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overthrow of the monastic orders, plunder of the church property, the destruction of religion by legislative enactment, and the massacre of a hundred thousand of her clergy, be consistent with any reasonable estimate of domination and power? Under such a terrific judgment upon the persecutor, can we refuse to admit that the period of the twelve hundred and sixty years has terminated its course. And should the blow already given to the Papal power be correctly deemed incompatible with its long established domination, then is the probability even great, that within the limit of another generation, "the sign of the Son of Man may appear in the heavens, and the redemption of his church be revealed." — Lit. No. 3, 1840

The three following numbers of Daniel, time times, and a half, or 1260 years — 1290 years, and 1335, are of importance in the prophecy. They all include the destructive power of the Papal Beast, as described in chap. vii. 24, 25; and in chap. viii. 10— 12, 24, 25; and in Rev. xiii. The description in each of the chapters bears a strong resemblance, and sets forth the persecutions which took place under the little horn, when the faith and integrity of the people of God was put to the test.

Now it is evident, from the prophecy of Daniel, that the Roman Empire was to be destroyed. The daily was taken away, when that Empire was divided into several small kingdoms, which occurred between the fifth and sixth centuries. A little horn was to arise. The Bishop of Rome did arise to great temporal power, and conquered three of the ten king doms, into which the empire had been divided. Then he assumed the triple crown, and retained it until his temporal dominion was taken in A. D. 1798. From this period back to 538, when he assumed this power, gives us the period of 1260 years. This is the same Beast which is described in Revelation, that was, and is not, and yet is. It was in full dominion during the time, times and a half, or 1260 years, and is not in possession of the same power, as the event of 1798 testifies, when the Pope was taken prisoner, and yet is prevailing throughout the world. A prominent leader of the order said, “ Let the whole system go to ruin; I will engage to restore it in a short time, and that to a more perfect state than before. This power is spoken of as existing in some shape or other, till the last great battle, when he goes into perdition, and is destroyed by the brightness of Christ's coming.

But "the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them, until the Ancient of Days came, and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom."

On this subject the Protestant church has been recently aroused, and alarmed. Plans are in operation to check the progress of Papacy in our land — the Church feels that vigorous efforts must be made. The Address of the American Protestant Association, recently formed in Philadelphia, testifies on the prevailing influence of Papacy. The following is an extract from that address: —

"But while misapprehension, apathy, and false sympathy prevail, to so great an extent, among Protestants, we are free to confess that, we look with deep solicitude upon the extraordinary efforts now making by the Papal Hierarchy to obtain a firm footing in this country. Addressing, as we are, a Protestant population, who have free access to the Bible, and who reverence its authority, we may be permitted to remind you, that the ground on which the glorious reformation was undertaken and achieved, was, that Popery was the great AntiChrist, so minutely delineated in the prophecies of Daniel, in the epistles, and in the Book of Revelation. We may further remind you that, according to the "sure word of prophecy," this antichristian power, after suffering a temporary depres

sion, (as Romanism has done since the 16th century) is, in "the last days," to gather up its waning strength, and allying itself, perhaps, with civil despotism, to make a final onset upon Christianity, — an onset surpassing in fury, and malignity, all its previous assaults, and to be attended with signal, though short lived, success. With these prophecies before you, we would ask whether there is nothing ominous of evil in the recent movements of the Church of Rome.'

In Dan. xii. we have two additional numbers — 30 and 45. The number 30 is added to the 1260, and the whole expressed by "a thousand two hundred and ninety days. The additional number of 45 is expressed in verse 12th, "Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days."

But for how long a time shall he have this dominion? Let the angel answer: "Until a time, times, and the dividing of time.” : What does this mean? Compare the descriptions.

John, Rev. xiii. 2. Thel Daniel vii. 7. A fourth beast which I saw was like beast, dreadful and terriunto a LEOPARD, and his ble, and strong exceedingfeet were as the feet of aly. [The lion, bear, and Bear, and his mouth as leopard, having fallen, the mouth of a LION. were merged in Rome,

which John saw in its PaIpal form.]

John, Rev. xiii. 2. And Daniel vii.26. They (the the dragon gave him his saints, and times and laws] power, and his seat, and shall be given into his great authority.


John, Rev. xiii. 7. It Daniel vii. 21. The same was given unto him to horn made war with the make war with the saints, saints, and prevailed and to overcome them. against them.

John, Rev.xii. 5. There Daniel vii. 8, 20, 25. A was given him a mouth mouth speaking great speaking great things, and things.-

A mouth that blasphemies.

spake very great things.He shall speak great words against the Most High.

· John, Rev. xiii. 5. Pow- Daniel vii. 25. They er was given him to make shall be given into his war FORTY AND TWO hand until a TIME, and MONTHS.

TIMES, and the DIVID[See marginal reading.]ING OF TIME.

John, Rev. xiii. 10. Hel Daniel vii. 26. They that leadeth into captivity shall take away his doshall go into captivity. minion, to consume and to

destroy it unto the end.

Rev. xii. 14. And to the Rev. xii. 6. And the wowoman were given two man fled into the wilder. "wings of a great eagle, that ness, where she hath & she might fly into the wil-place prepared of God, derness into her place, that they should feed her where she is nourised for a there a thousand two huntime, and times, and half a dred and threescore days. time. [ 3 1-2 times.] [1260 days.] Let us compare the information we have thus gained :42 months

3 1-2 times 30


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