

Tes, 18 ftis, want
treten in tell
berring God, and

wody thing: la to
boshl, An eye for an Make heed that ye do not

yout alms before, to be I ny tanio you, That be seen of them: uthanie

erill bit vlugo- ye hate to read of you Al' soita thet on this father which is in braten elek, tara tu hüm the Therefore when thered

est fine alus, do not w
Bastu tül see a trupet before thee,

the bar, and take hypocritas do ia the
en ont let him bate gogues and in the streets,

that they may have glory of
kad sbagerer shall con- men. Verils 1 symto you,
lase in pos mile, go with They have their reward.

3 But when the doest alms, e Gire lo kim that seket let not thy left hand k alfrond hire that what they right hand doeth:

4 That thine Blois may be

is secret: and thy Father
{Te hate heard that it which weeth in secret bhee
ben mid, Thou shalt shall reward thre genly,
lig meighbour, and hate 5Apd when thou prayest

thou shalt not be as the hy
Aslay to you, Lure pocrites are for they love

s, Bless then that pray standing in the sys

do good to the gogues and in the corners of

yos and pray for the streets, that they may
la vich despitefully we seen of men. Verily I say unto

ve may be the But thou, when thou pray

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ad persecute you,


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