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On the Altar: amice, alb, cincture, pectoral, violet stole, violet cope; and if B. celebrates the Mass, also the dalmatics, chasuble, mitre (auriphryg.), gloves; near the Altar: crozier, shoes.

On a side table: vessel with ashes to be blessed, ewer and basin, towel. On another the chalice prepared for Mass; wider stole for the Deacon.

In the sacristy: surplice, amice and violet cope for the assistant priest, four violet plan. plic. for Deacons of Honor, Deacon and Subdeacon of Mass.

The throne and Altar steps should be covered with violet.

The Celebrant with his assistants should be at their seats when the B. arrives.


B. is vested at throne.

B. sits cum m., then reads Ant. Exaudi, which the choir sings. Subdeacon of the Mass takes the vessel with ashes, and stands before B.

B. sine m. rises, and junctis manibus sings the Dominus vobiscum and the four Orations (tono feriali).

B. sits cum m., puts in and blesses incense, the Presbyter assistens holding the boat.

B. sine m. rises, sprinkles the ashes with holy water and incenses; then sits sine m. Celebrant of Mass goes to throne with the proper reverences and puts ashes on the B.'s head, saying: Memento homo, etc.

B. receives the mitre, cloth is placed over his knees, and he distributes the ashes first to the Celebrant who remains standing, then to the others who kneel, and last of all to the Subdeacon, who holds the vessel with ashes. The Acolytes go to throne and stand there during the Oration.

B. washes his hands, then sine m. rises and junctis manibus sings the Dominus vobiscum and the Oration (tono feriali).

The Mass is then said, at which B. assists as usual.

The Mass is ferial, and therefore the following should be noted: At the third Oration the Subdeacon takes off his plan. plic., sings the Epistle, goes to B., kisses his hand and receives his blessing; again puts on plan. plic. and then carries Missal to Gospel side. - After the Adjuva nos Deus has been sung by the choir, the Deacon takes off his plan. plic., puts on the wider stole, puts the book on the Altar, goes to B. to kiss his ring, says the Munda, receives the benediction of the Bishop, sings the Gospel. After the Communion he again puts on plan. plic.



On the Altar: Amice, alb, cincture, pectoral, violet stole and cope, (and if B. celebrates, violet dalmatics, chasuble, gloves, maniple), mitre (auriphryg.); near the Altar: crozier, shoes.

Between the Altar and throne: a table with the palms covered with violet cloth.

Throne and Altar steps to be covered with violet cloth.

On the credence table: chalice prepared for Mass, two candlesticks with candles of white wax, holy water and spinkler, water for washing of hands, towel, violet cloth to be placed over knees of B., missal, canon, violet ribbon to fasten the palm on procession cross; wide stole.

In the sacristy: vestments for Celebrant; five plan. plic. for Deacons of Honor, Deacon and Subdeacon of Mass, Subdeacon to carry the Cross, vestments for the Chanters of the Passion, i. e. amice, alb, cincture, violet stole, (modo diaconali); maniple; holy water and sprinkler for B. on entering church.


When B. is vested, he sits cum m. and reads the Hosanna, which choir sings.

B. sine m. rises, sings (junctis manibus) Dominus vobiscum and the Oration; then sits cum


During Oration Subdeacon takes off plan. plic., and sings the Epistle, then goes to B., kisses his hand, receives the benediction, goes to his place, and puts on the plan. plic. Choir sings Collegerunt.

B. reads Epistle, Tract, Munda, Gospel.

Deacon of Mass takes off plan. plic., puts on the wider stole, and with the usual ceremonies sings Gospel, attended by the acolytes with candles.

B. puts in and blesses incense, etc., as usual. Deacon and Subdeacon take off their maniples; Deacon puts off wide stole and resumes plan. plic.

B. sine m. rises, junctis manibus sings Oration (tono feriali) and Preface, and the other Orations.

After the sixth Oration: Benedic quaesumus Domine.... et opus misericordiae summopere diligendo. Per Dominum. B. sits cum m., puts in and blesses incense, sine m. rises, sprinkles with holy water and incenses palms, then sings the next Oration, then sits cum m.

Dignior gives palm to B., kissing palm and B.'s hand; the palm is then held by one of the assistants. A cloth is spread over B.'s knees, and he distributes the palms.

After distribution B.

Acolytes with candles ap

washes his hands. proach the throne.

B. sine m. rises and sings the Dominus vobis cum and the last oration.

B. sits cum m., puts in and blesses incense. First Deacon of Honor sings Procedamus in pace. Choir answers: In nomine Christi. Amen. Then the procession is formed as on Candlemas-day, During the procession bells should ring.

Procession goes out of church. When returning, Subdeacon touches door with foot of cross; choir sings: Ingrediente Domino.

Mass is then said. The palms are held in the hand by all (except the three chanters of the Passion, the Master of Ceremonies and the acolytes) during the singing of the Passion and of the Gospel. (N. B.-At the Gospel the acolytes do not carry their candles.) B. alone holds his palm from the Sanctus till after the Communion.

- Celebrant does not genuflect when he reads the Ut in nomine Jesu; he does so when it is sung. Subdeacon and Deacon take off the plan. plic. at the usual time.

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