The Millennial Sword

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Alizarin Publishing, 30 wrz 2012 - 215

Viveka Janssen isn't a dragonslayer. She's a practical Midwestern girl brought to San Francisco by the prospect of an entry-level PR job, and her greatest ambitions involve finding an apartment and making a good impression at work. But Viv's sensible nature is shaken when she comes into possession of the legendary sword Excalibur, and finds herself thrust into the front lines of a shadow war against the immortal armies of Morgan le Fay.

Ancient and malevolent creatures hunt the streets by night. Monsters out of fairy tales lurk in subway tunnels. Only Excalibur—and Viv—stand between human civilization and the forces of wild magic.

And the dragons are hungry...

Winner of the 2014 IndieReader Discovery Award in the Fantasy category. Fans of Seanan McGuire and Patricia Briggs will enjoy this blend of adventure, romance, and magic.


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Urban fantasy in the Seanan McGuire vein, though lower-drama/angst. Viveka, newly arrived in San Francisco for an entry-level PR job, accepts Excalibur and becomes the Lady of the Lake. She collects a ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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Informacje o autorze (2012)

Shannon Phillips lives in Oakland, where she keeps chickens, a dog, three boys, and a husband. She likes old things, wild places, tall tales, and the people who tell them.

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